Competent administrative personnel r

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Competent administrative personnel resume

  Name: yjbys country: China

  Current residence: Foshan ethnic group: Han nationality

  Guangdong province height: 155 cm 43 kg

  Marital status: married age: 31 years old

  Job intention and work experience

  Talent type: general job search

  Job title: HR Manager / Supervisor: HR Supervisor / Coordinator, hiring manager / Supervisor: Supervisor / Coordinator / Supervisor / Manager / Supervisor.

  Working age: 8

  Job type: full time available date: two weeks

  Monthly salary requirements: 3500--5000 hopes to work area: Foshan

  Work experience:

  Name of the company: from the date of the electronic company: 2006-12 ~ 2010-03

  Nature of the company: industry of Sino foreign joint venture: electrical appliances, electronic, communication equipment

  Job title: recruitment and remuneration (SA8000 auditor)

  Job description:

  1, according to the company's personnel needs plan, personnel recruitment and configuration.

  2, employee turnover, procedures, personnel transaction management.

  3, accounting office personnel salary, audit piece rate workers monthly wage data, human resources data analysis, in order to provide the basis for reasonable control of labor costs and the leadership decision-making.

  4, the monthly and annual reporting of social security.

  5, the quality of personnel evaluation and assessment, to assist in the implementation of performance assessment, for the company's staff of the daily work assessment and promotion to provide a basis

  6, to assist the company's human resources system of the compilation and revision, the organization of job description.

  7, compiling documents of SA8000 audit system, inside and outside the organization SA8000 trial activities, SA8000 social responsibility for the content of the training (2006.12-2008.2 staffing specialist. During the period of the 2008.3-2008.9 was transferred to the SA8000 auditor, Oct 2008 so far was transferred to the compensation Commissioner)

  Reasons for leaving: conversion environment

  Name of the company: * * process plant from the beginning of the year: 2004-02 ~ 2006-11

  Nature of the company: the private sector of the industry: other

  Held the position: the personnel administration

  Job description: 1, according to the company's management objectives, and improve the company's personnel management system and process, establish and improve the personnel administration system.

  2, guidance and supervision of the Ministry of personnel of the daily affairs: formulate recruitment plans, to expand the recruitment channels, salary calculation and analysis of labor costs, employee relations and social security reporting, staff training and other organizations.

  3, administrative management: including cleaners, security work arrangements and coordination, dormitory and canteen management, company organization activities and promote the construction of enterprise culture.

  4, safety management: organize weekly, monthly safety inspection, presided over the company fire drill.

  5, purchasing management: the development of raw materials, tools, tools, to understand the market situation, monitoring and procurement.

  6, foreign affairs processing.

  Reasons for leaving: expanding horizons

  Company name: Xiamen Hengjiang primary school beginning and ending date: 2002-09 ~ 2003-12

  Nature of the company: Industry: Education

  Job title: music teacher

  Job description: 1, the organization of the six grade school music teaching

  2, the organization of the school and the implementation of the entertainment activities

  Reasons for leaving: to develop in many ways

  Education background

  Graduate School: South China Normal University

  The highest degree: undergraduate graduation date: 2002-08-01

  School major: second major in music education: Human Resource Management

  Training experience: the beginning of the end of the year (institution) school (institution) to obtain the certificate number of certificate

  2006-05 2005-12 Foshan production service promotion center human resources management division (level two) 0619000006201336

  2008-01 2008-01 Consulting Co. Ltd. ISO9000 training ISO9000 internal auditor qualification certificate BOS-QMS-ISO-0801046

  Human resource management system of 2008-05 2008-05

  2009-03 2009-05 Allen management business training technology exchange and training center corporate training division (level two) 0919000018200155

  2010-09 2009-09 high corporate Li Zeyao leadership

  2010-03 2009-12 three nine control method for the management of enterprise management research in Europe

  Language ability

  Foreign language: English

  Mandarin Level: good Cantonese level: good

  Work capability and other expertise

  I am engaged in the administration and human resources work for 6 years, has accumulated a certain relevant work experience:

  1, to amend and improve the company's human resources system

  2, according to the company's business management objectives, the formulation of the company's human resources planning, to develop the human resources monthly, annual recruitment plan, salary and benefits plan and training plan.

  3, familiar with the human resources module (including personnel recruitment, compensation and benefits, employee relations, etc.)) business process.

  4, can organize company activities and the promotion of corporate culture.

  Detailed personal autobiography

  "Sincerely to do things," this is my life creed.

  I have served as a music teacher, the personnel administration, the recruitment of the Commissioner, the SA8000 audit Commissioner, the remuneration of the Commissioner and so on. I always strive to do your own thing to share, and actively participate in the training, to dabble in HR related knowledge, while maintaining stability.

  My goal is to hope in the past 35 years old become an outstanding human resources manager, corporate contributions I recognized my humble, but also reflected the value of your life.

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