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  1. The explorer was unable to ____ his thirst at the stream since an enraged Grizzly bear barred the way.

  A. assuage

  B. parch

  C. savor

  D. describe

  E. attenuate

  2. Iodine deficiency is ____ in these remote mountain regions; however, it is no longer ____ in the lowlands where iodized salt is available.

  A. recorded - unusual

  B. rare - sporadic

  C. eradicated - common

  D. endemic - prevalent

  E. diagnosed - controlled

  3. Unlike the ancient Greeks, we are interested in a persons ____ , the things that make each person different from the general.

  A. qualities

  B. idiosyncracies

  C. failures

  D. stereotypes

  E. humanity

  4. Johnson was such an outstanding orator, that his contempories were too dazzled by his ____ to question his fundamental philosophy.

  A. persona

  B. guile

  C. enthusiasm

  D. thinking

  E. rhetoric

  5. Moths are nocturnal pollinators, visiting scented flower during the hours of darkness, whereas the butterflies are ____ , attracted to bright flowers in the daytime.




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