Service Freight Bill Resume Template

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Service Freight Bill Resume Template

  Name: YJBYS Gender: Female

  Wedlock: Single Nation: Han

  Residence: Shandong-Linyi Age: 27

  Location: Guangdong-Huizhou Height: 160cm

  Target Locations: Guangdong-Dongguan

  Target Positions: Trading-International business

  Trading-Foreign Trade Commissioner/Assistant

  Trading-Service freight bill

  Target Jobs:

  Desired Salary: 3600 RMB/month Negotiable Apartment needed

  When Can Start: within half a month


  2006-09 ~ 2010-07 Shandong Jiaotong University Logistics Enginnering Bachelor Degree

  Work Experience0 years 0 months work experience,and served on 0 Companies.

  (2010-08 ~ Present)

  Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Trading,Commerce,Imports and Exports

  Job Title: Mercslabsiser Positions: Foreign Trade Commissioner/Assistant

  Job Description: My main job content is communicating all the things with our USA customer and our suppliers in China.

  1.Tracking orders through the EDI systems ,follow up the station  and ship date of all orders,coordinate the exceptional case with our supplier and customer .

  2.Arrange the schedule of our USA customer to visit factory.For the new products,we need to

  follow up the quotation ,the sample and other details.

  3.Arrange and coordinate the daily inspection schedule with our suppliers and our QC.

  4.Arrange the cargo delivery and consolidation between different suppliers and so on.

  5.We also need to arrange the air transportation

  Reason for Leaving: To search a better salary

  Special Skills

  Professional Title:

  Computer Level: national computer exam. grade 3

  Computer Skills: With good computer skill ,such as the office software

  Strengths: Spoken and written English is good.

  could use EDI systems(Avery dennnison).

  familiar with the process of foreign trade and computer skills.

  familiar with the foreign trade documents and shipping issues.

  with visa to HK and passport

  Language Skills

  Chinese: Good Cantonese: Bad

  English Level: CET-4 Spoken General

  Major Courses

  basic english, business english interpretation, Japanese,translation,literature

  Career Objective

  Career Direction: Love foreign trade,with a keen desire to work succesfully as a foreign trade sales.


  Self Info.

  Self Assessment: I'm a generous girl, working hard,careful and responsible;I have good communication skills,and could bear hard work,have strong team cooperation consciousness,can adapt to a new environment quickly,love to learn new knowledge and new thing.


  TEM-4 2010-10-27

  CET-6 2009-09-21

  Hobbies: Singing and dancing

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