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Name: yjbys gender : male    
Birth : *** telephone :    
Degree : Bachelor Professional: Electronic Information  
Experience : 4years national : Han  
School: *** Normal University  
address : ***
E-mail :
Self Assessment :
Nearly 4 years of professional experience in software engineer in test, mainly focus on automation in web and windows client application. Extensive experience in developing automation framework in B/S and C/S based on QTP, VBS, C# environment .Willing to improve testing skills continuously. Good read & write skills and passion attitude.
Target Job :
Desired Job Category: Software QA/Testing | QA Manager/QA Engineer
Desired Job Industry: Software | Internet/e-Commerce | IT Service/System Integration
Desired Salary: Negotiable
Desired City: ***
I can start from: within 1 month
Work Experience :
2010.2-2011.2 ***
Automation Engineer 
Responsibilities and Achievements:
<-My Responsibility->
        Analyze function features against Business Requirement Document and  Functional Spec.
        Maintain automation scripts (over 400) for regression testing in each release.
        New and enhance scripts based on *** platform.
        Design and improve automation framework based on VBScrpt    (WScript.exe) / C#(.Net Framework and mshtml COM) .
        Build volume test data to DB via ***for performance testing.
        Execute stress testing via LoadRunner to evaluate the performance improvement.
<-Technical Research and Achievements->
        Develop the web automation framework including data access and action separation based on VBScript and DOM.
        Develop the IE automated API based on .Net framework.
        Develop the spy tools for windows object identification based on VB and Win32 API.
        Develop the Excel driving scripts’ running set via QC API.
2008.12-2010.2 ***Securities
Automation Engineer 
Responsibilities and Achievements:
<-My Responsibility->
        Design automation test case against business logic and customer’s demand.
        Design automation framework based on QTP and QC platform.
        Develop based functions for QTP used.
        Build scripts in QTP platform.
        Admin QC project, group rights and test scripts in QC.
        Summarize the testing process, communicate with the customer for testing scenario and environment, guide customer to fit the data edited rules which cases used.
<-Technical Research and Achievements->
        Develop DB Checker based on ADO and VBScript.
        Develop Chat Room based on Socket and JavaSE.
        Develop Test Engineer Management System based on VC MFC.
2007.5-2008.11 *** Software
Software Test Engineer 
Responsibilities and Achievements:
Execute black-box testing to test EIOffice in multilingual and multi-OS environment.
Maintain auto scripts built by Rational Robot in daily baseline.
Find out defect and manage the bug life cycle.
Education :
2002.10-2007.5 *** Normal University
Major Category:
Electronic Information