Public English's Resume

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Public English's Resume

  Name: YJBYS Gender: Female

  Wedlock: Married Nation: Han

  Residence: Hubei-Honghu Age: 28

  Location: Guangdong-Dongguan Height: 169cm

  Target Locations: Guangdong-Dongguan

  Target Positions: Administration/Human Resource-Human Resource Manager

  Administration/Human Resource-Compensation & Benefits Manager/Supervisor

  Administration/Human Resource-Recruitment Manager/Supervisor

  Administration/Human Resource-Performance Assessment Manage/Supervisor

  Administration/Human Resource-Employee Relations Manager/Supervisor

  Target Jobs: Career Direction: I owned much experience of enterprise and following up all kinds of events.For instance,pilot run,product release procedure,QIP,test plan,quality system applicant and maintenance,customer complaint,IQC and supplier development, audit&assessment,be good at all kinds of material and the relative requirement of RoHS.Made and maintained SOP,SIP,UL,KEMA was audited of plant.Be familiar to procedures of purchasing raw materials and machinery&the procedure of ISO 9000:2000 quality systems,etc.Consquently,I am suit of many positions in many department.

  As you know,current society is a challenge&knowledge.With development of science,technology&management,the tales have been more and more important&gotten a lot of attention from the enterprise cycles persons related.In order to challenge myself and display my tale&wisdom,I ensure that do promote the growth of your company if I have lack to be a member in your company.

  Desired Salary: Negotiable


  2000-09 ~ 2004-06 Hua Zhong Normal University Public English Bachelor Degree


  2008-10 ~ 2009-06 Labor Bureau of NanCheng District in DongGuan Assistant Human Resource

  (2004-02 ~ 2005-06)

  Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Textile industry

  Job Title: HR Supervisor Positions: Compensation & Benefits Manager/Supervisor

  Job Description: 1.Be responsible for office supplies ,staff smart card ,employee meal allowance

  2.To reasonable arrange all staff's transportaion

  3.Be responsible all new joined staff's report duty and resigned staff's exit process

  4.Be responsible all copy machine & printer's apply and maintain

  Language Skills

  Chinese: Good Cantonese: General

  English Level: Majored in English CET-4 Spoken Good

  French: General

  Career Objective

  Career Direction: By practical operation and the training of international trades, it aims to enhance HR professional

  theory ,solving various problems and handling risks to become an all-round professional HR management to create practical benefit for the company under company leader’s management and supports, grow up and progress in the career development path at the same time.


  Self Info.

  Self Assessment: Honestly,having plenty of plant experiences and deep knowledge of sit's electrical and electronic appliances safety, master the certification of UL, KEMA via several years working in the foreigh enterpreise. Be familiar to foreigh company procedure. Having no afraid of facing difficulties and working pressure and making sure accomplish own dities&responsiblity smoothly and punctually,carefully and dutiful to own job. I have easy-going temperament and own courteous ,optimistics, self-motivated, responsible, perseverance character& can teach myself in all kind of in all kinds of knowledge with regard to related business continually. Having obtained sufficient working experience on proceeding procedure of manufacturer, which gives me confidence. In the meantime, owning good communication skill and good interpersonal skill, be good at listening others proposal and comment. My favorites are very comprehensive. speaking fluntly putonghua& cantonese& oral English.

  1.Around 8 years HR related experience in trading companies

  2.Strong computer skill, good communication skill

  3.Familiar with HR Labor law and HR professional knowledge

  Hobbies: Readding, Singing and Travel

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