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英文求职自荐信 篇1

Distinguished leadership of your company:

  Hello, thank you very much in his busy schedule to take some time to read my University, I always to improve their overall quality as the goal, all-round development of self-direction. Establish a correct outlook on life, values, and worldview.

  Ideologically, I treat them sincerely and fine style of work, loving the motherland, and firmly supported Comrade Hu Jintao as the core of the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and resolutely oppose to split the motherland for all the lawless elements.

  "Bao Jianfeng from Sharpen out plum incense from cold to" is my university to learn continuously. In addition to conscientiously study NC professional, but also to obtain a scholarship to study at different levels. In order to enhance their own capacity, I also participated in the Southwest Technologywith undergraduate diplomas. Learning is important, the annual winter and summer vacations to allow me to participate in social practice, which greatly foster self-reliance of my life and social practice.

  Learn: I often participate in physical training, basketball, badminton are my great love.

  Time flies, with young and knowledge I am about to embark on work experience may mean that there is no young, but the young have a passion and aggressive officers. I firmly believe that after graduation I will overcome all kinds of difficulties for the realization of self-worth the struggle.

Self Person: Lai right are

  July 11, 20xx

英文求职自荐信 篇2

  job-seeking cover letter how to write? in the cover letter cover letter is very important, following the xx job cover letter example, want to help you.

  first of all, thank you for your visit in my busy schedule proposal submitted material, as an enthusiastic college students to open a door of hope. my name is wang yanjie is lanzhou commercial college evergreen college senior accounting major students.

  university life four years of study, training my critical thinking and good self-learning ability, i learned how to teach what they have learned to solve practical problems. classroom learning, so i mastered this profession must have basic knowledge; through internships, to further the theory and practice. university to participate in various social work, so i understand a person not afraid of hardships to the importance of fighting at any time, must learn to cooperate closely with others, solving problems together.

  in school, i always strict demands on themselves, through serious study, i cultivated good working ability. learn professional courses at the same time, also actively participate in social practice, and in xx, obtaining their qualification certificates and computerized accounting certificate, the same year, the state passed four and the english national computer 2. class at school as a life member of the collective post, and in xx was lanzhou commercial college as "outstanding student leaders."

  rich social practice and a high sense of responsibility is the cornerstone of our success. serious attitude, a healthy attitude and abundant energy is the basis for my work. actively participate in various social practice, purposeful exercise their own organization, management, leadership and communication skills are required to work. on the high degree of responsibility and a strong thirst for knowledge will allow me to work in the future the process of meticulous, persistent. i believe: just give me a soil, i will go hard with young life, you ca

  n not only see my success, but also the fall harvest. that is my commitment to self-confidence and ability.

英文求职自荐信 篇3


  感谢您抽空垂阅我的 自荐 信!


  xxxx年x月我被xxxxxxxxx录取,并选择了适合自己学习的'国际经济与贸易专业。一直以来我学习刻苦,勤于钻研,在四年内,学院给了我得智体美全面的教育,科学的安排了;国际贸易、国际工商管理、财务会计、国际结算、市场营销等课程。四年期间修完全部课程并顺利地通过了计算机国家二级、 英语 四级等等级 考试 。适应社会和公司对人才的要求。





  respected leaders:

  thank you for your time reading my zi jianxin!

  i xxx, male, born in 1986 xxxxxx, who are well on family education, and parents in their words and deeds that i have set a very positive view of life and their values, and know how to live in their own temper.

  on the x xxxx xxxxxxxxx i was taking, and to choose a suitable learning international economic and trade professionals. i have been studying hard, diligent study, in four years, the academy has given me a full-chi of the united states educational, scientific arrangements for the international trade, international business management, financial accounting, international settlement, marketing, and so on. complete a full course of the four-year period and smoothly through the computer two countries, such as grade four english examination. on the needs of the community and corporate talent requirements.

  in order to temper themselves, all services in the college, i actively joined the union college group, and served as a squad leader post. in the squad, as a result of my active work, study hard, for the team made their contributions, and achieved certain results, respectively in the may 4 pingyou pingyou semester and be rated as "excellent students." in addition, i completed an independent research institutions, "xxxxxx", and access to experts and professors of the acclaim.

  freshman, sophomore during the summer vacation in order to develop their own capacity to understand the community. in the "xxx" in the magazines contributors, the editorial department received the unanimous praise. after the century literature, such as literature huanjianshumeng site in the station to write text, which "xxxx," it was nearly 30,000 times clicked on.

  as a military academy where students i open person qifenhaohua, optimism, self-confidence, a strong sense of responsibility; accept strong, have a strong collective sense of honor and self-motivated. happy to live with the people, and people around the living together harmoniously, with groups in the spirit of human integrity, work responsibilities seriously, to hard-working, have strict shortcomings are character impatient.

  i hope you will give me a chance to display, i believe i will rise to the work of the companys development of my biggest contribution.