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  考研英语作文 篇1

  Part A

  47. Directions:

  Suppose you are invited by Professor Williams to give a presentation about Chinese cultur e to a group of international students. Write a reply to

  1)Accept the invitation, and

  2)Introduce the key points of your presentation.

  You should write about 100 words on the ANSWER SHEET.

  Do not use your own name. Use “Li Ming”instead.

  Do not write your address.(10points).

  Dear professor,

  I am so happy to learn that there will be an activity to introduce Chinese culture for the foreign students. And it is an great honor for me to be invited to give a presentation.

  Here are some necessary information about my presentation. To begin with, my topic is concerning the tradition of Chinese Spring Festival. Moreover, I will make clear that due to its unique geographical features, China’s customs for celebrating the Lunar New Year are slightly different. In addition, my statement will last about 2 hours. I am sure that would be immensely beneficial to those who are interested.

  Its my great pleasure to participate in this activity. Please feel free to contact me for more questions.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming

  考研英语作文 篇2

  Basically, what we see in this picture is a bird lamenting the fact that its home has been destroyed. Of course, birds usually make their homes in trees, and since there are no trees left in the picture – only the stumps, to show that the original trees have been chopped down – the bird is left without shelter. In fact, the bird has no choice but to perch on the handle of an axe, which has been used to destroy its original home.

  We can deduce from this picture that the drawer is trying to attract our attention to the tragedy of the destruction of forests, which is part of the threat to the ecological balance of the planet. He seems to be saying that soon there will be no trees left in the world. In my opinion, the sad little bird is a symbol of all living things, including human beings, and, like the bird, we too will be left homeless if we allow the destruction of the environment to continue.

  This simple picture is a wake – up call for the whole of the human race. If this vivid image of the grim future of our planet is not to become a reality, we must take positive steps right now to put an end the plundering of the Earth’s natural resources. It is clear that the drawer of the picture is urging us to start with a campaign to save the forests, which is something all of us can join by urging our local authorities to take positive measures to save the trees.





  考研英语作文 篇3

  The cartoon presents the Earth with a personified human face that seems quite unhappy. A examination of the picture immediately reveals that the source of its mood is the air pollution resulting from a huge number of automobiles spread around its surface.

  The cartoon, no doubt, aims at alarming humans of the heavy load we have exerted on Earth by our insatiable production and usage of automobiles. However, the majority of people merely indulge in the celebration of the convenience brought by cars, while forgetting or simply neglecting their harmful impact on the atmosphere. Admittedly, there are various factors contributing to the current worldwide air pollution, but it is undeniable that the exhaust from automobiles is categorized as one of the major elements.

  I would like to make the following proposals to solve this problem: firstly, we should apply the most cutting-edge technologies in order to adopt new forms of energy as substitutes for fossil fuels. It should also be guaranteed that the clean energy be inexpensive so that it can be widely accepted. Besides, there should be attempts to develop possible transportation means, so that citizens can be diverted from dependence on cars. In short, it is humans' responsibility to resume clean air for Earth.





  考研英语作文 篇4

  Living Longer

  In the past it was not uncommon for a man to die at forty, having lived a full life. But now we consider a lifespan of forty years to be very short. It is not unusual for people to live into their eighties and nineties, and some even reach 100. What's more, people are living long, healthy lives and are active well into their “golden years”.

  Mankind's longevity is due mainly to advances in science and technology. Medical breakthroughs have eradicated many fatal diseases that were once common. Perhaps more importantly, better general health means that people are less likely to contract infections in the first place. Better health also helps people prevent slowly debilitating conditions, such as heart disease, which can take their lives at an early age. And as civilization has advanced, our living environment and sources of food have become more sanitary. Furthermore, work is now safer and not as taxing on the human body. We do not wear out after just a few years of very hard work.

  There are many reasons why people are now living longer than ever before. But what is more important is that they are living better as they live longer. It is my opinion that we have scientific and technological development to thank for this progress.






  考研英语作文 篇5

  In this picture a man rudely opens a garbage can and violently throws all kinds of waste into it. However, the box is not an ordinary trash can, but is, as a matter of fact, the Earth. It is where survive, breed, and prosper. But as the drawing indicates, Earth does not receive an equal repayment. Quite the contrary, one of the biggest "gifts" humans return to Earth is an unbelievable amount of trash.

  The picture purposefully points out a kind of pollution that arouses little public attention, that is, garbage. The past century has witnessed an unprecedented increase in garbage output, most of it technological products that are difficult to be decomposed through natural processes, such as plastics and glass. Furthermore, a recent report released that several major Chinese cities are already surrounded by circles of trash in the suburban areas, polluting air, water, and earth.

  Hence, the issue of waste pollution needs to be addressed as one of the priorities that demand social efforts. Only through a holistic system of trash disposal can this problem be fully solved. Moreover, we should advocate a more frugal lifestyle so as to reduce the growing scale of waste pollution.