The finance industry resume template

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The finance industry resume template

  Richard Davidson

  444, west Land Street, New Jejisco


  Cell no: 589746315948

  Ridchardson.XXX@XXX .com

  Career objective:

  A highly skilled and professional mortgage underwriter with extensive knowledge in approving and denying mortgage loan application. Have more than six years of experience in the concerned field. Possess excellent communication and analytical skills. Looking for the position of a mortgage underwriter in a well established financial organization.

  Professional skills:

  Possess strong organization and presentation skills

  Worked successfully with multi-branch mortgage companies

  Familiar with lending guidelines, underwriting complex individual consumer request, fraud detection techniques and reviewing financial statements

  Ability to accomplish and understand the major loan related works

  Professional experience:

  Global Business center, New Jejisco


  Mortgage process Manager

  Handled the tasks of conducting meetings on productivity service level agreement targets

  Established and strategize tech and operation centers at various locations

  Responsible for process improvement, risk management and attrition management

  Conducted regular meetings and trainings

  Handled the tasks of building good relationship with clients

  Bringham Finance and associate consultancy, New Jejisco

  20XX to 20XX

  Mortgage underwriter

  Handled the tasks of collecting and monitoring all loan related information

  Responsible for reviewing credit reports, applicable ratios and financial statements

  Provided trainings and guidelines to juniors

  Handled the tasks of evaluating and verifying loan applications

  Performed the tasks of mortgage loaning process by looking into compensating and equity factors

  Handled the tasks of complete underwriting of all mortgages

  New Financial and business center, New Jejisco

  19XX to 20XX

  Assistant Mortgage underwriter

  Dealt with underwriters, brokers, attorneys and borrowers

  Responsible for confirming client's ability to repay loan on time

  Managed mortgages, trusts and investments

  Handled the tasks of preparing financial statement and reports

  Assisted senior loan officer in verifying authenticity of documents

  Educational Background:

  Master of Business administration in finance , University of New Jejisco 19XX

  Bachelor's degree in finance, St. Florence College 19XX

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