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  Gender: Female

  Age: 25 Nationality: Han

  Date of Birth: Height: 160

  Weight: Nationality: Chinese

  Exit and Entry: the current location of Shaanxi: Shaanxi

  Marital status: single highest level of education: college

  Graduate institutions: Yan'an University graduation date: July 2008

  Major categories are: the name of clinical medicine: clinical

  The second professional categories: clinical medicine name: Maternal and Child Health

  The current title: Junior

  ID card or other document number:

  Education / training experience

  From September 2005 to May 2008 Yan'an University of Medicine

  From June 2006 to June 2008 the second hospital internship Weinan in Shaanxi Province

  In July 2008 in Shaanxi Province has 145 hospitals Xingping (dimethylamino) obstetrics work

  Talent type: general job-related work experience: 2 years

  Foreign Languages: English language: good

  Other foreign languages: No other foreign language proficiency: None

  Putonghua: the capacity of standard computer: good

  Personal details of work experience

  From June 2006 to June 2008 the second hospital internship Weinan in Shaanxi Province

  July 2008 Xingping Shaanxi has 145 inpatient hospitals healers

  Ability and expertise

  Proficiency in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, the operation of family planning, birth attendants, in a higher level under the guidance of physicians, such as cesarean section

  Job intentions

  Job type: Full-time monthly salary requirements: Negotiable

  Job functions of candidates: candidates positions Maternal and Child Health Title: Medical Assistant, clinicians

  Hope that the Working Location: Shaanxi

  Other duty stations: Xinjiang, Guangdong, Fujian

  Detailed personal autobiography

  Because from the Northwest - I can do hard work from the tradition of hard work on the action;

  Because the young - I have a versatile and great potential for dedication and perseverance;

  Because of low academic qualifications - I have a positive attitude seeks to catch up with the confidence of others!

  Three years of my life cultivating a high sense of responsibility and a strong concept of time, I believe "I am not one of the best, but I would like to do most of the efforts of ordinary people a."

  Because efforts to do everything I can to serve as a unit services for patients, because I will constantly strive to improve themselves!

  Other Requirements

  "Devices will test and then know利钝, Ma will know good and then riding a dull"! Please give me a chance, a self-development space, no matter how hard the work, as long as the unit needs, and colleagues I will forge ahead and work together for a better tomorrow heart strength.

  Hope that your trust, to accept! Must take concrete actions to prove "I can do it!"


  If you’re sending out résumés and not getting many calls to interview, there’s a good chance that your résumé is the problem. If you’re like most people, your résumé could use some work – and like most people, you’re probably not sure where to start.


  But you probably don’t need to start from scratch. You can often significantly improve your résumé by just making a handful of changes. Here are five small changes you can make that will have a big impact.


  1. Get rid of the objective. Résumé objectives never help and often hurt. Not only do they feel outdated at this point, but they're all about what you want, rather than what the employer wants. Your résumé should be focused on showing your experience, skills and accomplishments. It’s not the place to talk about what you’re seeking in your next job.

  1. 不要写求职目标。在简历上写求职目标从来没用,还会有坏处。它们不仅落伍过时,而且都是有关你想要的而不是雇主想要的东西。简历应该集中展现你的经历、技能和成就。不应该商量你在下一份工作中想得到什么。

  2. Focus on work accomplishments, not job duties. If you’re like most job seekers, your résumé lists what you were responsible for at each job you held, but doesn't explain what you actually achieved there. Rewriting to focus on accomplishments will make it more likely to catch a hiring manager’s eye. For instance, get rid of lines like “managed email list” and replace them with lines like “increased email subscribers by 20 percent in six months” – in other words, something that explains how you performed, not just what your job was.

  2. 关注工作成就,而不是工作职责。你的简历是不是和大多数求职者一样只写每份工作的职责,却没写结果?写好成就是关键,这样更有可能抓住招聘经理的眼球。例如,别写像“整理邮件”之类的话,用“6个月内邮件用户增加了20%”代替——换句话说,写清楚你的工作表现,而不只是写工作内容。

  3. Get rid of big blocks of text. If your résumé is filled with large blocks of text – as opposed to bullet points – there’s a good chance that you’re putting hiring managers to sleep. They want to quickly skim the first time they look at your résumé, and big blocks of text make that difficult and make most hiring managers’ eyes glaze over. They’ll pay more attention and absorb more information about you if your résumé is arranged in bullet points rather than paragraphs.

  3. 不要有大段文字。如果你的简历都是大段文字——而不是按要点写——招聘经理很可能没兴趣看了。他们看简历时想快速浏览,大段文字看起来困难,他们眼睛都要看花了。如果你的简历排出了要点而不是有很多段落,他们会看得更仔细,也能了解到更多信息。

  4. Shorten it. If your résumé is multiple pages, you might be diluting the impact of its contents. With a shorter résumé, you’ll ensure that in an initial quick scan, the hiring manager’s eyes fall on the most important things. Plus, long résumés can make you come across as someone who can’t edit and doesn’t know what information is essential and what’s less important. As a general rule, your résumé shouldn’t be longer than two pages, maximum. (And if you’re a recent grad, it should only be one page, because you haven’t yet had enough work experience to justify a second one.)

  4. 减少页数。如果你的.简历有很多页,你可能把不重要的内容也写上去了。短小精悍的简历能确保招聘经理快速扫视时能看到最重要的东西。另外,长简历会让别人觉得你不会编辑文档,也不会区分信息的重要程度。一般来说,简历最多不能超过两页。(如果你是应届毕业生,应该一页就够了,因为你还没有足够的工作经验去写第二页。)

  5. Give yourself permission to remove things that don’t strengthen your candidacy. You don’t need three lines explaining boring job duties – especially if these responsibilities are going to be implied by your title. Similarly, you don’t need to include that summer job from eight years ago, that job you did for three weeks that didn’t work out or every skill you can think of. Your résumé is a marketing document, not a comprehensive listing of everything about you; include the things that strengthen your candidacy and pare down the rest.

  5. 删掉不够有竞争力的内容。你不需要用三行字说明无聊的工作职责——尤其是这些责任可以从职位名称中看出来的时候。同样,你不需要写八年前的暑期工作,以及做了三个星期却没学到什么技能的工作。你的简历是用来推销自己的,不要像写清单一样把每件事都列下来,请写能加强竞争力和能把别人比下去的事情吧。