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  Male, 23, The cantonese

  Education: bachelor degree

  Working lives: fresh graduates

  Expected salary: negotiable

  Working location: guangzhou huangpu - unlimited

  Objective: the Java software development engineer | other software/Internet development

  Education experience

  Guangdong institute of science and technology of software engineering in school today

  Project/training experience

  In November 2016 - December 2016 restaurant order system based on SSH framework

  training contents of project: the project for my university undergraduate course graduation design, developed by himself alone. The system database using the MySQL database, using Spring, Hibernate, the Struts framework integration development. The front desk mainly use JSP technology, js, HTML, CSS, Jquery Ajax libraries. System function development is relatively perfect.

  Certificate of award

  Issued by time: certificate of title: college English level 6 February 2015

  Certificate name: high-tech certificate issued by time: in February 2016

  Self description

  I am a guangdong institute of science and technology 2017 university graduate, want to be able to find a of the's fourth yearat hogwarts with J2EE development related internship, learning experience, and standardize enterprise development lays the foundation for later work.

  Professional skills: Java language, Struts, Spring, Hibernate three classical framework, Mysql, Oracle and other databases, the mainstream of HTML, CSS, JS, have certain ability to use (because of mainly for the background, use of AJAX in the JQuery library skilled).

  Career aspirations: hope to find a job as a J2EE development, learning about enterprise development mode, standardize their own programming habits, learn more mainstream development technology at the same time, the accumulation of development experience.

  Foreign language level: college English level 6.



  Male, 27 years old

  Education: bachelor degree

  Working years: 1 to 2 years

  Expected salary: negotiable

  Working location: guangzhou - there is no limit

  Objective: software engineer | | ERP technology/development application electronics/electrical engineers

  Strong interpersonal communication skills Ability to perform Strong learning ability Have affinity The good faith integrity Sunshine is bright Be good at innovation

  Work experience (work for 6 months, 1 year do 1 job)

  Guangzhou zhengxing software co., LTD

  Working time: in February 2015 to August 2016 [] 1 year 6 months

  Job title: Java programmers

  Work content: according to the demand of the project to carry on the design code, and project document writing.

  Education experience

  Graduated in July 2013 Electronic information engineering of xi 'an university of posts and telecommunications

  Professional skills

  Java: proficient in experience: 3 years

  Language skills.

  English: good

  Certificate of award

  Name: certificate issued by the university English four levels of time: in June 2009, issuing authority: department of education

  Self description

  Self assessment As a Java programmer, software development in zhengxing software company for more than a year, the computer software industry development and research, software development has a profound accumulation of multiple