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  Respect your school leadership:

  How do you do!

  Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance drawn redundant reading my letter of application. The sails, depend on you the east wind power! I am the teachers college, hubei 2014th mathematics mathematics education professional fresh graduates. Facing the employment choice, I really think your unit worked. Hope and the expensive unit colleagues work together, a total of Yang to the sail, create business glance

  "Is made with the blunt whetstone, plum flower sweet without sweat." After four years of professional study and the life of university annealing, when they entered naive and childish I has become calm and cool. In order to based on society, in order to own a successful career, four years I constantly strive to learn, both basic course, or professional class, have achieved good results. During the university won the 2013 yuan single scholarship, meet the national English four levels of levels, theputer after the national level, and through the national second class in the test, the test. At the same time in after school, I still pay attention to constantly expand knowledge, and I minored in teachers professional skills (middle school mathematics education), mastered the basic skills of ended. Use after school time learned the basic operation of theputer, familiar with the Windows operating system, master office2013 office software, able to skillfully use software Authorware, Powerpoint, production courseware, the multimedia teaching.

  Learning is important, but ability training is also indispensable. More than three years, to improve their ability to give lectures, accumulate education experience, from the start sophomore, I learn each specialized course at the same time, also use their spare time actively participate in family education practice, which is a mathematical crippled junior middle school and primary school students in mathematics remediation, make their math scores were larger degree rise, my work also had parents affirmation and praise. In order to further accumulation system mathematical education experience, I to wisco daye iron ore one for two months of junior middle school mathematics education practice work, in two months of practice time, I actively to experienced teacher consult, pay attention to learn their teaching art and improve their service level and teaching skills, and strive to make their own teaching style do informative and interesting simultaneously. Through constant hard work and teaching practice, I already have a good teacher quality, good style of work, solid to teaching basic skills, strong self-learning and adaptive capacity, goodmunication and coordination ability, make me for future education work full of confidence and expectations.

  Ten years of cold window study hard, now I already swell with pride and confidence. Success need knowledge, perseverance, sweat, and the perfectbination of opportunity. Similarly, a unit honor need to load her carrier - peoples selfless dedication. I urgepany give me a chance, let me to become a member of your staff, I will be one hundred times the enthusiasm and diligent work to return your autobiography.


  Respect your school leadership:

  my name is * * *. i'm xxx university mathematics and the information science, mathematics and applied mathematics professional a student, i will be in the graduate in july XX. after five years of college education and university life, facing the new opportunities and challenges, i more firmness "self-confidence, self-improvement, diligence, modesty" life creed.

  i was born in the countryside, had inherited the parents' generation can bear hardships and stand hard work, diligence guileless tradition. no matter in life or learn on the strict with himself. five years ago, in the sincerity of the teachers help and personal efforts, i have a solid professional knowledge, grasps the system mathematical terms, psychology and pedagogy theory. also have excellent english listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating skills, excellent teachers' quality, and has a good voice appearance, natural and easy itself, and good at innovation in teaching. in my spare time i read a lot of books, mastered the basic knowledge of computer and office automation, not only enrich yourself, also cultivate their various ability.

  in xxx university let me personally to realize the study mathematics fun and as a people's teacher of holy, whether in intellectual ability, or in the quality training to benefit a lot from it. i know, the teacher most important job is to preach, impart knowledge and uncertainty. personal knowledge is important, but teach, solutions is the key. the years, i've been in continuously improve their teachers' basic skills. i have been engaged in during reading in a private tutor, and in the process i gradually grasp the students' learning and psychological law, obtain the very good teaching effect, by students and parents high evaluation. in addition, i also actively take part in all kinds of social practice, seizing every opportunity, exercises oneself.

  five years in the university, i deeply felt and talents to work with, that i benefit competition; to the actual difficult challenges, let me grow up in frustrations; this term for six weeks of education practice, the more exercise me as a people's teacher's potential. the pen, the no matter whether you choose me, respect leadership, hope you can accept my sincere appreciation!

  above is my cover letter, thank you!!!! look forward to your favorable reply.