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Dear Sir or Madam,

  On Friday, July 19th I bought a shirt of VERO MODA at your store. When I took the shirt home I noticed 2 buttons were missing. I went back to the shop with the receipt and asked the shop assistant to exchange the shirt for a new one that was not damaged. But she refused and said the shirt was perfect when it was sold. A quick look would have shown that it was most likely a fault that had happened in the factory and that the buttons had ever been sewn on.

  I insist on my rights as a consumer and wish for an exchange or my money back. Please contact me at the above address as soon as possible.

  Yours faithfully.

  Li Ming


  7月19日星期五,我在你们店里买了一件VERO MODA的衬衫。回到家后,我发现衬衫少了两颗扣子。我拿着收据回到店里,让店员换一件没有破损的`新衬衫。但她拒绝了,并说这件衬衫在出售时没问题。只要看一眼,就会发现很可能是工厂出了问题,没有缝上这两颗纽扣。





  Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

  I would prefer to work in a large company rather than a small one. A large company has more to offer in terms of advancement, training, and prestige.

  In a large company, I can start at an entry-level position and work myself up to the top. I could start in the mailroom and, once I know the company, can apply for a managerial position. In a small company, there is not as much room to grow.

  In a large company, there are a variety of jobs. I could work in sales, in marketing, in distribution, in shopping, or in any department I applied for. I could be trained in a variety of positions and would have valuable experience. In a small company, there would not be the same opportunity.

  In a large company, there would be more prestige. I could brag to my friends that I worked for one of the biggest companies in the world. I would always have something to talk about when I met strangers. If I worked in a small company, I would always have to explain what the company did.

  Working for a small company would not give me the same opportunities for advancement or on-the-job training as working for a larger company would. Nor would I be as proud to work for a small company---unless the small company was my own.



  The first memory I have of him- of anything, really is his strength. It was in the late afternoon in a house under construction near ours. The unfinished wood floor had large, terrifying holes whose big and opening darkness I knew led to nowhere good. His powerful hands,then age 33, wrapped all the way around my tiny arms, then age 4, and easily swung me up to his shoulders to command all I surveyed.

  The relationship between a son and his father changes over time. It may grow and flourish in mutual maturity. It may sour in hated dependence or independence. With many children living in single-parent homes today, it may not even exist.

  But to a little boy right after World War II, a father seemed a god with strange strengths and strange powers enabling him to do and know things that no mortal could do or know. Amazing things, like putting a bicycle chain back on,just like that. Or building a hamster cage. Or guiding a Jigsaw

  so it forms the letter F: I learned the alphabet that way in those pre-television days.

  There were, of course, rules to learn. First came the handshake. None of those cold little finger grips, but a good firm squeeze accompanied by an equally strong gaze into the other's eyes. "The first thing anyone knows about you is your handshake , 'he would say. And we' d practice it each night on his return from work, the serious toddler in the battered Cleveland Indian's cap running up to the giant father to shake hands again and again until it was firm enough.


  Dear Sir or Madam,The 20xx Graduation and Degree Conferring Ceremony of our university will be held at the Teaching Building from 9:00 to 12:00 on May 21th.

  With your outstanding expert knowledge and academic reputation, you have contributed immeasurably to the advances of our university and the growth of our students. So I, on behalf on the Student Union, sincerely extend to you an invitation to this ceremony. We will be greatly honored if you could be present at the grand ceremony. And, on the occasion, there will be volunteers guiding you to your seat.

  The schedule of the ceremony is attached for your reference. It would be much appreciated if you could please send back the reply slip before May 14th to inform us of your attendance. We look forward to your reply.

  Your faithfully,Li Ming


  There was a time when the owners of shops and businesses in Chicago had to pay large sums of money to gangsters in return for 'protection.' If the money was not paid promptly, the gangsters would quickly put a man out of business by destroying his shop. Obtaining 'protection money' is not a modern crime. As long ago as the fourteenth century, an Englishman, Sir John Hawk wood, made the remarkable discovery that people would rather pay large sums of money as have their life work destroyed by gangsters.

  Six hundred years ago, Sir Johan Hawk wood arrived in Italy with a band of soldiers and settled near Florence. He soon made a name for himself and came to be known to the Italians as Giovanni Acuto. Whenever the Italian city-states were at war with each other, Hawk wood used to hire his soldiers to princes who were willing to pay the high price he demanded. In times of peace, when business was bad, Hawk wood and his men would march into a city-state and, after burning down a few farms, would offer to go away if protection money was paid to them. Hawk wood made large sums of money in this way. In spite of this, the Italians regarded him as a sort of hero. When he died at the age of eighty, the Florentines gave him a state funeral and had a pictured painted which was dedicated to the memory of 'the most valiant soldier and most notable leader, Signor Giovanni Haukodue.'




  The Influence of Television and Movies

  There is no doubt that watching television and movies can influence the way that people behave. Moreover, it seems that people are spending more and more time watching some sort of visual entertainment, whether it is television, a video tape or a DVD. Therefore, the effects of visual media cannot be ignored.

  With the every-increasing popularity of video entertainment, society must pay attention to these effects. Television and movies, while entertaining and informative, cannot take the place of real experience.




  时间去观看一些视觉娱乐节目,不论是电视、录像带,或是 DVD。所以,视觉每体的.影响是不容忽略的。





  For thousands of years, it has been considered a social responsibility and behavioral norm (行为规范)to respect the elder in China.


  There is no doubt that traditional morality, as a national spirit, is a valuable contribution to social harmony and progress and thus should be advocated and promoted in modern times.




  You have just come back from Canada and found a music CD in your luggage that you forgot to return to Bob, your landlord there. Write him a letter to

  1)make an apology,2)suggest a solution。

  Dear Bob,I’m writing to apologize for having forgotten to return the “the Beatles” CD to you when I left Canada. I was in such a hurry that I packed everything in my luggage without checking carefully. Had I paid more attention then, I wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake。

  Now something must be done to solve the problem because I understand you cherish the CD enormously. I can either send it to you by express mail or alternatively compensate you at a reasonable price. If you do not mind, I may bring it back to you next time I go to Canada。

  Please let me know which solution you prefer at your earliest convenience. I really hope you will accept my sincere apology。

  Faithfully yours,Li Ming


  my grandfather is the most generous person i know. he has given up a life of his own in order to give his grandchildren everything they want. almost every evening he spends nearly two hours in checking whether his grandchildren have fully understood the lessons they learned in school, and eplains to them again and again the difficult points in their tetbooks until he feels sure that they have mastered all the content they have learned.

  during weekends he always takes his grandchildren to the seaside, to the park, or to the sports ground, playing various games with them. whenever his children are sick, he promptly sends for the doctor, orders a special diet for them, and stays with them patiently from morning till night. his generosity is also evident in his relationship with his neighhours and friends. for instance, three months ago his neighhours nine-year-old daughter broke her leg in a traffic accident and was taken to hospital, but his neighhour could not afford to pay the hospital epenses. my grandfather,who could hardly live on his own income either, promptly gave all his savings to his old neighhour. last week, his old friend lao zhangs house was seriously damaged during an unepected storm.

  my grandfather, though old and weak, made every effort to help lao zhang to repair the flooded shabby house. in a word, everybody who knows my grandfather respects him deeply and thinks highly of him for his kindness and generosity.


  Dear James, It has been a long time before we last met.How are you doing? I am writing this letter for the purpose of inviting you to my hometown Beijing for a visit.The reasons for my recommendation areas follows.To begin with, Beijing is an ancient city with a long history.Itwas the capital of China for several dynasties over a long period and tends to playan extremely important role in education, culture and politics.Furthermore, aswe exist in a dynamic world with various new changes, Beijing now evolves intoa more beautiful city.There are many places of interests here in Beijing, suchas the Summer Palace, the Imperial Palace and the Great Wall.If you are interested, please feel freeto contact me at your earliest convenience.



  In the cartoon we see a servant bringing a cup of coffee for the emperor. The joke is that the idea of emperor and the idea of coffee do not usually come together. It is funny to think of the emperor drinking coffee. But the cartoon may yet have another meaning. It implies that emperor, if he were still there today, would learn to drink coffee. Modernization is a historical trend.

  China is a country with a long history. It has special traditions and customs. They are the nation’s great treasures which we should do our best to preserve. However, as China opens up to the world, more and more foreign ideas and products come into country. How we take this western influence and what relationship should be established between the east and the west have become urgent questions for us to answer. For example, should we allow a coffee shop to be opened in the Forbidden City, a place which is thought to represent the essence of oriental life? Can the coffee shop integrate itself into the surrounding or will it from an eyesore?

  I believe that we should be open-minded about western influence. If it is good, we should not refuse it. A coffee shop in the Forbidden City will not pose an threat to our traditional culture. It will instead provide a convenient resting place for visitors who have to walk through the huge palace. The spirit of the 21st century is one of cooperation and coexistence. We should allow different cultures to exist together and flourish together.


  Andrew Carnegie

  andrew carnegie, known as the king of steel, built the steel industry in the united states, and , in the process, became one of the wealthiest men in america. his success resulted in part from his ability to sell the product and in part from his policy of epanding during periods of economic decline, when most of his competitors were reducing their investments.

  carnegie believed that individuals should progress through hard work, but he also felt strongly that the wealthy should use their fortunes for the benefit of society. he opposed charity, preferring instead to provide educational opportunities that would allow others to help themselves. "he who dies rich, dies disgraced," he often said.

  among his more noteworthy contributions to society are those that bear his name, including the carnegie institute of pittsburgh, which has a library, a museum of fine arts, and a museum of national history. he also founded a school of technology that is now part of carnegie-mellon university. other philanthrophic gifts are the carnegie endowment for international peace to promote understanding between nations, the carnegie institute of washington to fund scientific research, and carnegie hall to provide a center for the arts.

  few americans have been left untouched by andrew carnegie's generosity. his contributions of more than five million dollars established 2,500 libraries in small communities throughout the country and formed the nucleus of the public library system that we all enjoy today.


  We used to say "Graduation is unemployed".It sounds like a self deprecating.In fact,this is not only a kind of graduates in the government, especially fun themselves before the increasingly serious social problem.

  But now the phenomenon of building own business has been bought to public attention. This is a new way of university students’ undertaking,which will be of great significance for both themselves and the society.

  Nowadays,many college students are attempting to star their own business instead of being employed. They decide to devote themselves to the career. Actually, building own business has many advantages. On the one hand,eliminate the unemployment, does not exist university graduates to find a job and worried. On the other hand,it can help students grow up quickly and cultivate young people’s social responsibilities. They don’t experience too much before they enter the society. However, they must experience a lot when building own business . Most of those things are not learned in school. And that can help them grow up quickly.

  In my opinion,we should call on more students to make contributions using their knowledge acquired in the university. The government and the state shall enact relevant laws to help them.


  Dear Jack,How are you doing recently? I hope everything goes am writing to invite you take part in an online meeting. Here I have some details.

  The meeting is scheduled to start at5:00 next Friday afternoon and it will last for about one the meeting,we will discuss the proposal of organizing the winter camp this year. And some students from other countries will join in an international students,should know them better than us.

  That's I really hope you could share your you have any question,please contact me.