Business Manager Resume Template

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Business Manager Resume Template

  Name: yjbys sex: Male

  Currently located: Jiangmen age: 31

  Account: Guangdong province country: China (Mainland)

  Marital status: married people: Han nationality

  Integrity Badge: not high body: 165 cm

  Talent evaluation: no body weight: 58 kg

  The job intention

  Talent type: general job search

  Job title: Chief Executive / Assistant, senior management, securities / Finance / investment

  Working age: 8 Post said: no title

  Job type: all available date: at any time

  Monthly salary requirements: 2000--3500 hopes to work area: Jiangmen, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

  The work experience

  * * hotel furniture manufacturing Co., Ltd: 2014-03 ~ 2012-11

  Nature of the company: the private sector of the industry: Furniture / home appliances / crafts / toys / Jewelry

  Job title: Business Manager

  Job description: 1. Familiar with the product, to have mastered the products, and independent analysis of the composition and give accurate quotation. Can the independent development of customers, understanding the process of foreign trade, the product specifications, quality can to customers in a timely manner reply to adjust to changing circumstances, the customer's questions, and try to place an order. The production process should be tracking, inspection, to achieve quality assurance

  4 can independently produce the complete set of documents and related inspection certificate, etc.,

  And independent contact forwarder,

  Will be the goods into the warehouse, the timely notification to the customer and the freight forwarder in the case of the goods shipped in good care of the customer's information and samples, a structured filing,

  Tax rebate to be timely, will be required for the full set of information for financial management

  Leave reasons: personal reasons

  The education background

  Graduate School: Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce

  The highest degree: college degree: 2004-05

  One industry: Two: Business Administration

  School (institution) in the beginning of the end of the year to obtain a certificate number

  2004-07 2000-09 104891200405003691, Chinese language and literature, Yangtze University

  The language ability

  Foreign language: English good Cantonese level: General

  Other foreign language ability:

  Mandarin Level: proficient

  The ability to work and other specialty

  1, professional foundation is solid, have more skilled document writing ability, in national, provincial and municipal media press on hundreds of articles, has certain media resources.

  2, to newspapers and magazines publishing more familiar with the process, can independently accomplish the work of soliciting contributions, editing, editing, typesetting, proofreading, able to skillfully use CorelDRAW, such as typesetting software.

  3, has been engaged in the work of corporate culture, for the building of enterprise culture have certain understanding and the understanding, with strong organize cultural and sports activities, training and planning ability, plotted and organized a reunion dinner, Spring Festival evening party many large-scale activities.

  4, good personality, learning, adaptability.

  The individual self evaluation

  Even if life has a reason to make me cry, I need one thousand reasons to smile.

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