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Name: YJBYS Nationality: China


The current residence: Baiyun District: Han nationality

Household registration: Guangzhou body material: 182 cm 77 kg

Marital status: single age: 23

Job: Group Purchase Manager / Supervisor / sales, trading, real estate:

Work experience: 3 job:

Job type: full-time date available: at any time

Salary requirements: 2000--3500 hope that the working area: no limit

Practice experience

During the period of school were engaged in newspaper sales, promotion, questionnaire exercise become diligent spirit, and from the work to appreciate the fun, make all-out efforts. And obtain the certificate, two level computer assistant marketing division, driving license C1.

Work experience

Company name: beautiful start-stop date: 2012-01 ~ 2013-05

Company type: private enterprise industry: other industries

Position: Market Research Specialist

Job description: the market of household electrical appliances market investigation and evaluation of total.

Education background

: Guangzhou university one is graduated from Career Technical College business

Degree: college graduation date: 2011-07-01

Major: business management second major: Business Administration (Management)

Ability to work and other specialty

Computer skills: 1 familiar with Office Photoshop and other office software application 2 of computer network and multimedia knowledge 3 have two exams by computer

Language ability: 1 good communication skills, strong communication skills. 2 English class B, heard that the ability to read and write 3 words, the standard of Putonghua, Cantonese fluently, and have good comprehension, oral and written communication skills.

Capacity: 1 responsibility heart is strong, have a strong ability to work independently, work hard, have team spirit 2 with good planning, organization, coordination, management capacity.

Self assessment

I am a warm and cheerful, friendly, honest and modest. Work hard, serious and responsible, can hard-working, conscientious, have patience. Has the affinity, amiable and easy of approach, be good at communicating with people. Study hard seriously, achievement is outstanding, excellent in character and learning.

Served as class monitor, member of learning position, in the process of student work, greatly improve their work and ability. In addition, still actively participate in extracurricular activities, various social activities and part-time work, in order to increase their experience, improve their ability. Work experience in practice, exercise eloquence and interpersonal skills.