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  Joe Sterling

  1147 Hudson Street

  Wayne, NJ 07477

  Tel: 973-931-4442

  Email ID-

  Career Objective

  Want to work in a challenging work environment to achieve personal and professional growth. Aim to use my knowledge and skills of business intelligence and dataware housing for the progress of the organization.


  Knowledge of Cognos software administration, planning and reporting

  In-depth knowledge of business intelligence and administration management

  Knowledge and experience of data warehousing tools including Abinitio and Informatica

  Ability to maintain and control systems, user access and other privileges

  Work in accordance with the requirement of the project

  Ability to meet deadlines with delivery of quality work

  Strong communication skills with all, including on-shore and off shore clients

  Ability to coordinate and collaborate with colleagues, clients and the management

  Proficient in handling crisis issues

  Possess strong analytical reasoning

  Educational Qualifications

  Master's Degree in Information Technology from XYZ University of Technology, NJ, 2005

  Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science from ABC College, NJ, 2003

  High School Diploma from Aim High School, NJ, 2001

  Technical Skills

  Data warehousing tools

  ETL tools like Informatica and Abinitio

  Cognos tool suite EP BI Administration

  Cognos8, 8.3, Express, Platform, Report studio, Transformer, Cognos 7.3

  Software languages including SQL, Java, C, C++

  Operating System and Windows

  Microsoft suite

  Oracle and Lotus Notes

  Professional Experience

  Apr 2009 to present

  ABC Tech. Ltd., NJ

  Cognos Administrator

  Job responsibilities:

  Provide administrating support to data warehousing, database and server technologies

  Identify technical need of the organization and the project requirement

  Ensure maintenance and control continuity of the Cognos environment

  Administered several projects and completed them successfully through 'Cognos Administration' tool

  Developed and applied ETL processes in the system

  Prepared report and maintained database of application and processes through Cognos

  Engaged in project planning, controlling, and writing technical documentation

  Arrange all project solution and transfer it to the testing and production unit

  Feb 2006 - Mar 2009

  RST Infotech, NY

  Cognos Administrator

  Job Responsibilities:

  Involved in installation, configuration and maintenance of Cognos Administration tool - 7/7.3

  Prepared and maintained complicated reports through the use of Cognos tools

  Developed, managed and monitored testing and production environment

  Handled multiple projects including over 20 application servers

  Administered the quality of data generated and helped to make changes wherever required

  Modeled metadata and applied in Cognos framework and reporting

  Ensured delivery of project within deadline

  Ensured proper scheduling and administration of Cognos connection

  Evaluated the overall performance of Cognos suite to meet the business needs

  Major Achievements

  Received Best Employee Award 2011 from ABC Tech Ltd

  Personal Details

  Name: Joe Sterling

  Sex: Male

  Marital Status: Single

  Date of Birth: January 12, 1986

  Nationality: American

  Hobbies: Reading technical journals and magazines


  Name: Eric Hallen

  Designation: Sr. Software Manager

  Organization Name: ABC Technologies. Ltd., New York

  Telephone Number: 793-XXX- XXXX

  Email Id:


  Sep.xxxx—Jul.xxxx Computer Science Dept. of Computer College, Northeast Normal University. Courses taken include: data structure, principle of database, principle of compiling, principle of computers, operating systems, C , Java, computer architecture, computer networks,, photoshop

  Sep.xxxx—Jul.xxxx No.1 Middle School of Qingyuan City, Guangdong

  Computer Abilities

  A good understanding and working knowledge of computers.

  Have hands-on experience in PC operation.

  Database programming and (networking knowledge)or (knowledge of networks.)

  Good at computer operation of Windows. =? ("computer operation of windows"=? Guess: Good at computers operating with Windows.)

  Knowledge of php and asp programming.

  English Skills

  Have a good command on both spoken and written English; passed CET-4.

  Scholarship and rewards

  xxxx-6 won the third place in Jilin's in "challenge cup " competition of scientifical and technological works ( competition between universities/university students, or what?) ...e.g. Jilin's "Challenge cup" for science and technology competition among university students. (Not clear as to what the "works" are. What is the name of that competition in Chinese ?)

  xxxx-5 won the title of Excellent League Member in the university.

  xxxx-12 won the title of Excellent president in the dept.

  xxxx-9 won the first place in Jilin in college student in national of math model compentition (If this is a national competition, it cannot be a "Jilian prize") --> won first place in the National Math Model competition as the college student representative from Jilin.

  xxxx-12 won the title of Excellent Leader in dept.

  xxxx-1 Awarded the “an Excellent Learner” scholarship from the university


  xxxx-now Leader of a web studio in the university

  xxxx-now leader of a web studio in the dept.

  xxxx-xxxx class president

  xxxx Vice President of English club in the university

  xxxx president of a volunteer association in Computer Science dept.

  xxxx won the third place in web design contest from school

  Work Experiences

  xxxx-9—now work as a administratorin the Job Direction Center of University

  xxxx-2—xxxx-5 used Asp Access to design a web page for the Physics College of Physics

  xxxx-10—xxxx-12 used Php Mysql to design a web for The Student Office of the University

  xxxx-2—xxxx-5 used php Mysql to design a web for The Job Direction Center of the University

  References will be supplied upon request.