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  Part A: Spot Dictation

  1. tastes or preference2. values

  3. type of attitude4. indicate

  5. upset6. rather than

  7. include8. public palces

  9. feel very strongly10. our personality

  11. important things12. get on with

  13. all the time14. objects or events

  15. complete stating16. statements

  17. simply stating18. so rude

  19. deeply held view20. no matter who

  Part B: Listening Comprehension

  1-5 AABBB6-10 DCDBD

  11-15 DACCA16-20 DACBD

  21-25 DCCBD26-30 ACDBB

  Part C: Listening and Translation

  Ⅰ.Sentence Translation

  1. 天然材料通常要比人工产品昂贵的多。

  2. 我很遗憾,你必须至少提前14 天预定机票,才能打到七折/减30%票价。

  3. 既然我们在技术上不能和他们相比,我们决意在热情和苦干方面胜过他们。

  4. 我因为已经约好看牙医,所以不能出席明天的董事会议。

  5. 在这里外事办公室的人员千方百计尽可能地帮助你。我们会帮你解决护或签证问题、 财政问题,乃至个人问题。

  Ⅱ.Passage Translation

  1. 妇女解放运动已成功地清除了那些曾经将妇女阻挡在 (专门)职业外的障碍。然而在 劳动大军中还存在着一个阻止非大学学历妇女得到平等待遇的障碍----“粉红领”障碍。每八个妇女中有七个从事那些没有什么地位,也几乎没有晋升机会的工作。粉红领的工作就是女招待(服务员),秘书或销售员。

  2. 微型电脑是最新的一种家用电器。它就像一架附加了(一面)电视屏幕的打字机,能进行用途广泛的操作,从为孩子提供电子游戏到记录全而新的`圣诞费用。在添置其他的硬件后,微型电脑会 (变得)像微波炉那样时髦,像袖珍计算机那样流行。


  1-5 D C A D B6-10 C C C D D

  11-15 C B A D C16-20 B B C A B

  21-25 B C C D B26-30 B A A C D


  1997 年8 月6日,55000 人在广岛集会,纪念原子弹事件46 周年。毁灭性的原子弹使约14 万人丧命,遏止了二次大战的战火。广岛市新当选的市长打破传统,在年度《和平宣言》中增加了不寻常内容。他宣称人们应该牢记“日本在亚洲和太平洋地区实行侵略和殖民统治期间,给这些地区的人民带来了苦和绝望,为此我们深感内疚。”谈及50年前日本袭击美国事件,他补充道:“对可怕的二战,我们仍记忆犹新,从日本偷袭珍珠港开始,到广岛、长崎原子弹爆炸告终。我们决心为世界和平继续奋斗。”

  在日本,只要提到战争,就会讲到受害,讲他们是军国主义的受害者,军国主义把国 家引入战争;他们是美国的受害者,美国向他们的城市投掷了原子弹。然而他们闭口不谈 皇军给亚洲人民带来的灾难、也不谈对华侵略、偷袭珍珠港。日本作为战争的受害者,形象很感人,从而掩盖了其侵略者的一面。


  Macao, a sparking pearl in the coast of China, catches the world s attention for her charm, her experiences of various changes and her bright achievements, and moreover, for the unusual date of December 20, 1999.

  Macao has been the territory of China ever since the ancient times. The Chinese people have been living and working there for generations. Early in the 80s, Mr. Deng Xiaoping, one of the great figures of the century, put forward the bold concept of “One Country, Two Systems”. On July 1, 1997, the People s Republic of China resumed her sovereignty over Hong Kong. This year, Macao will completely get rid of the foreign regime and return to motherland. This is another great historical event for the Chinese people. It symbolizes another big step for the Chinese people on their way towards the great goal of the country's reunification. Macao s future is sure to be even brighter.



  Part A: Spot Dictation

  Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear a passage and read the same passage with blanks in it. Fill in each of the blanks with the word or words you hay5 heard on the tape. Write your answer in the corresponding space in your ANSWER 1300KLET. Remember you will hear the passage only once. Now, let us begin Part A with Spot Dictation.

  Good afternoon. I'd like to thank Professor Leach for giving me the chance to talk to you students. My topic today is “Attitudes, Values and Tastes”.

  An attitude, or the way that we feel about something, can take different forms. On the one hand, there are attitudes that are simply tastes or preferences. These may change from year to year, month to month and even, day to day. On the other hand, there are attitudes that can be firmly fixed values that rarely, if ever, change.

  Included in the first type of attitude are statements like “Sally has beautiful eyes”, or “I hate ice-cream”. Attitudes like these may simply inclicat7 a personal taste or preference, that does not always affect other people. Nobody will get particularly upset, for example, if you have a preference for tea rather than coffee.

  The second type of attitude could include such at. statements as“Smoking should be banned in public places”, and “War is a terrible thing. With attitudes like these, however, we are expressing an opinion that we feel very strongly about. Opinions such as these are very. much a part of our personality since they express the way we feel about certain, important things and events. If someone is a smoker, for example, it can become very difficult to get on with that person if they smoke all the time in our company.

  Preference and tastes refer to specific objects or events, whereas values are general and include complete ideas. There is a big difference, for example, between these two statements: “Your boss is very rude” and “I could never work under a boss”. In the first statement, the speaker is simply stating an opinion based on one person /the boss. The idea is that other bosses are not so rude. In the second one, though, the speaker indicates a deeply held view about work in general: he could not work for anyone,

  Part B: Listening Comprehension

  I Statements

  Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several short statements. These statements will be spoken only once, and you will not find them written on the paper; so you must listen carefully. When you hear statement, read the answer choices and decide which one is closest in meaning to the statement you have heard. Then write the letter of the answer you have chosen in the corresponding space in your ANSWER BOOKLET.

  Question No. 1. Since Jack didn't hear the weather forecast, he didn't bring an umbrella to work..

  Question No. 2. They should have listened to the consultant's advice.

  Question No. 3. The advertising campaign is launched by a well-known sporting goods manufacturer.

  Question No. 4. Did Cathy leave the annual report in this drawer or in the other one?

  Question No. 5. Let's not sign the memo until we have a lawyer look at it.

  Question No. 6. The company replied that they were unable to deliver the spare parts until the end of January.

  Question No. 7. It took us less than the time stipulated in the contract to complete the project.

  Question No. 8. I'm afraid we won t be able to make it to your party tonight.

  Question No. 9. At first, many people didn't like that kind of design, but after a while it caught on.

  Question No. 10. The consultant left no stone unturned in his research and investigation, and handed in an excellent report.