Hello! My name is zhanghua. I'm 8 years old. I‘m not tall and I'm thin. I have a long black hear. I'm a happy girl. I like drawing and reading. My favorite subject is English,but I’m not good at English. I like playing sports. I like playing ping-pong best. I want to make friends with you!



  Hello!My Chinese name is Su Qiao and my English name is Star . I'm 0 years old. May 6th is my birthday.

  I'm in Class 5, Grade 5 . I go to school on foot . I like reading books and Listening to muisc.My favourite food is beef , my favourite fruit is banana and my favourite colour is red .

  This is me! A lovely girl!


  Hello,everyone!Nice to meet you !My name is xx,I am fifteen years old .I am in class 197,xx school.As you see,I am a boy(haha),I am not so tall and not so strong.But I like very sport,for example,I like playing bing-bong ball、basketball、football and so on.Not only I like sport,but also I like learning,like math、physics.I like reading .I want to be a Scientists.Thank you.


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  My name is xxx.xx is my given name.xmeans sweet andx means person,so my name means a sweet-tempered girl.I actually am!But you can call me June,for your convenience,june,its similar to my Chinese name Jun.I am from Enping,a small city in the southwest of Guangdong Province,near HongKong and Macao.Maybe you have never been there before,its well known for the hot springs there.

  In 20xx,I got the highest score in the College Entrance Examinations in my city and entered Zhongshan University.My major is Computer Science.My GPA ranks in the top 40% among all students,but I have stronger C programming skills than many others.Also,was the first one to learn Java in my class.


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Hello everyone, My name is ANGELA. I am 13 years old this year, the sixth grade, I immediately have to face the beginning of a small rise. I am a lovely girl, have big eyes, small nose and rosy lips. I was ... the first primary school, I like English, but I also like reading, swimming, singing and skating. That is why I am.


英文 自我介绍

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pesonel statement(introduction) good morning,my dear teachers,my dear professors.i am very glad to be here for your interview.my name is song yonghao,i am 22 years old .i come from luoyang,a very beautiful aicent city.my undergratuade period will be accomplished in changan university in july ,2004;and now,i am trying my best for obtaining a key to tongji university. generally speaking ,i am a hard working student especially do the thing i am interested in. i will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is. when i was sophomore, i found web design very interesting, so i learned it very hard . to weaver a homepage for myself, i stayed with my pesonel computer for half a month.,and i am the first one in my class who own his homepage. forthermore,i am a person with great perserverence. during the days preparing for the first examination,i insist on running every day, no matter what the weather was like.and just owning to this,i could concentrate on my study and succeeded in the end. well ,in my spare time ,i like basketball, tennis and chinese chess. also english is my favorate.i often go to english corner to practise my oral english on every thursday,and write compositions to improve my witten ability .but i know my english is not good enough ,i will continue studying. ok, that is all,thank you for your attention.


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good morning, my name is jack, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview, i would like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a good performance today, eventually enroll in this prestigious university in september. now i will introduce myself briefly,i am 21 years old,born in heilongjiang province ,northeast of china,and i am curruently a senior student at beijing XX uni.my major is packaging engineering.and i will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in june.in the past 4 years,i spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 with a ease. and i have acquired basic knowledge of packaging and publishing both in theory and in practice. besides, i have attend several packaging exhibition hold in Beijing, this is our advantage study here, i have taken a tour to some big factory and company. through these i have a deeply understanding of domestic packaging industry. compared to developed countries such as us, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1978,our packaging industry are still underdeveloped, mess, unstable, the situation of employees in this field are awkard. but i have full confidence in a bright future if only our economy can keep the growth pace still. i guess you maybe interested in the reason itch to law, and what is my plan during graduate study life, i would like to tell you that pursue law is one of my lifelong goal,i like my major packaging and i wont give up,if i can pursue my master degree here i will combine law with my former education. i will work hard in thesefields ,patent ,trademark, copyright, on the base of my years study in department of p&p, my character? i cannot describe it well, but i know i am optimistic and confident. sometimes i prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but i am not lonely, i like to chat with my classmates, almost talk everything ,my favorite pastime is valleyball,playing cards or surf online. through college life,i learn how to balance between study and entertainment. by the way, i was a actor of our amazing drama club. i had a few glorious memory on stage. that is my pride.


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 My name is Wang Jun I come from Shougang Institute of Technology E-Business,Now about to graduate.I'm looking for a job as soon as possible into the community!That your company is recruiting candidates, I wanted to come!

    Outgoing personality, I love table tennis and other ball games fun!Like to make friends chat online with people sharing good,

    I am majoring in specialized courses in school division of e-commerce, Internet marketing, computer application technology professional, learning seriously, cum laude, won scholarships, and received National University Certificate in English 3; I prefer the contact with new things, like the innovation. University of classes for three years has served as student leaders, united students, friendship and mutual assistance. Counselors can assist teachers to work actively, there are certain management organizations.


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  I was born in a small village of He Nan Province on Jan 16th, 1968. When I was young, my family was very poor, so I had to work to earn money to help my parents after class when I was in the middle school.
  In 1986 I was admitted by University of International Business and Economics (or: UIBE) to pursue a bachelor degree in Economics. My major is accounting in Department of International Business Management. The undergraduate education gave me a wide range of vision and taught me how to cooperate with others. I developed several professional interests in Accounting, Finance, and International Trade.
  The following eight-year working experience offered me a good chance to give full play to my creativity, intelligence and diligence. In 1990-1993, I worked as an assistant to funding manager in China National Technical Import and Export Corporation. In 1993-present, I was employed by China Kingdom Import and Export Corporation to be the Manger of Financial and Accounting Division.
  I do believe that with my hard early life, solid educational background and ample working experience, I would be an excellent student of you MBA program.
  After graduating from UIBE, I was employed as the assistant to the funding manager by China National Technical Import and Export Corporation. After reading a lot of related files, and analyzing the overall funding situation of the corporation, I found that the loan policy was not been put into effect. So we have thousands of millions RMB loan with very high interest rate while a large amount of cash in bank with very low interest rate was idle. I reported this to my supervisor, and then we studied and revised the loan policy. This revision saved the corporation approximately RMB thirty millions yuan. In order to raise the funding effectiveness, after one year’s hard work, I developed the internal banking system within the corporation based on the actual funding supply and need of the different divisions and projects. This internal banking system made full use of the corporation’ funding resources, and due to this, I was highly praised by the president of the corporation.


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  1.Easy-going and congenial, with a strong sense of responsibility and good team-spirit.
  2.Completed all the courses in the specialized field, obtaining good command of theoretic knowledge and experimental and DIY skill; Very adaptable and Good at leaning.
  3.Having played a couple important roles in the student organizations, honing the interpersonal communication skills and: organizational capability.
  4.Having a wide range of hobbies, including oral English, music, movies and literature .
  5.Fluent in oral English, with fairly good of reading and writing ability; Speaking authentic Mandarin-Chinese.
  6.Good command of Computer skills: familiar with different versions of Windows OS and Office application software, able to program with C and Fortran languages, obtained some experience and understanding about other widely-used software like AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDraw and Dreamweaver.
  6.具有良好的计算机技能,熟悉各类Windows操作系统以及Office系列办公软件,可使用C语言和FORTRAN语言进行编程,对于AUTOCAD、PHOTOSHOP、CORELDRAW 、DREAMWAVER也有一定的了解和使用经验。


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        My interest in the position of Masonry Supply Manager has prompted me to forward my resume for your review an consideration.

  ◆ The sales Manager position advertised in the Chicago Tribune on October 12 intrigues me. I believe you will find me well-qualified.

  ◆ Your October 30 advertisement in The Jackson Review calls for an Administrative Assistant with a background rich in a variety of administrative skills ,such as mine.

  ◆ My desire to locate a responsible position in plant management has prompted me to forward the attached for your consideration.

  ◆ I am writing to inquire opportunities for computer programmers in your organization.


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  1.Easy-going and congenial, with a strong sense of responsibility and good team-spirit.

  2.Completed all the courses in the specialized field, obtaining good command of theoretic knowledge and experimental and DIY skill; Very adaptable and Good at leaning.

  3.Having played a couple important roles in the student organizations, honing the interpersonal communication skills and: organizational capability.

  4.Having a wide range of hobbies, including oral English, music, movies and literature .

  5.Fluent in oral English, with fairly good of reading and writing ability; Speaking authentic Mandarin-Chinese.


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  1.For the past three years,I have been in the office of the XX Trading Co., where I have been an accountant.本人曾经在XX贸易公司服务三年,担任会计工作。

  2.I am twenty years of age,and have been employed for the last two years by the XX Co.,in the general clerical work of the office.我今年20岁,曾在XX公司服务两年,担任一般文员工作。

  3.I am twenty years of age,and am anxious to settle down to office work.本人20岁,希望能找到一个公司,以便安定下来。

  4.Since my graduation from the school two years ago, I have been employed in XX Hotel as a cashier.两年前离校后,在XX酒店担任出纳员。