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  Sex: Male

  Ethnic: Chinese political

  features: members

  Academic qualifications (degree):

  Bachelor of Professional: Industrial Electric Automation

  Tel :0755-x456xx78 Mobile: 139xxxxxxx Email Address:;

  Educational background

  Graduate institutions: Beijing Industrial University

  20xx.9 - 20xx.7 Industrial Electric Automation

  Majors: the principle of self-control, power drag, electronics, automatic test systems, computer organization and structure, and computer hardware and interface circuit design, assembly language programming, C.C + + programming, software engineering principles of computer networks, etc.

  Other: Other training

  * Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer training courses: Windows NT Technology, Windows NT Enterprise, Networking with TCP / IP on Windows NT, Ⅱ S4.0 WindowsNT

  * National levels through the examination in English, reading and translation ability on several occasions for the Machinery Industry Press translation of computer books, and has been published.

  Work experience

  * May xx --- the company has XX

  Network Systems Engineer

  ● Cisco, IBM technical support for networking products

  Network System (LAN and WAN) design and planning, to answer user queries, according to user needs the best solution; Cisco, IBM networking products on-site debugging and system maintenance

  ● customer technical training, and internal and technological exchanges and training

  The basic principles of network and technology: LAN, WAN, TCP / IP, ATM, as well as Cisco, IBM network equipment debugging process; on IBM AIX basic systems management and senior management, Netview,

  NFS, HACMP, etc.

  ● have taken part in the project

  Design, installation, commissioning, "Jilin 97 projects" - Integrated Management System in Jilin Province ATM telecommunications network and the host system, Changsha Cigarette Factory, Jinzhou cooperative banks, People's Education Publishing House information systems; the design of the Yunnan Provincial Post and Telecommunications office information integration system, Radio, Film and Television in Jinan ATM broadband integrated services network, cable broadband network in Shaanxi Province.

  September 20xx * March 20xx --- XX company

  System Administrator / Engineer

  ● CHINAGBN Internet Network Information Center, systems management

  Proficiency in UNIX (SUN Solaris) operating systems, network management and to participate in the formation of a CHINAGBN Internet Network Center (including network design, installation system, the FBI, maintenance, network programming)

  ● CHINAGBN Jingqiao Six Cities Network Web site building

  Internet Web site to participate in the center and its overall planning and construction of the backbone network and satellite connectivity, satellite network to the backbone, X.25 packet switching, Frame Relay, ISDN and DDN and related equipment to understand

  ● CHINAGBN Internet Network Center Web system administrator


  With extensive work experience, practical responsibility seriously, and have excellent communication skills, has presided over many of the users and technical briefings and training, access to users and companies alike. Ministry of Electronics Industry in the "three gold projects show exhibition style" to the guests on the user group CHINAGBN green solution.