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  Personal information


  Gender: female

  Ethnic composition: the han nationality

  Age: 25

  Marital status: single

  Name: finance management

  Major: business

  Political landscape: party members

  School: east fujian agriculture and forestry university college

  Graduation time: in June 2016

  Highest degree: bachelor

  Computer level: good

  Working experience: more than a year

  Height: 162 cm weight: 47 kg

  Now home: xinluo district

  Registration: wu county,


  Hope is engaged in the occupation: assistant financial, accounting, finance, auditing, assistant

  Expected salary: negotiable

  Expect work areas: xinluo district

  Expect nature of work: full-time

  Fastest arrive time: one month

  Must provide housing: no need


  Education background:

  School name: fujian agriculture and forestry university institute of Oriental (September 2012 - June 2016)

  Name: finance management

  Education: bachelor degree

  Fuzhou is located:

  Certificate: the accountant from job seniority card, the computer level 2 certificate, certificate in web production

  Professional description: scores ranking: 18/121 (15%)

  Major courses: middle and senior financial management, cost accounting, senior financial accounting, statistics, tax law, corporate strategy and management, tax planning, macro and micro economics, economic law, basic accounting, financial analysis, asset evaluation

  Trained experience:

  Work experience

  Company name: banana hill county, guangdong province, weisheng environmental brick factory (July 2014 - August 2014)

  Industry: production, manufacturing, processing (metal, building materials, plastic, glass, ceramic...).

  Nature of the company: private. Private enterprises

  Company size: 10 to 50 people

  Working location: mei country in guangdong

  Job title: the cashier

  Job description: 1, in accordance with the provisions, the daily registration cash journal, cash receipts and payment according to proof of charge to an account, to be responsible for the disc vault cash, check the cash journal;

  2, complete the month to warehouse inventory work, complete the declare and pay income tax, business tax, business between Banks and all kinds of daily expenses.

  Company name: fuzhou zichen financial services co., LTD. (July 2015 - August 2015)

  Industry: Internet, e-commerce

  Nature of the company: private. Private enterprises

  Company size: 10 to 50 people

  Working location: fuzhou

  Job title: agent

  Job description: 1, responsible for the company's confidential management and secrecy, all kinds of archives of internal collecting, sorting and filing;

  2, assist the manager is responsible for employee contract signed/renew (including wages, attendance and other kinds of supplementary agreement), contract writing/revision;

  3, assist business manager to finish the POS and follow up POS machine after-sales service, a total of 33 POS machine completed during the period of internship recursively

  Company name: wu county tourism bureau (March 2016 - April 2017)

  Industry: the government, non-profit organization

  Nature of the company: business unit

  Company size: 10 to 50 people

  Working location: wu county

  Job title: accounting

  Job description: 1, should be carefully checked monthly cash, bank deposit account, progress payments, bank reconciliation, etc, to ensure that the annual closing smoothly;

  2, keep all kinds of blank checks, notes, seal, is responsible for receiving the bank to collect documents, and passed to the relevant documents making personnel;

  3, timely and accurate complete months billing, invoicing and accounting work, report drawn up all kinds of report and paste and bind vouchers.

  Self assessment

  Self assessment: proactive, high work efficiency, good interpersonal skills, team cooperation ability; Work steadfast, a timely feedback consciousness, have high sense of responsibility, is a typical work sent; Careful rigorous, be good at thinking, to find and solve problems, can bear hardships and stand hard work, self-motivated.

  Language ability

  Language name master degree

  General English

  Good mandarin




  性别: 女

  民族: 汉族

  年龄: 25

  婚姻状况: 未婚

  专业名称: 财务管理

  主修专业: 财经类

  政治面貌: 党员

  毕业院校: 福建农林大学东方学院

  毕业时间: 2016年6月

  最高学历: 本科

  电脑水平: 良好

  工作经验: 一年以上

  身高: 162cm体重:47公斤

  现所在地: 新罗区

  户籍: 武平县


  期望从事职业: 财务、会计、财务助理、审计助理

  期望薪水: 面议

  期望工作地区: 新罗区

  期望工作性质: 全职

  最快到岗时间: 1个月内

  需提供住房: 不需要



  学校名称: 福建农林大学东方学院(2012年9月-2016年6月)

  专业名称: 财务管理

  学历: 本科

  所在地: 福州

  证书: 会计从业资格证、计算机二级证书、网页制作证书

  专业描述: 成绩排名:18/121(前15%)




  公司名称: 广东省蕉岭县伟胜环保砖厂(2014年7月-2014年8月)

  所属行业: 生产·制造·加工(金属·建材·塑胶·玻璃·陶瓷…)

  公司性质: 私营.民营企业

  公司规模: 10~50人

  工作地点: 广东梅县

  职位名称: 出纳

  工作描述: 1、按规定每日登记现金日记账,根据记账凭证收付现金,负责盘清库存现金,核对现金日记账;


  公司名称: 福州中宸金融服务有限公司(2015年7月-2015年8月)

  所属行业: 互联网·电子商务

  公司性质: 私营.民营企业

  公司规模: 10~50人

  工作地点: 福州

  职位名称: 文员

  工作描述: 1、负责公司的机要管理与保密工作,各类档案资料的内部收集、整理和归档;



  公司名称: 武平县旅游事业局(2016年3月-2017年4月)

  所属行业: 政府·非营利机构

  公司性质: 事业单位

  公司规模: 10~50人

  工作地点: 武平县

  职位名称: 财务

  工作描述: 1、每月认真核对现金、银行存款账户余额、支出进度、银行对账等工作,确保年度决算顺利进行;




  自我评价: 工作积极主动、工作效率高、具备良好的人际交往能力、团队协作能力;踏实,具备及时反馈工作意识、有高度责任感、是典型的实干派;细心严谨、善于思考、发现问题、解决问题、能吃苦耐劳、上进心强。


  语种名称 掌握程度

  英语 一般

  普通话 良好