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  Curriculum Vitae

  Personal Information

  Name:William Xie Gender: Male Age:38

  Education:Master in Engineering

  Mobile: 1381234xxx


  Mail Address: Room 402, No. 32, Lane 1133, Zhang Yang Road,

  Pudong, Shanghai, PRC, 200120

  Work Experience

  Jan 2005--Oct 2006. Zell Consulting Co. Ltd, Immigrated and lived in New Zealand. Responsible for trade fairs between New Zealand and PRC.

  Aug 2003--Jan.2005. US based BEPEX (formerly US Branch of Hosokawa Group). My responsibilities continued coverage in Hosokawa Shanghai Rep Office with Sales consultancy and project management jobs on PRC.

  - Be in charge of sales and marketing jobs for Bepex’s SSP technology (including equipment and engineering services). With sales size ranging from USD1.2 million to USD5 million, my clients mainly include Liaoyang Petrochemical Company of CNPC, Wuxi Taiji, Zhangjiagang Junma, Huzhou Unifull and Shanghai Wenlong.

  - As project manager, I have been actively involved in the whole project execution process, including the initial technical presentation, technical and commercial contract signing, basic/detail engineering design, installation and process start up, coordination with US engineering department and PRC clients and local engineering company.

  Sept 1997--Aug 2003. Hosokawa Shanghai Representative Office, Representative and Area sales manager

  - As the founder of the rep office, I was mainly responsible for daily management and operation of the office.

  - In terms of sales, I have been taking care of domestic marketing for Japan, Europe and US based subsidiaries, including, but not limited to,

  German based ALPINE, for grinding, classifying and engineering facilities, whose customers scattered over the sectors of pharmaceutical, chemical and mining

  US based Hosokawa BEPEX, a subsidiary engaged in SSP technology while its products are used for soft drink bottling and Industrial fiber. That business belongs to petrochemical, polymer and chemical fiber fields.

  Jan 1996--Aug 1997, Sales Representative in Automation department with Barco (A Belgium based company) Shanghai Representative Office. My responsibilities included sales and marketing of the computerized monitoring system on textile and pharmaceutical sectors, and cleaner, sensor and electric controller used on textile equipments.

  Sept 1990-- Aug 1993. No. 2 Textile Mill of Zibo City,Shandong Province. As the workshop technician, I was mainly responsible for daily operation, facility maintenance works. During that period of time, I have been substantially involved in installation and adjustment of a brand new production line.

  Major skills

  Rich experiences in sales and engineering project management

  Managerial skills in operation of rep offices

  Intimate sense in business


  Sept 1993--- Mar.1996, Dong Hua University(Formerly known as China Textile University, Master’s deGREe in Engineering obtained, research subject was using single chip computer to collect and monitor the signals from the process machine.

  Sept 1987---Aug 1990. Qingdao University, in Textile Engineering



  Balance Sheet基本方法

  选择要应聘的工作后,必须看清招聘广告上所列出的每项要求,再将自己的学历、能力与兴趣逐一与之比较,作一张balance sheet.

  例如,一则关于marketing management trainee和job requirement是这样写的:

  We are looking for a competent person to fill the captioned position:

  -University graduate major in Marketing Management. Prepared to develop career in the commercial field  -Outgoing personality

  -Able to communicate at different levels

  -good knowledge of PC operations

  -Proficiency in written and spoken English/Mandarin


  -University graduate with major in Marketing

  -Having actively participated in Business clubs activities and learned accounting and management  -good in communication with people and like a lot of out door activities, know how to tackle with people from all walks of life  -Skillful in operating Words, Excel, Lotus1-2-3, etc

  -Fluent in English and Mandarin

  这个方法的好处是可让求职者清楚了解该职位是否适合自己,而本身资料又是否切合要求,而且,明白了各项要求后,就可依据每一点在履历表上重点提出自己在该方面的强项。突出卖点(selling point),将之放在最吸引人的地方,使招聘者一眼可见,有利于present自己。

  Work experience工作经验的陈述




  1996/7-1996/8 General Clerk, IBM

  1995/7-1995/8 Account clerks, Manley Toy Trading

  1994/6-1994/8Salesgirl, Esprit.


  Three years of job experience in different positions have offered me opportunities to understand different job aspects.  -As a General Clerk (IBM),Accounts clerk (Manley Toy Trading), I have learned how to prepare purchasing orders,place orders, handle accounting matter, check voucher,…also (Salesgirl, Esprit) developing the technique of selling, serving and stocking.  就能更好地突出个人工作经验,吸引招聘者的注意力!

  Job objective事业目标

  通常,一般求职者只会在履历表开端简单地写上所应征的职位-Position Applied: Management Trainee或I am applying for...其实,若懂得利用这小小空间写出自己的事业目标(job objective),更能显示出你对该工作的热诚及憧憬,能令招聘者对你加倍留意。


  Job objective

  To begin as a Marketing Management Trainee, with opportunity to advance to executive level and contribute to the development of firm.