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  developing a resume is the first step in any successful job search. the average resume is written out of necessity. everyone knows you have to have one to get a job.

  your resume is like your personal movie trailer. you want your resume to capture your employer's interest, so they'll want to learn more about you.

  an effective resume will quickly highlight who you are, where you can be reached, and information about your most recent educational or training experiences. to make writing your resume as painless as possible, assemble the following information before you begin:

  ·personal information such as name, address, phone, and e-mail address

  ·current job objective

  ·education and training

  ·work experience, including duties and dates of employment

  ·accomplishments (particularly as they relate to work experience)

  ·specific skills and abilities

  ·information about software knowledge or machinery you can operate

  ·references if possible.


  writing a resume applies some strict rules. you should be clear and concise, 1-2 pages should be the maximum. be honest about your experience and goals (but present them in the best possible light). stress what you can do and what you've learned. be neat---no typos, smudges, etc. don't forget to include volunteer work, work and school awards and honors, notable skills---that your employers are interested in all of these. make the most of your experience. be proud of what you've done in the past. this helps make a positive impression.


  last but not least, do remember to proofread it! we can't over-emphasize the need to proofread your resume--and better yet, have someone else proofread it for you, give them to your english teacher or guidance counselor and have them look it over. two sets of eyes are better than one--your proofreader may catch mistakes that you missed, but an employer won't miss. resumes with grammar mistakes, misspellings or uneven margins often get tossed.



  Name:Guan Jian Wei English Name :WIN

  Personal Data:

  Sex:male Age:23 Height: 183 cm Weight: 75kg Blood Type: B

  Arital Status :Single Native Place: Xingtai city of Hebei province , China Mobil Tel:13736335583

  Educational Background

  Major: Business Administration

  Graduate school: Hebei University

  Degree: Bachelor


  2002.9--2004.6 HEBEI QIHUANGDAO EDUCATION COLLEGE Learning english

  20010.9—2005.09 , Hebei University . Learning company adminstration knowledge by myself mainly.

  Academic Main Courses:

  Management of Human Resources/Production andBusiness Administration Operation Management/Strategic Management/Quality Management/Marketing/International Trade/Principles of Management/Groundwork of Accounting/Economic Law and so on

  English Skills:

  Have a good command of both spoken and written English.

  Computer Abilities:

  Skilled in use of Windows / Office2000

  Self Assessment:

  a energetic, adaptable and able man, is cooperative . and honest to others

  Employment Experience :

  2004/6--2004/10 sale car accessories kits to abroad in WENZHOU QISHIJIAYIN CAR ACCESSORIES CO.,LTD

  2004/10--2005/3 General Manager Assistant

  assist the manager to open a good market to sale car accessories in Southeast Asia ,2 million RMB per month now,and it will be added month by month.

  Position Wanted:

  To obtain a challenging position as an assistant for a manage,especially in Human Resource Management/ Sale Part.




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