Automation Mechanical Engineer Resum

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Automation Mechanical Engineer Resume Template

  Target Positions: Mechanical Engineer、Engineering Manager/Director、Industrial Engineer、Project Engineer、Management-Project Manager

  Target Jobs: Mechanical engineer、 Automation engineer、 Engineer manager

  Desired Salary: 8500 RMB/month Negotiable

  When Can Start: within 1 month


  2003-9 ~ 2007-6 Shantou university mechanical design manufacturing and automation Bachelor Degree

  2000-09 ~ 2003-07 Second yangchun middle school high school High School.

  Special Skills

  Computer Level: National computer exam. grade 1

  Computer Skills: Skilled use of OFFICE office software;

  Skilled use of PRO/E, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other graphics software.

  Strengths: 1.I am good at design and transformation of various fixtures and non-standard automation equipment;

  2.I have 6 years of non-standard automation equipment design experience that with a solid professional knowledge and rich experience in mechanical design;

  3.I have the rich equipment debugging experience and ability to solve the equipment faults;

  4.Can finish the design of non-standard equipment,and the electrical control system;

  5.Have receive training about the project management and equipment management;

  6.Can operate milling machine,grinding machine.

  Language Skills

  Chinese: Good Cantonese: Good

  English Level: CET-4 Spoken General

  English: Good

  Career Objective

  Career Direction: 1.An engineer or management position;

  2.Can improve the mechanical design experience,the ability of electrical control,the project management ability,to be a Excellent senior engineer;

  3.I am able to create the actual economic benefits,at the same time have a good personal development.


  Self Info.

  Self Assessment: 1.Has 6 years of experience in mechanical design of non-standard automation equipment;

  2.Be good at design factory non-standard automation equipment and fixture with the project way;

  3.Be able to complete the system development control equipment PLC by oneself;

  4.Familiar with the design and improvement of factory production equipment,good for solve the faults;

  5.Work responsible,dare to challenge.


  Bachelor's degree of Engineering 2011-06-01

  Undergraduate diploma 2012-06-01

  Work Experience (2011-6 ~ Present)

  Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Power,Electrical,Water conservancy

  Job Title: automation engineer Positions: Mechanical Engineer

  Job Description: 1.In charge of the assembly deparment's nonstandard manufacturing equipment and jigs design;

  2.Provide improvement suggestions for Existing equipment and jigs,follow up and resolve using issues about the equipment and jigs;

  3.Follow up process of the manufacture, assembly and debugging,guide and train how to use;

  3.Complete the written and debugging program of nonstandard equipment by myself;

  4.Have successful designed some machines,such as automation assembly machine,bending machine;

  5.Finish the other work from my boss.

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