Clerk's resume template

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Clerk's resume template

  Last name: YJBYS

  Age: 22

  Account: Guangzhou

  Nationality: China

  Marital status: Unmarried

  Ethnic group: Han nationality

  Body height: 160 cm

  Job intention

  Talent type: fresh graduates

  Job title: personal / company / integrated business, PR / media, foreign trade / import / Export Specialist / Assistant

  Working age: 1

  Job type: full-time can be filled: at any time

  Monthly salary requirements: 2000 ~ 2499 yuan to work area: Guangzhou,,

  Work experience:

  HSBC Global Customer Service Co., Ltd: 2014-04 ~ 2014-01

  Company nature: foreign owned industry: Banking

  Job title: Financial Customer specialist

  Foshan Bai Lijian Technology Co., beginning and ending date: 2012-06 ~ 2013-09

  Nature of the company: private sector:

  Education background

  Graduate institutions: Guangzhou University, Matsuda, Career Academy

  The highest degree: college degree: 2014-06

  One: application of English special industry two:

  School (institution) in the beginning of the end of the year to obtain a certificate number

  Language ability

  Foreign language: excellent in English, fluent in Cantonese

  Other foreign language ability:

  Mandarin Level: excellent

  Work capability and other expertise

  Word, excel is more skilled.

  Personal autobiography

  I am outgoing, friendly, honest and modest. Hard work, serious and responsible, can bear hardships and stand hard work, due diligence, patience. Faithful and honest, principled, said to do, never shirk responsibility; self-control, do things always adhere to the beginnings and ends, and never give up halfway; willing to learn, not to escape, willing to learn modestly from others; 100% of the enthusiasm and energy into work.

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