Technical Manager Resume Template

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Technical Manager Resume Template

  Name: yjbys

  Nationality: China

  Current residence: Shenzhen, China: Han

  Domicile: Shenzhen stature: 170 cm 67 kg

  Marital Status: Married Age: 27

  Job search intention and work experience

  Personnel types: ordinary job

  Position: System Integration Engineer, pre / post sales technical support - Manager / Supervisor / Engineer

  Work Experience: 3 Job Title: Intermediate

  Job type: Full-time Date Available: Anytime

  Salary requirements: Negotiable Desired Location: Shenzhen

  Self introduction

  I have good computer and network hardware and software maintenance, monitoring, digital broadcasting installation and commissioning work;'ll use Photoshop to process images, Autocad drawing plan;'ll PHP, JAVA programming, serious and responsible, self-study ability, emphasis on teamwork spirit.

  Work Experience

  Company Name: Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  Beginning and ending date :2010-10 to 2013-05

  Company Type: Private Enterprise Industry: Computer services (systems, data services, maintenance)

  Positions: Technical Manager

  Job Description: The main unit responsible for monitoring government enterprises schools, digital radio, Internet, examination room monitoring routine maintenance work, answering customer reported impaired phone, customer service engineer to arrange sector clients deal with failure to maintain good relationships with existing customers, while discussing some business and develop new customers. Strengthen the skills of the department staff training and daily management.

  Educational Background

  School: Lanzhou University

  Highest Level of Education: College

  Graduation date :2012 -07-01

  By Major: Computer and Its Application

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