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  Female, 19, Jiangxi people

  Education: technical secondary school/technical school

  Working lives: fresh graduates

  Expected salary: negotiable

  Working location: guangzhou - there is no limit

  Objective: other software/web design/production | development | other Internet

  Strong interpersonal communication skills The good faith integrity a strong sense of responsibility

  Work experience (work for four months, did the 1 job)

  Guangzhou day art

  Working time: in February 2015 to June 2015 (4 months)

  Job title: design

  Working content: mainly responsible for the design of the product packing

  Education experience

  In January 2017 Guangzhou ka wah software engineer

  Project/training experience

  In December 2016 - January 2017, OA office system

   training contents of project: the project for office automation management system, using SVN, maven and myEclipse development together. The structure is divided into the presentation layer, business layer and data access layer, the dependent relationships between levels from bottom to top. The presentation layer USES the Struts framework development; Business layer encapsulates the business process, in order to adapt to change in the business, every business module have special interface and implementation classes, using Spring IoC function implementation class injection to the presentation layer of the Action; The data access layer by using Hibernate implementation, code is simple and can adapt to different database. Affairs section using Spring's declarative transaction management. Using client script ajax technology and the web server for the data interaction.

  In August 2016 - September 2016 xx shopping mall

   training contents of project: the project for the online shopping system, divided into the front desk with the background. Main functions of a front desk: home page shows all the goods, the user register or login, classification of commodity exhibition, buy goods, evaluation items, dynamic display news information, etc. Backstage main functions are: the user information management, commodity information management, order management, message management, etc.

  Self description

  1. Have strong sense of responsibility, professional dedication and good communication skill

  2. Strict with themselves, every day a disciplined, punctual, conscious, and I am honest, has the nature of independence and progress, ability to adapt to the new environment.



  Male, 25,

  Education: college

  Working lives: within 1 year

  Expected salary: 3000-5000 yuan

  Working location: guangzhou - tianhe - there is no limit

  Objective: the Java software development engineer | software engineer

  A strong sense of responsibility Composed inside collect The good faith integrity

  Work experience (work for four months, did the 1 job)

  Guangzhou da software vocational training schools

  Working time: in August 2016 to December 2016 (4 months)

  Job title: intern Java software

  Work content: skilled use MyEclipse/Eclipse/Tomcat server development tools, such as good programming habits. Be familiar with the Linux operating system familiar with Oracle/Mysql database mainstream open source framework, such as Spring, for SpringMVC, MyBatis framework, Hibernate technology to master the JSP, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, Junit, JSON, JDBC master CSS, HTML, XML related technologies such as St

  Education experience

  Graduated in December 2016 Guangzhou da software vocational training school in the Java software development

  Self description

  1, I am easy-going personality, has the enterprising spirit and team work spirit

  2, have certain ability to learn, good at thinking, keep a good state of mind