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  Study the following set of cartoons carefully and write an essay in which you should

  1) describe the cartoons,

  2) interpret its meaning, and

  3) point out its implications in our life. お

  You should write about 160—200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)



  In the above cartoons, a young woman happily eats bananas and casually discards the peels on the street, unaware of the fact that such actions not only pollute the environment but also pose a danger to others. In the next illustration adisabled man struggles to properly dispose of the trash she has left behind. Despite the girl's youth and beauty, it is the disabled man who is truly beautiful. True beauty comes from one's actions rather than one's appearance.

  While most of us enjoy pretty appearances, it is more important to cultivate a clean and beautiful soul. Only such souls can create a genuinely beautiful society.

  Chinese traditionally uphold the virtues of modesty, generosity, broad瞞indedness, and politeness. Confucian teachings such as: “do not do to others as you would not want done to you” and “one should be delighted to hear criticism,” are wise and worthwhile. If people embody these teachings our society can only improve and progress.

  The thoughts of great minds like Confucius are also worth studying. His writings set fine and noble examples for us to follow. Another proverb thus comes to mind: in the company of three one always can find a teacher. We should always be willing and able to learn from those around us.







  In the cartoon, a young, well瞕ressed girl thew a banana peel onto the ground instead of the garbage bin. Afterwards an old, disabled man put it into the garbage bin.

  Being well dressed is of great importance in keeping a good appearance. The way a person is dressed helps him to have a good appearance, which conveys his confidence and attitudes towards life. However, we should always bear this in mind: don't judge a person by his appearance. One's confidence and good impression on others does not usually develop from the way one dresses or looks, but the inner qualities one possesses. Because of this, the old man is displaying a more beautiful virtue even though he is disabled and somewhat ugly physically compared with the young girl.

  No doubt beauty usually refers to what appeals to the eyes. A nice, pretty girl is regarded as beautiful. A bunch of vigorous flowers are also considered as beautiful. A splendid waterfall coming down from a mountain is as well looked upon as beautiful. However, beauty also refers to what appeals to the mind. The virtues of the Chinese people are regarded as beautiful, because they have helped to produce such a magnificent culture in the world. In a word, we should not only pay attention to our physical appearance, but also improve our heart and soul.











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