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阅读的好处英语作文 篇1

  the benefit of reading


  I think reading is important in the whole life for people. There are many benefits of reading. Firstly, reading increases our knowledge and we can learn the world affairs without going out.


  Secondly, reading is a good way to improve reading and writing skills. Before you learn to write, you must know how others write. Thirdly, reading can broaden our knowledge and horizon, which is important to job hunting in the future. Finally, reading helps us become self-cultivation that would be beneficial to our whole life.


  Therefore, start to reading, no matter how old you are and what you are doing. Then, you may find the great charm and benefits of reading.


阅读的好处英语作文 篇2

  "Book of medicine also, good reading can cure." Yes, now the society, newspapers, books and periodicals are all used to convey information, if a person is not reading, don't know the world, to keep up with the pace of the world, will be abandoned by the world.

  Now, many encyclopedias, such as: "hundred thousand whys", the mystery of the world "and so on a wide variety, all kinds of books can give us many benefits, our world is so vast, some things in the world, and books have, encyclopedia like" dumb teachers diligently teach us knowledge. Visible, how useful book! Also, we learn knowledge also want to use in our daily life, to be accurate and determine whether to do so, the right to enrich our knowledge, the outside is good for our healthy growth. You said, a lot of the benefits of reading?

  Nowadays, more and more of the books in the library, we should also learn to read and appreciate books, should put the book back on the in situ after the play, not just throw the place. Also, we must find a give us the knowledge of books to read, don't look at those who are not good for our growth.

  In short, the benefits of reading. Come on! Let us to soar in the sky of knowledge fully!





阅读的好处英语作文 篇3

  I like reading very much. When I was a small girl, I was interested in reading picture books on science and history. At the age of seven, I entered a primary school and began to read more books.

  Now I am a middle school student. I have many subjects to learn. Every day I must finish a lot of homework. I am very busy. But when I have spare time I still want to read some story books. One day my young sister brought me a book Xl YOU J I.I read the book with great interest. I like Monkey King very much。



阅读的好处英语作文 篇4

  smoe people say that money is the best thing in the world. but i consider reading books as the best and the most precious thing one can ever have.

  reading books is very important. first of all, it is knowledge that makes society develop and by reading books you can get all kinds of knowledge. furthemore, reading books makes you a qualified person and makes your life enjoyable.

  one is never too old to learn. no matter what time you rcalize the importance of reading books, you can enjoy it during the rest of your life time. love books, for they are your best friends.




阅读的好处英语作文 篇5

  When we are very small, our parents have started to develop our interest to read novels. It is important to read more books, because people always say that there are priceless treasure in the books, if we can find. The classic books are necessary to read, because they show us a lot of knowledge.


  On the one hand, we can broaden our vision and enrich our minds. Classic books provide us profound ideas, showing us the right attitude toward life. The common idea of classic novels are to describe the growth of protagonists. After reading the books, we know that we must be strong when we meet difficulties. The key to success is never give up.


  On the other hand, we can improve our expressive skill. When writing article, we are so annoyed by the structure and the vocabulary. We can follow the structure and the good words of classic novels, so as to beautify our article. The good reading skill is important. It shows our personality. A person who owns the good writing skill is easy favored by others.