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  i first fell in love with husband when we would sit and talk in the living room of my old apartment in front of the (ceiling-to-floor) windows with the long, white curtains, drinking cups of scalding, black coffee. we would just sit and talk-sometimes until sunrise. i was so completely thrilled to have finally found that one special person and our wedding way was the happiest day of my life.

  however, it was not long after our honeymoon when my husband climbed into the tomb called "the office" and wrapped his mind in a shroud of paperwork and buried himself in clients, and i said nothing for fear of turning into a nagging wife. it seemed as if overnight an invisible wall had been erected between us.when our daughter, desiree was born she quickly became the center of my world. i watched her grow from infant to toddler, and i no longer seemed to care that my husband was getting busier and spending less time at home. somewhere between his work schedule and our home and young daughter, we were losing touch with each other. that invisible wall was now being cemented by the mortar of indifference.

  desiree went off to preschool and i returned to college to finish my degree, and i tried to find myself in the courses i took; i complained with all the other young women on campus about men who are insensitive. sometimes late at night i cried and begged the whispering darkness to tell me who i really was, and my husband lay beside snoring like a hibernating bear unaware of my winter.then tragedy struck our lives, when my husbands younger brother was killed on september 11, , along with thousand of other innocent people. he made it out okay and spoke to his wife to say he was going back in to help those that were still trapped. he was identified only by the engraving on the inside of his wedding band.

  attending my brothers memorial service was an eye-opening eperience for the both of us. for the first time, we saw our own marriage was almost like my in-laws. at the tragic death of the youngest son they could not reach out console one another. it seemed as if somewhere between the oldest sons first tooth and the youngest sons graduation they had lost each other. their wedding day photograph of the young, happy, smiling couple on the mantle of their fireplace was almost mocking those two minds that no longer touched. they were living in such an invisible wall between them that the heaviest battering with the strongest artillery would not penetrate, when love dies it is not in a moment of angry battle or when fiery bodies lose their heat; it lies broken and panting and ehausted at the bottom of a wall it cannot penetrate.recently one night, my husband told of his fear of dying. until then he had been afraid to epose his naked souls. i spoke of trying to find myself in the writings in my journal. it seemed as if each of us had been hiding our soul-searching from the other.

  we are slowly working toward building a bridge—not a wall, so that when we reach out to each other, we do not find a barrier we cannot penetrate and recoil from the coldness of the stone or retreat from the stranger on the other side.


  The first time in life? Then grasp your chance with your perfect performance on the dating night, by learning the following principle in heart. Dress properly. While everyone wants to give an impressive debut on the first date, you should avoid wearing something too bizarre to be accepted. If you are still in school, a sportswear can fulfill your purpose. For businessman or grownups, casual clothes are recommended. Never put up your working uniforms,no matter how well you like that Armani suit. It is no work. A few accessories such as a pair of sunglasses or silver loops on the wrist can add up to the romance sphere. Take a bath before dating. And if you like, spray a little perfume, but unless you're sure that he or she likes the smell,don't use ones that are too strong.

  Watch your manner. You're no prince of the Scotland nor Cinderella in the legend. Proper manners will ensure a lasting relationship while bad ones scare away your sweetheart. And do make sure you do not boast about your fortune, for, not everyone are green addicts. And your way of smiling, or your greatestoath, should neither be "coy" nor "by St. Loy!" after the nun in Chaucer. on the first date. For there maybe something deeply concealed within the inner core of every heart, of which the owner doesn't share often with anyone but his intimacy.

  Finally, wish you good luck. May you get your hearts combined and start a new journey in the miracle of life and love. Stay tuned till a borderline is reached, and keep on through out the whole way.


  Study the picture above carefully and write an essay entitled “On the Essential Responsibility of the Professor” In the essay, you should (1) describe t he pictures (2) interpret their meaning (3) give your opinion about the phenomenon. You should write about 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)

  The picture shows a common phenomenon among our professors nowadays. In the picture, a professor is on a thick pile of research papers. There are so many papers that he is high in the air and far away from his students. And the student shouts at him, ”Professor, the blackboard is here. Look downward please.”

  This is a satirical cartoon which describes vividly a kind of common phenomenon among some professors in the universities. Nowadays, some professors are indulged in composing his endless research papers in order to get some fame in their research fields and thus to be promoted to a higher position. They spend so much time in thesis composing that there is little time for them to think about how to teach their students. They just let the students study by themselves and give no instructions. They forget their essential responsibilities.

  As an old saying goes, it is a teacher’s job to propagate cardinal principles, impart professional knowledge and resolve doubts. Therefore, the most important job of a professor should be teaching the students rather than writing the research papers. Professors should be reminded of this point and devote their heart and soul to the students.



  1.Interpret the graph above.

  2.Give possible reasons for the change in the number of film-goers and TV-watchers.

  3.Predict future prospect.




  A recent survey analyzed the change in number of film-goers and TV watchers in X city. As is shown by the graph, there has been a sharp decline in the number of film-goers during the period from 1992 to 20xx, adding up to 20,000 in 20xx. On the other hand, the number of TV watchers has steadily increase in the last decade, reaching 150,000 in 20xx. Finally, it is interesting to note that there were as many film-goers as TV watchers in year 1998.

  There might be two reason, I think, for the change. Firstly, TV is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but a comparatively cheap one. There is no point in arranging transport. And one needn’t pay for expensive seats at the cinema. Secondly, TV makes it possible for one to keep track of current events and the latest developments in science and technology. As a consequence, most people prefer to stay at home, watching TV, rather than go out to the cinema, which wastes both time and money.

  Personally, there are still a lot of people who enjoy watching films. They argue that the film is a fascinating form of art. Sitting comfortably in the cinema, one can appreciate the latest movies, which will usually be shown on TV far later on. Therefore, I trust the number of film-goers will be on the rise in the future.


  A painter hangs his or her finished pictures on a wall, and everyone can see it. A composer writes a work, but no one can hear it until it is performed. professional singers and players have great responsibilities, for the composer is utterly dependent on them. A student of music needs as long and as arduous a training to become a performer as a medical student needs to become a doctor. Most training is concerned with technique, for musicians have to have the muscular proficiency of an athlete or a ballet dancer. singers practice breathing every day, as their vocal chords would be inadequate without controlled muscular support. String players practice moving the fingers of the left hand up and down, while drawing the bow to and fro with the right arm-two entirely different movements.

  Singers and instruments have to be able to get every note perfectly in tune. Pianists are spared this particular aniety, for the notes are already there, waiting for them, and it is the piano tuners responsibility to tune the instrument for them. But they have their own difficulties; The hammers that hit the string have to be coaed not to sound like percussion, and each overlapping tone has to sound clear.

  This problem of getting clear teture is one that confronts student conductors: They have to learn to know every note of the music and how it should sound, and they have to aim at controlling these sound with fanatical but selfless authority.

  Technique is of no use unless it is combined with musical knowledge and understanding. Great artists are those who are so thoroughly at home in the language of music that they can enjoy performing works written in any century.



  Write an essay of 160~200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

  1) describe the drawing briefly,

  2) explain its intended meaning, and then

  3) give your comments.

  You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)




  The picture presents a touching sight to us. Two handicapped men are walking quite quickly by binding their disabled legs together and holding fast to each other’s shoulders, with their crutches left behind. What respectable persons they are! They have surpassed their own physical deficiency and explored a smoother and easier way of advancing by drawing strength and support from each other. Obviously, what is highlighted in the picture is cooperation.

  In modern times, cooperation has become an efficient and effective way to solve many problems. To begin with, through cooperation, we can heighten our strength so as to accomplish the things that are impossible to be done only by one person. We all have our own limitations and with the fast development of science and technology, we are facing a world that is more and more sophisticated. Therefore, we often need to combine others’ abilities and resources to gain success. What’s more, cooperation is not the simple addition but fusion of all partners’ strength. Making use of different members’ strong points, offsetting the weaknesses, supporting mutually and sharing resources with each other, we can then attain to a capacity that is much stronger than the sum of all partners.


  Stay away from bad habits

  bad habits are among the worst enemies of living life to the fullest。 why? because habit is something we do over and over again。 while we do other kinds of mistakes occasionally, bad habit is something we do consistently over time。 if even one mistake can drag your life down, you can imagine what kind of damage bad habits can do。

  to make matters worse, often we don’t realize that we have bad habits。 we think that we just live our life as usual while we are actually XXX mistakes again and again。 it’s like having leaks in our ship without realizing it。

  so breaking bad habits should be among your top priorities to get the most out of your life。 if you do it right, and you are on your way to make significant improvements in your life。

  the first step to breaking the bad habits is to identify them。 only after identifying them can you decide to do something about them。 here are two tips for identifying the bad habits you might have:

  1。 compare your life with your value system

  do you live according to your value system? or do you deviate from it here and there? your value system acts like a compass that guides your life。 when you do things that are not according to your life compass, you know that you have a problem。 so look for things you consistently do that deviate from your value system。 those are your bad habits。

  2。 compare your life with a role model

  sometimes it’s easier to compare your life with someone else’s life than to compare it with an abstract value system。 so find people whose life you want to emulate and find the details of how they live their life。 is there anything they don’t do that you consistently do? for instance, perhaps they are never late。 you, on the other hand, are perpetually late。 that’s a bad habit you should stop。

  the next step after identifying the bad habits is to break them。 i’m glad i found some good tips for it in the book become a better you by joel osteen。 while the book is based on christian principles, many lessons in it are universally applicable including its suggestions on breaking bad habits。 here are four tips to stop bad habits based on the book:

  1。 quit feeding the bad habit

  there are two “wolves” inside us that fight each other。 one wolf represents good habits while the other represents bad habits。 which wolf will win the fight? the answer is the one you feed。 so breaking bad habit is actually simple: just stop feeding it。 leave the bad habit starve and you are on your way to get it away from your life。

  2。 replace it with a good habit

  quit feeding the bad habit is essential but it’s not enough。 you must also replace it with a good habit。 otherwise there is an empty space in your life where the bad habit could go back to anytime。

  so develop a good habit to replace the bad habit。 for instance, if you have the habit of thinking negative thoughts, you should replace it with the habit of thinking positive thoughts。 whenever negative thoughts come, use it as a trigger to start thinking positive thoughts。 or if you have the habit of eating unhealthy food, you can start developing the habit of eating healthy food。 just don’t leave the space empty。

  3。 press past the initial pain and discomfort

  when breaking a bad habit, the beginning of the process is the most difficult。 just like getting a space shuttle lifted off the earth takes enormous amount of power, it also takes enormous amount of willpower to break a bad habit。 and just like moving a space shuttle that has escaped the earth’s gravitational pull takes little energy, it also takes only little amount of willpower to continue doing your new habit。

  the initial phase is the most difficult, but it will become easier and easier over time。 so whenever you think that it’s too difficult to stay on course, just remember that it won’t be so for long。 you just have to keep moving forward。

  4。 make “no exceptions” policy

  once you decide to break a bad habit, stick with your decision。 make no exceptions to come back to it for whatever reason。 i know it’s not easy (at least for me), but this step is essential if you want the process to get easier over time。 XXX exceptions is like taking a space shuttle back to earth; you need another enormous amount of power to lift it off again。 so be careful not to make exceptions when you are dealing with bad habits。

  these four tips are simple but powerful。 using the feeding analogy, the tips to break a bad habit boil down to this:

  quit feeding the bad habit。 feed a good one instead。

  what do you think?


  To Whom It May Concern,I am writing to ask you whether you could help me find a child in a remote area to whom I will offer my financial aid.

  The candidate should be a girl at age 10 to 12 who is deprived of the opportunity to continue her education because of poverty. Her previous score reports should prove her potential to be an outstanding student in the future.

  I would like to give the girl my financial support annually until she graduates from college. The money will cover her tuition fee and other expenses at school. Besides, I will correspond with her frequently so that she can seek advice whenever she needs.

  I am looking forward to your reply.

  Sincerely,Li Ming

  (125 words)


  It goes without saying that the pictures reflect a common and serious problem in China —worship of celebrities among young people. In the left hand picture, a man has had David Beckham's name written on his face. In the right hand picture, a man who is having a haircut asks his barber to cut his hair on the model of David Beckham, the popular British soccer star.

  It is not uncommon for Chinese young people to have super stars as their idols. Most of them are fans of certain basketball players, football players, singers, actors and actresses at home and abroad. These fans not only watch the matches, TV serials and movies starring their heroes, but also pay a large sum of money to gain access to a live show, a concert and so on. Moreover, they imitate their idols in almost every aspect of their lives, such as their hair styles, glasses and clothes.

  There is nothing wrong for one to have his own role model. However, if people adore the pop stars to the extent of losing self-control, they misunderstand the significance of popular culture. Anyway, popular culture is to enrich our life. Young people should learn how to live their own lives instead of blindly following others' footsteps.

  ( 211 words)


  Living Longer

  There are many reasons why people are now living longer than ever before. But what is more important is that they are living better as they live longer. It is my opinion that we have scientific and technological development to thank for this progress.



  从前的人活到 40 岁就过完一世而死亡是很平时的。可是此刻,我们以为40

  岁的寿命很短。人们活到八十几岁、九十几岁,有些甚至到100 岁,是很平时的。

  并且,人们还可以活得久并且又健康,精力充足地迈入他们的 “黄金时代 ”(退休期)。




  The Effects of Technology on Learning

  The technological advances of the last few years have been amazing. Never before have students

  had such a wide variety of resources to help them in their studies. Those who can take advantage

  of these resources have the opportunity to learn about more subjects and to acquire more in—depth knowledge。 In my opinion, students can indeed learn more and learn more quickly with the help of modern technology.

  The piece of technology most important as a learning tool must be the computer。 Paired with the

  Internet, it allows students to research topics more quickly and thoroughly and to write up their

  findings more rapidly as well。 Furthermore, advances in many fields are being made so fast these days that it is impossible four textbooks to keep up。 Technology allows students to keep abreast

  of the latest developments. Also, it cannot be denied that many students enjoy using such resources in their studies。 Because of this, they are more likely to pursue subjects in greater depth。

  For all these reasons, I believe that technology is of great benefit to today's students。 Of course, it is still possible to learn without the aid of such devices, but I believe that those students

  who are fortunate enough to have access to technological resources should take every advantage

  of them.
















  2)表达清楚:要让别人知道你想说什么,不要用你认为能看懂的汉语式英文句子,比如:He would help you in no word.(他帮你简直没话说。)It would not say he was not hard.(这并不是说他不刻苦。)这样的英语句子只能让阅卷人员捧腹大笑,然后给你“温柔一刀”(降低作文档次)。


  4)句法多变:为避免文章平淡、呆板,可使用不同的句式:强调句、倒装句、否定句等等,比如:Deep down do we know…




  There are some possible reasons for the present situation.(主题句)First,______________.(第一点原因)Second,____________.(第二点原因)Finally,_____________.(第三点原因)Asaresult,____.(主题句的重申或深化)





  在主从复合句中,从句可以充当主句的主语、表语、宾语或同位语。由于在多数情况下,主语、表语、宾语或同位语这四种句子成分由名词性词类充当,所以,我们把这些作用相当于名词的从句统称为名词性从句,把充当主语、表语、宾语或同位语的从句分别称为主语从句、表语从句、宾语从句或同位语从句。也就是说充当什么成分就叫什么从句。名词性从句由连接词(或关联词)如whether,that,who,whom,whose,which,what,when,where,how,why等引导。它们的特点是:1、疑问词有本身的词义2、疑问词在从句中担当句子成分,如主语、宾语或状语3、这种疑问词引导的从句一律用陈述语序,不能用疑问语序。For example:

  Do you know whom they are looking for?你知道他们在找谁吗?(宾语从句,陈述语序。不能是whom are they looking for?)

  I don’t know who did it.我不知道这是谁干的。(宾语从句。在从句中如果疑问词作主语,其陈述语序和疑问语序一致。)

  She asked me where I had been.她问我到哪儿去了。(宾语从句。陈述语序,不能是where had I been.直接引语,间接引语。注意这句话的时态。)

  Can you tell me when the train will arrive?你能告诉我火车什么时候到吗?(宾语从句。陈述语序,不能是when will the train arrive.直接引语,间接引语。)

  I don’t know why he hasn’t come yet.我不知道他为什么还没来。(宾语从句,陈述语序。不能是why hasn’t he come yet.)

  He didn’t tell me what you were doing.他没和我说你在干什么。(宾语从句,陈述语序。不能是what were you doing.)

  What you have done might do harm t other people.你所做过的事情有可能伤害别人。(主语从句。what作从句的宾语。陈述语序,不能是what have you done.如果用疑问语序,意思发生了变化,成了“你做了什么?”。)

  I don’t know where he is now.我不知道他现在在哪里。(宾语从句,陈述语序。不能是where is he now.)

  Where he went for his weekend is not known.不知道他去哪里过的周末。(主语从句,where作从句的地点状语。陈述语序,不能是where did he go for his weekend.)

  Whose fault this is is not important.这是谁的过错并不重要。(主语从句,whose作从句的定语。陈述语序,不能是whose fault is this.)

  What I want to know is where he has gone for his weekend.我想知道的是他到哪里度周末去了。(这句话包含两个名词性从句:what I want to know是主语从句,what在从句中作宾语,从句用陈述语序,不能是What do I want to know. Where he has gone for his weekend是表语从句,where在从句中作状语,从句用陈述语序,不能是where has he gone for his weekend.)



  有同学说名词的强调直接用it is…that不就搞定了么?这里介绍的是一个更地道的用法,就是用very+名词的形式。比如:温室花朵的范文

  The set of drawings above vividly depicts the destiny of a flower in different circumstances. As is shown in the first cartoon,the very flower is placed in a comfortable greenhouse which shelters it from the threatening lightening and storm.

  Very一词用的很地道,如此这样的一个花朵,被保护起来。如果这句用强调句it is …that来写,估计你自己把句式结构都弄乱了。有时候要长短句结合,通篇文章全都是复合句老师也会看腻的,要长短句结合,才是好的有节奏感的文章。


  The picture does state that they will travel extensively from north to south together with their combined legs.






  Although live of citizens has been greatly changed,there is no denying the fact that the problem of internet,with which Chinese people are faced,becomes severely serious.随着人们的生活发生了巨大的变化,这个事实是不可否认的:网络问题,中国人民所面对的这个问题,变得非常的严重。

  3:这里用severely来强调serious,因为两者是同义词,一个是副词形式、一个是形容词,强调的效果更强。比becomes very serious效果强的不是一倍两倍。另建议作文中尽量少出现very,因为very是一个很主观的词,你要阐述你的观点,摆事实讲道理,要客观、要有理有据。Very这个词太主观,基本没有说服力。怎么提升文章的说服力,后文有交代,先别着急。

  4:with which Chinese people are faced,用得非常地道,把with提前到引导词which前,让句子的结构平衡。如果说which Chinese people are faced with,这样也可以,但是哪个更有技术含量大家一眼也能看出来。

  5:这句话中两次出现“人们”这个词,如果你用两个people那你真是傻到家了,让老师感觉你的词穷了,露怯了。所以平时多积累些同义词,到时候尽情的卖弄吧。不要通篇都是I think,哪怕是有一个I believe也好很多。不要在老师面前显得你的词汇很薄弱。这句话中,用了citizen和people,把高级的放前面,一般的`放后边,惯用法。


  有些意志品质类的文章,如果加入一句相关的谚语会让你的文章大放光彩。但是不能直接写句子。加一个模板句型:An ancient oriental philosopher said,“谚语”。一位古老东方的先哲曾经说过,…有同学说西方的谚语为什么用东方的先哲呢?比如:Where there is a will,there is a way.是西方的谚语,中国也有有志者,事竟成的语句。文化都是相通的,可以放心来用。以下是英语作文中常用的一些谚语。

  7、你不得不知道的there be

  there be是一个非常有用的句型,不要以为简单句就是低级的。使用“ there be ”句型,可以将一个简单句,马上变成一个加入定语从句或者分词的复杂句。通篇的简单句、陈述句,没有句式变换的文章是得不到高分的。如何把一个简单句变成复合句呢?举个例子:

  Internet provides us with convenience.网络给我们提供便利。只是一句普通的陈述句,可能不会吸引老师的眼球。如果把它变成there be的结构并且引导一个定语从句那就太给力了。there is the very Internet which provides us with convenience.要善于利用陈述句there be+定语从句的结构变化,多练几遍,考试时用一次。





  大作文对于重点题材,需要提前背诵素材,例如社会类、生活类、人际类、个人品质类等。英语一的题目重学术、观念,具有一定的抽象性,英语二的题目重数据和调查,和现实生活热点联系紧密。小作文,对于尚未考过的书信类别,做重点准备,包括模板化的开头和结尾句型,正文中常用的素材等。有些意志品质类的文章,如果加入一句相关的谚语会让你的文章大放光彩。但是大家不要直接写句子,可以加一个模板句型,如An ancient oriental philosopher said。有同学会问西方的谚语为什么用东方的先哲呢?其实文化大都是相通的,比如:Where there is a will,there is a way是西方的谚语,同中国的“有志者,事竟成”是一个意思。文化都是相通的,可以放心来用,大家在闲暇的时候要多翻看一下英文的谚语,积少成多,相信对大家一定有所帮助。


  1. Lead with your main idea.紧扣中心思想

  As a general rule, state the main idea of a paragraph in the first

  sentence--the topic sentence. Don't keep your readers guessing.通常,文章的第一句话就要表达出自己的看法,这也就是所谓的“主题句”。不要让读者去猜想。

  2. Vary the length of your sentences.变换句子的长度。

  In general, use short sentences to emphasize ideas. Use longer sentences to explain, define, or illustrate ideas.一般来说,使用短句来强调中心思想,使用长句来解释、定义、或者阐述自己的想法。

  3. Put key words and ideas at the beginning or end of a sentence.把关键词和中心放在段落的始句或者尾句。

  Don't bury a main point in the middle of a long sentence. To emphasize key words, place them at the beginning or (better yet) at the end.不要让中心埋没在段落中。想要强调关键词的话就把他们放在起始或者结尾。

  4. Vary sentence types and structures.变换句型和结构

  Vary sentence types by including occasional questions and commands. Vary sentence structures by blending simple, compound, and complex


  5. Use active verbs.使用主动动词

  Don't overwork the passive voice or forms of the verb "to be." Instead, use dynamic verbs in the active voice.不要过度使用"to be"这些被动语态。在主动语态中使用主动动词吧。

  6. Use specific nouns and verbs.确切的使用名词和动词

  To convey your message clearly and keep your readers engaged, use

  concrete and specific words that show what you mean.要想清楚的表达你的想法,让读者明白你的意思,就需要使用具体、确切的词语来表达。

  7. Cut the clutter.去除冗杂

  When revising your work, eliminate unnecessary words.当你修改文章的时候,去除那些不需要的词语。

  8. Read aloud when you revise.朗读修改

  When revising, you may hear problems (of tone, emphasis, word choice, and syntax) that you can't see. So listen up!当你朗读修改时,你可能听出那些不易


  9. Actively edit and proofread.积极的编辑、校对

  It's easy to overlook errors when merely looking over your work. So be on the lookout for common trouble spots when studying your final draft.重读一遍自己的文章就很容易检查出错误。当检查最后的草稿时,请注意那些容易出错的地方。

  10. Use a dictionary.使用字典

  When proofreading, don't trust your spellchecker: it can tell you only if a word is a word, not if it's the right word.在校对的时候不要相信那些拼写检查。它只能告诉你某个单词的拼写是否正确,不能告诉你这个词是否用对了。


  although henry fords name is closely associated with the concept of mass production, he should receive equal credit for introducing labor practices as early as 1913 that would be considered advanced even by todays standards. safety measures were improved, and the work day was reduced to eight hours, compared with the ten-or twelve-hour day common at the time. in order to accommodate the shorter work day, the entire factory was converted from two to three shifts.

  in addition, sick leaves as well as improved medical care for those injured on the job were instituted. the ford motor company was one of the first factories to develop a technical school to train specialized skilled laborers and an english language school for immigrants. some efforts were even made to hire the handicapped and provide jobs for former convicts.

  the most widely acclaimed innovation was the five-dollar-a-day minimum wage that was offered in order to recruit and retain the best mechanics and to discourage the growth of labor unions. ford eplained the new wage policy in terms of efficiency and profit sharing. he also mentioned the fact that his employees would be able to purchase the automobiles that they produced - in effect creating a market for the product. in order to qualify for the minimum wage, an employee had to establish a decent home and demonstrate good personal habits, including sobriety, thriftiness, industriousness, and dependability. although some criticism was directed at ford for involving himself too much in the personal lives of his employees, there can be no doubt that, at a time when immigrants were being taken advantage of in frightful ways, henry ford was helping many people to establish themselves in america.







  其次,修改好句子中的词语。考生要认真分析并变换模板中所使用的词语,特别是名词、动词及形容词。此时,考生可借助word文档编辑器。如原来的句子是"it is big…",想找big的同义词时,只要选中该词点击右键,选择"同义词",就会出现其所有同义词。考生可从中选择一个,最好是比较难的、比较高级的词,如 "gigantic"。再如,可以用"I cogitate"表示"我认为"。这样做可使评卷老师觉得作者的词汇量大而且用词比较新颖。

  再次,改造句子,主要是使句子的句型多变。考生在写每篇文章时,要尽量使用定语从句、倒装句、虚拟语气句子、状语从句、主语从句及强调句或宾语从句等,并将这些句型固定地与一些常用意思联系起来。如发表自己的看法时可用主语从句"It is my viewthat…",表示自己的'希望时可用虚拟语气"It would be…if thewhole society could pay more attention to this issue",表示强调时可用"Only in this way canthis problem be handled"等。当然,具体用什么句型由个人的兴趣决定。一旦掌握这样的句型,我们就可以在以后的写作训练中固定使用。

  最后,给文章润色。考生可用一些好的形容词、副词进行修饰。如"It is important forsomebody to do something"经上面两个步骤后变为"it is imperative that somebody do something ",这时可再在"imperative"前面加副词如"extremely",使句子语气更强。