Advertising Resume

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Advertising Resume

Advertising Resume Tips

         One needs to be specially careful in writing an Advertising Executive resume, for the reason that they cater to the people with top notch positions in an organization, most of which are from the management background.

         Technical resume formats can be used by any candidate but are most useful for those who have a high-powered career in one field, especially for executives with a management experience of over 10 years. 

         Your resume should cover your abilities, skills, special attributes and your career goal. Your personal statement, if any, should make a good impact by highlighting major achievements from your career. You also need to explain how your employers were benefited by your sincere and excellent performance throughout the tenure. Also, mention the values that you added to companies that you worked for.

         Advertising Executive Resume formats are generally written using Times New Roman font. Since it is necessary to cover an expansive work history, the executive summary is likely to be longer than three pages. Hence it is advisable to keep the resume concise and avoid too many fillers or adjectives.

         In an Advertising Executive resume, achievements are detailed at the top of the first page. Additionally, you should include professional memberships, voluntary work, teaching experience as well as rewards and recognitions.

         When writing your Advertising Executive resume you should:

         Write using Times New Roman font.

         Include details of your achievements along with the relevant experience.

         A personal profile should include an executive summary.

         The technical/executive resume is about your experiences, how you gained them and applied them.

         You need not list all previous responsibilities, but only those which are relevant to the position in consideration.

         Include all experiences that add value to your resume. 

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