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  GMAT信息 : GMAT考试写作技巧解析2017年



  1. The major problem with this argument is that -------

  2. Another flaw worth discussing is that(the assumption that----)

  3. Finally it is necessary to point out -(several other minor flaws that might undermine the argument----)


  4. Another assumption short of legitimacy is that ----(unfounded/groundless/doubtful/unconvincing)

  5. The argument is based on the assumption that--------

  6. The reason that ----is open to doubt (persuasive)--should be d?

  7. The arguer commits a fallacy of the question in assaying(?) that--------


  8. In conclusion the arguer fails to validate/(establish) the claim----

  9. To solidify the argument, the arguer should provide more concrete information to demonstrate that-----------


  Some people like A; others like B. Which one do you prefer—A or B?

  (1) No doubt, I choose A, because there are too many benefits that outnumber its disadvantages. But B on the other hand, has advantages no more than its disadvantages.

  The most important benefit of A is that___________________.

  To achieve the same effect, B will__________________.

  Another benefit of A, which B almost cannot achieve, is that___________________.

  Although B also has its seemingly profound advantages, it can only be achieved conditionally because_________________________.

  After understanding the reasoning above, it is quite safe now to say: to choose A is a wise action.

  (2) Some people hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways. Others, however, contradict A. Personally, I would prefer__________ because I think A has more advantages.

  There are numerous reasons why________, and I would here explain a few of the most important ones. The main reason is that___________. It can be given a concrete example_____________.

  Another reason why I advocate the attitude of A is that___________. Take the case of a thing that_______________.

  One very strong argument for A is that__________________. This demonstrates the undeniable fact that_____________________.

  Of course, cho

  osing B also has advantages to some extent, __________.

  But if all these factors are complicated, the advantages of A carry more weight than those of B. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that_________________.