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  1.[A] boasting [B] denying [C] warning [D] ensuring

  [答案][C] warning

  2.[A] inequality [B] instability [C] unreliability [D] uncertainty

  [答案][A] inequality

  3.[A] policy [B]guideline [C] resolution [D] prediction

  [答案][D] prediction

  4.[A] characterized [B]divided [C] balanced [D]measured

  [答案][A] characterized

  5.[A] wisdom [B] meaning [C] glory [D] freedom

  [答案][B] meaning

  6.[A] Instead [B] Indeed [C] Thus [D] Nevertheless

  [答案][B] Indeed

  7.[A] rich [B] urban [C]working [D] educated

  [答案][C] working

  8.[A] explanation [B] requirement [C] compensation [D] substitute

  [答案][A] explanation

  9.[A] under [B] beyond [C] alongside [D] among

  [答案][D] among

  10.[A] leave behind [B] make up [C] worry about [D] set aside

  [答案][C] worry about

  11.[A] statistically [B] occasionally [C] necessarily [D] economically

  [答案][C] necessarily

  12.[A] chances [B] downsides [C] benefits [D] principles

  [答案][B] downsides

  13.[A] absence [B] height [C] face [D] course

  [答案][A] absence

  14.[A] disturb [B] restore [C] exclude [D] yield

  [答案][D] yield

  15.[A] model [B] practice [C] virtue [D] hardship

  [答案][C] virtue

  16.[A] tricky [B] lengthy [C] mysterious [D] scarce

  [答案][D] scarce

  17.[A] demands [B] standards [C] qualities [D] threats

  [答案][A] demands

  18.[A] ignored [B] tired [C] confused [D] starved

  [答案][B] tired

  19.[A] off [B] against [C] behind [D] into

  [答案][D] into

  20.[A] technological [B] professional [C] educational [D] interpersonal

  [答案][B] professional



  Text 1

  21.According to Paragraph1, Parkrun has ______..

  [A] gained great popularity [B] created many jobs

  [C] strengthened community ties [D] become an official festival

  [答案][A] gained great popularity

  22.The author believes that London’s Olympic“legacy” has failed to______. .

  [A] boost population growth [B] promote sport participation

  [C] improve the city’s image [D] increase sport hours in schools

  [答案][B] promote sport participation

  23.Parkrun is different from Olympic games in that it______. .

  [A] aims at discovering talents [B] focuses on mass competition

  [C] does not emphasize elitism [D] does not attract first-timers

  [答案][C] does not emphasize elitism

  24.With regard to mass sport, the author holds that governments should___.

  [A] organize “grassroots” sports events [B] supervise local sports associations

  [C] increase funds for sports clubs [D] invest in public sports facilities

  [答案][D] invest in public sports facilities

  25.The author’s attitude to what UK governments have done for sports is___ .

  [A] tolerant [B] critical [C] uncertain [D] sympathetic

  [答案][B] critical

  Text 2

  26.According to Jenny Radesky, digital products are designed to ______.

  [A] simplify routine matters [B] absorb user attention

  [C] better interpersonal relations [D] increase work efficiency

  [答案][B] absorb user attention

  27.Radesky’s food-testing exercise shows that mothers’ use of devices ______.

  [A] takes away babies’ appetite [B] distracts children’s attention

  [C] slows down babies’ verbal development [D] reduces mother-child communication

  [答案][D] reduces mother-child communication

  28.Radesky’s cites the “still face experiment” to show that _______.

  [A] it is easy for children to get used to blank s

  [B] verbal s are unnecessary for emotional exchange

  [C] children are insensitive to changes in their parents’ mood

  [D] parents need to respond to children’s emotional needs

  [答案][D] parents need to respond to children’s emotional needs

  29.The oppressive ideology mentioned by Tronick requires parents to_______.

  [A] protect kids from exposure to wild fantasies

  [B] teach their kids at least 30,000 words a year

  [C] ensure constant interaction with their children

  [D] remain concerned about kid’s use of screens

  [答案][C] ensure constant interaction with their children

  30.According to Tronick, kid’s use of screens may_______.

  [A] give their parents some free time [B] make their parents more creative

  [C] help them with their homework [D] help them become more attentive

  [答案][A] give their parents some free time

  Text 3

  31.One of the reasons for high-school graduates not taking a gap year is that .

  [A] they think it academically misleading [B] they have a lot of fun to expect in college

  [C] it feels strange to do differently from others [D]it seems worthless to take off-campus courses

  [答案][C] it feels strange to do differently from others

  32.Studies from the US and Australia imply that taking a gap year helps .

  [A] keep students from being unrealistic [B] lower risks in choosing careers

  [C] ease freshmen’s financial burdens [D] relieve freshmen of pressures

  [答案][D] relieve freshmen of pressures

  33.The word “acclimation” (Line 8, Para. 3) is closest in meaning to .

  [A] adaptation [B] application [C] motivation [D] competition

  [答案][A] adaptation

  34.A gap year may save money for students by helping them .

  [A] avoid academic failures [B] establish long-term goals

  [C] switch to another college [D] decide on the right major

  [答案][D] decide on the right major

  35.The most suitable for this text would be .

  [A] In Favor of the Gap Year [B] The ABCs of the Gap Year

  [C] The Gap Year Comes Back [D] The Gap Year: A Dilemma

  [答案][A] In Favor of the Gap Year

  Text 4

  36.More frequent wildfires have become a national concern because in 2015 they .

  [A] exhausted unprecedented management efforts

  [B] consumed a record-high percentage of budget

  [C] severely damaged the ecology of western states

  [D] caused a huge rise of infrastructure expenditure

  [答案][B] consumed a record-high percentage of budget

  37.Moritz calls for the use of “a magnifying glass” to .

  [A] raise more funds for fire-prone areas [B] avoid the redirection of federal money

  [C] find wildfire-free parts of the landscape [D] guarantee safer spending of public funds

  [答案][D] guarantee safer spending of public funds

  38.While admitting that climate is a key element, Moritz notes that .

  [A] public debates have not settled yet [B] fire-fighting conditions are improving

  [C] other factors should not be overlooked [D] a shift in the view of fire has taken place

  [答案][C] other factors should not be overlooked

  39.The overly simplified view Moritz mentions is a result of failing to .

  [A] discover the fundamental makeup of nature

  [B] explore the mechanism of the human systems

  [C] maximize the role of landscape in human life

  [D] understand the interrelations of man and nature

  [答案][D] understand the interrelations of man and nature

  40.Professor Balch points out that fire is something man should .

  [A] do away with  [B] come to terms with [C] pay a price for  [D] keep away from

  [答案][B] come to terms with


  41 [E] says that for factory owners, workers are harder to find because of stiff competition.

  42 [A] says that he switched to electrical engineering because he loves working with tools.

  43 [G] says that the manufacturing recession is to blame for the lay-off the young people’s parents.

  44 [B] points out that there are enough people to fill the jobs that don’t need much skill

  45 [F] points out that a work/life balance can attract young people into manufacturing



  46 “我的梦想一直是在时装设计和出版领域找寻一份职业”.

  47 “在我中学毕业的两年前,我曾选修了一门“缝纫和设计”的课程,并以为我能再继续去修48 然而,就在整个学习过程中,我意识到,我将来在这个领域是无法与那些富于创新精神的精英人才相比的'.于是,我断定这条路行不通.

  49 “在申请上大学之前,我对所有人讲:我想学新闻学,因为,写作曾经是并且现在也一直是我最喜欢的事情之一.”

  50 “但是,说实话,我之所以这样说,是因为我认为从事时装设计不过是我的一个梦想,我也知道,除了我之外,没有人能想象出我会从事时装设计的工作.”



  The statistics about museums and their visitors are precisely illustrated by the line chart. During the 3 years from 2013 to 2015, the figure of museums experienced a gradual rise, and soaring from 4.145 thousand to 4.692 thousand. Besides, following the same tendency, the number of museum visitors, as is shown, ascended gradually from 6.378 billion to 7.811 billion, increasing by about 1.43 billion.

  The following factors, from my perspective, are responsible for the statistics. To begin with, aside from disseminating knowledge in schools, department concerned adopts other ways to promote the comprehensive quality of Chinese citizens, for instance providing more access to museums is a simple yet effective way to broaden visitors’ horizon. In addition, having been experiencing the unparalleled material prosperity, most of Chinese citizens intend to pursue knowledge by visiting museums, tourist attractions and other places. Moreover, museums, which are supported by public funding, provide visitors with knowledge and professional service. Individuals, therefore, are inclined to enjoy their leisure time by visiting museums.

  To summarize, the data shown by the chart ively reflect what’s happening in our society. Museums undoubtedly exert indispensible effects on our society and Chinese citizens, and it is predictable that, in the next decade, both large cities and small towns will witness the popularization of museums.

  52. Directions:

  Write your essay on ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)

  You should

  1) interpret the chart, and

  2) give your comments.

  You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET. (15points)


  Dear Professor Williams,

  I feel really delighted andhonored to be invited by you to give a presentation to the foreign students,and I will certainly be careful to prepare for the making of it.

  To let the overseas studentsknow much about our Chinese culture, I think that my presentation is supposedto include at least two key points. On the one hand, I will put much stress onthe history of China. You must know that our China is an ancient country with apretty long history. On the other hand, my second strong point should be put onthe main diet in China. The reason is that Chinese people in different regionshave totally different inclination to choose food and Chinese food everywhereis quite delicious.

  Those two points are what Iwould like to emphasize, and I would like to know of your opinions on this andI wish you could give me some further ideas on it. I am looking forward to yourreply. Thank you.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming