Confidential Resume

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Confidential Resume

  Confidential Resume

  Personal Information


  LANGUAGE CAPABILITY Chinese Mandarin / English, Fluent


  DATE OF BIRTH 02//15/1981




  Time for Commencement one month laterWenKu.BLL.KeyWord Self Assessment

  More than 5 years quality experience with well-known enterprises. Familiar with supplier & internal

  quality management process, particularly with TOYOTA Production System and Quality System.

  Good English communication skill.

  Work Experience


  Quality Manager (Report to Chief Operation Officer)

  The CHINT Group is a leading player in the low-voltage electrical, power transmission, and power

  distribution industries in China. In 2006, CHINT placed 15th in a ranking of the top non-state-owned

  companies in China, both publicly listed and privately held, with revenues that exceeded US$2

  billion. CHINT SOLAR, as the PV subsidiary company of CHINT Holdings, has emerged as a strong

  and reliable partner, backed by the powerful technological, logistical, and corporate support of


  Key Responsibilities:

  1>To organize QS engineer for the quality system setup, deployment and improvement effectively.

  Lead the Quality System to run effectively.

  2> To setup the Annual quality target and deployment for all departments.

  3> Leading the APQP of the solar module, solar cell; To cooperate with the technical department to finalize the

  specification and define the CTQ, request the QC engineer to build up the Control Plan internal before pilot run.

  4> Request the QC engineers to kick off the quality meeting through weekly/ monthly quality meeting for the

  in-process non-pass decrease of solar module /solar cell and bring forward the corrective actions and check on

  the enclose PDCA circuit. To review the SPC chart monthly with technical depart and request for 8D etc.

  5>Request the SQE engineers to establish weekly/monthly/quarterly data system for supplier monitor, to

  perform SPC analysis on data and identify weakness to be improved.

  6> To organize the SQE to cooperate with IE & QC engineer to set up the fixture before the new project pilot run.

  QC builds SIP& SOP, set up criteria for the new production, summarizes quality data and makes improvements.

  SQE feedback defects to suppliers and request for 8D report etc.

  7>Leading the department for SGA and act as the project leader for quality problem solution and improvement.

  8>To organize the SQE to audit supplier on a regular basis;

  Audit items: a: Q-System, b: Document Control, c: Supplier quality performance and record, d: Product ID & Lot

  Traceability, e: Process Control, f: Calibration, g: Handling, packaging, storage and delivery etc.

  9> Arrange the SQE engineer to cooperate with purchase Dept. to get the just material from qualified suppliers. Qualify supplier FAI report, reliability test report and material certification.

  10>To arrange IQC engineer to verify the FAI report and check on FAI samples.

  11>In charge of the TUV and UL safety certification

  12>Participate the daily operation meeting.

  13>Team spirit build up and 5S leader etc.


  -Successfully control supplier quality, in-line quality and keep it stable.

  -Push the Q.S to run effectively.

  -Successfully get the TUV, UL certification

  -Successfully Set up and implement process flow. And cooperate with internal

  department to decrease product scrap etc.


  Park Tools -PROJECT PRINCIPAL (Report to Operation Manager)

  It is a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world , which is founded by Thomas Edison in 1885.From auditing and inspection, to testing, quality assurance and certification, its services involves every field imaginable, such as textiles, toys, electronics, building, heating, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, food and cargo scanning. It operates a global network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 23,000 people in more than 100 countries around the world.

  Key Responsibilities:

  1> First sample structure check and Turn out the testing schedule for the Testing Engineers.

  2>Tutoring the Testing engineers for the setup of the testing criteria and make them understand

  the testing methods for new samples.

  3>Act as the interface and Communicate with the Customers and Feed back all the issues found

  In the test and request them for improvement and samples delivery.

  4>Generate the Safety Report according to the IEC Standard or European, U.S directives.

  5>Follow up the project schedule and promotion for the improvement for every issues which the customer are encountering .

  6> Conduct the Factory Inspection for the workshop and request the customer for corrective action and improvement.


  -Promotion the case and help the customer get the Safety Certification according

  to the project plan ASAP.

  -Tutoring the factory and improve their products design to follow the IEC standard

  and control the manufacture process implement as the requirement.

  -Successfully finish the sales target by every month.


  SQE specialist (Report to Quality Manager) 11/2004-05/2007

  It is the biggest manufacture & designing base of Toshiba notebook computer in the world. The company be

  lightest & smallest computer in the world. CV of XX found in 2002, and it already sold more 6 millions computer globally. And it has the technology to produce

  Key Responsibilities:

  1> Analyze the defect trend of failure during IQC & process of manufacturing. Make FMEA chart, catch on major points which should be improved.

  2>Make quality performance to supplier and feedback the quality issue. Inform vendor the major activity which should be done. Request vendor to provide 8D report according to failure issue (make sure the principal & schedule) and follow up.

  3> Coordinate with IPQC engineer to make SOP & WI for assembly line to prevent process mistake, arrange supplier to train our operator in order to minimize IPQC failure rate.

  4>Coordinate with QC group to proceeding improvement to avoid line miss. Usually it been taken by SGA action. And request QC to describe the failure by QC 7 tools.

  5> Audit the vendor plant to examine the progress of vendor periodically on a regular basis, check the efficiency of vendor countermeasure, audit assembly process (QPA) and quality systems (QSA) of supplier. 6>Develop the six sigma innovation twice a year, successfully leading the team to achieve the scrap cost down Using the D MAIC .

  The major purpose of Six Sigma innovation:

  1, Decrease company cost & increase customer satisfaction.

  2, it train engineer to know and comprehend 6sigma idea.

  It is carried out by DMAIC.

  7>Coordinate with design dept to do DOE, in order to evaluate the potential failure symptoms, and degree of supplier's superiority.

  Confirm the PPAP report for new incoming parts and new supplier with design Dept.


  - Control supplier quality well and keep it meeting the company target.

  - Instruct supplier to set up a comprehensive system for quality control.

  - Cooperate with internal QC to minimize line scrap and standardize

  documentation and operation.

  - Participate Six sigma project to continue improvement of supplier quality.

 Education & Personal Training 2004-1997 China XX University Management



  orientation) Bachelor HANGZHOU SGA certification Green Belt 2006-/06-2006/08 Toshiba Six sigma Training

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