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英文求职信 篇1

  Dear Sir,

  I wish to apply for a position with your company as a regional sales manager. Iam twenty-nine years old and at present employed by the Xishan Company,where I have been working as an assistant manager for the past four years. Before that, Ihad spent three years as a sales agent in the Taiji Company.

  My oniy reason for leaving my present position is to better myself as I feel I have potentialfor greater things. I wish to serve in a large company like yours so that I can learn new things and give full play to my talent.

  I can give you references from both of the firms mentioned above as to my character and ability. Enclosed please find my resume.

  I would appreciate your considering my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  Sincerely yours

英文求职信 篇2

  XI Meng

  Dec,10th 20xx

  Dear Miss LIN,

  In searching for employment opportunities on the Internet, I learned of a job vacancy in the Sales Representative of your company. I believe that my qualifications match the requirements you have listed for the position.

  I am very organized, I am a self-motivated worker, and enjoy working in GE, especially trough the past three intern experience in this pleasant workplace.

  With a sound educational background demonstrated and a keen desire to be part of a professional firm, I am submitting my resume and wish to apply for the position referred above. I hold the belief that I will make positive contribution to GE.

  You require I offer

  l Fresh graduate with degree preferred Bachelor in Business with competitive

  In Business academic performance

  l Outstanding leadership skills with Internship experience in different

  good record of extra-curriculum industries as well as association

  activities leader

  l Excellent analytical skills and team Succeed in bringing order out of chaos

  Spirit and cooperate with team colleagues

  l Excellent interpersonal skills, able Coordinate wide range

  to communicate with different people cross-department associates with different background and opinion

  l Quick learner, energetic, willing to Familiarize analytical software in

  work under pressure and tough two weeks and complete presentation

  environment within right agenda as a newcomer

  l Fluent oral and written English, CET-4 passed, Micros Windows 20xx

  skilled PC operator Proficient User Certificate

  Thank you for your time and consideration and I anticipate the opportunity to

  meet with you to further discuss my qualification and your needs.


  XI Meng

英文求职信 篇3






  dear manager,i learned from the newspaper that your company wanted to hire an english translator.


  i‘m interested in this job very much. i’d like to get this job.


  now i‘d like to introduce myself to you. my name is li ping. i’m 30 years old. i‘m 180 cm tall. i’m healthy. i like swimming,singing and dancing in my spare time. i graduated from beijing university in 1994.then,i went to work in nantong middle school.in 1996,i began to work in suzhou middle school and i have worked there until now.


  i work hard and i can get along well with others. i‘m good at english and especially my spoken english is very good. i’ve translated many chinese books into english. i can understand japanese and i can talk to foreigners in japanese freely.

  第五步:提出获职打算丰富的工作经验,一定的优势和特长,只能代表过去和现在的`情况,如果获职后自以为心愿已了,从此高枕无忧,马虎从事,那也是得不到用人单位认可的。显然表明获职后努力工作的决心是感动用人单位的领导从而顺利谋得此项工作的重要一环。本文获职打算可作如下介绍:if you agree with me,i‘ll work hard and try to be a good translator.


  if you agree with me,please write a letter to me or phone me. i live at no.1 renmin road,suzhou city. my telephone number is 3654371.


  thank you very much.上述七步内容联成一个整体,再加上下面的信尾,就成为一封完整的?yours truly liping


  假如你是王林,李明是你的好友,他对brown先生的公司(firm)感兴趣,打算到该公司谋职(apply for a position)。请根据下面李明的简历表,用英语写一封推荐信,词数120左右。


  dear mr.brown,my friend-li ming wants to apply for a position with your firm. now,i‘d like to introduce my friend to you. li ping graduated from a college three years ago and since then he has worked as a lawyer. he is good at english and knows some japanese. he works hard and is careful in everything he does. he is honest,kind and easy to get on with. he was born on may 1,1968 in jinan,shandong province,china. he is married and lives at no.148 renmin road,jinan city.he shows great interest in your firm. if he is accepted,he will do his best. i’m sure he will be fit for the position. if you agree with him,please write a letter to him,his telephone number is 6600537. yours truly 分为推荐信和自荐信两种,它是书面表达的重要体裁之一,也是高考书面表达的热点内容。写信可按下列七个步骤进行。下面举例说明:假设你叫李平,你从报上得知某公司欲招聘一名英语翻译,请你给该公司经理写一份求职信,你的个人资料

英文求职信 篇4

respect your company leadership:

  how do you do!

  i am sorry to take up your valuable time, thank you in spite of being very busy to read my letter of recommendation. i am a from xx college environmental engineering specialized XX sessions of graduates undergraduate course graduate, in university life shall come to an end, opening a new page in life, i with the mood of excitement to your duty and accept your chosen and test.

  more than ten years of parents of diligence, kindness and simple are exposed and system study, trained me to bear hardships and stand hard work, self-improvement and the spirit of honesty and diligence quality. four years, in the "diligent dynamics" school spirit gradually influencing, i study hard, made outstanding achievements, also had some valuable experience, and mastery of the pollution control, pollution control, environmental monitoring, environmental planning and management, environmental evaluation of the basic theoretical knowledge. thought, i have a firm belief of communism, and constantly improve their political quality and theoretical accomplishment.. learning, i study hard theory knowledge and professional skills, and pay attention to theory and reality, take an active part in social practice and all kinds of practice, has the very good environment engineering professional knowledge and practical experience. through unremitting efforts, master the windows operating system, officeXX, autocadXX, photoshop etc application software operation.

  in line with want to exercise their own ideas, i worked as a tutor, i took part in the metalworking practice, electrical engineering practice, professional practice.

  brave the wind and waves, exhibition lofty ambition; proceed with caution, and people. although no prestigious university aura, but i have a solid theoretical knowledge and are not afraid of difficult to bear hardships and stand hard work spirit. looking back university life, enrich learning improve my knowledge structure, constantly thinking and learning makes me step by step to mature. please give me a chance, i will return you a satisfactory returns.

英文求职信 篇5

  Dear Sir,

  In reply to your advertisement in JobsPower。com regarding a vacancy in your office, I wish to apply for the position of senior clerk, which you have specified。

  I feel confident that I can meet your special requirements indicating that the candidate must have a high command of English, for I graduated from the English Language Department of - University three years ago。

  In addition to my study of English while in the University, I have worked for three years as secretary in the firm of ABC Trading Co,Ltd。

  The main reason for changing my employments is to gain more experience with a superior trading company like yours。 I believe that my education and experience will prove useful for work in your office。

  I am enclosing my personal history, certificate of graduation and letter of recommendation from the president of the University, I shall be obliged if you will give me a personal interview at your convenience。

  Very truly yours

英文求职信 篇6

  dear xxxx chemical co. leaders:


  i xxxx chemical technology graduates. your organization has learned from the media professionals are currently recruiting

  chemical, in going into the social occasion, i harbored very sincere and high sense of responsibility to your company volunteered.

  knowledge is power. in the nearly three years of university life, i have mastered this knowledge, and can be integrated with practice.eich campus life. at the same time i am also actively involved in faculty, class activities, served as student union vice president, vice president of associations, squad leader and other positions. exercise from their high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of team, develop a strong organizational skills, communication skills and social skills. these experiences tempered my humble, studious, hard-working spirit, and good social adaptation.

  desire a brilliant world. my life is in a period of energetic, eager to expose a wider world of their talents; i was not satisfied with the existing level of knowledge, expects to get exercise and

  improve practice. therefore, i sincerely hope to join your company. i will get down to do their work, make every effort to achieve good results at work.

  i believe that after my hard work and effort, wil

  l make due contributions.

  close pen occasion, thank you for your busy schedule to review my written submissions, your trust is my motivation! cheng zhu guigong division thriving!

  finally, once again thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your reply!




英文求职信 篇7

Dear Sir/Madam:

  Are you searching for a telecommunications manager with expertise in project management and team leadership?

  I specialize in creating and implementing high-performance strategies that directly impact growth and profitability of large telecommunications companies. In addition to my knowledge of business processes, I also offer proficiency in telecom software development and cutting-edge technologies.

  I am relocating to Shenzhen and would be interested in opportunities with your firm. Currently, I serve as manager for BIT Company#39;s Information Industry Division. Briefly, some of my accomplishments include:

  Developed a tool to track and forecast price,quantity,and revenue, which enables client to monitor business performance

  Implemented a customized end-to-end testing process and SQL database

  My business acumen, technical expertise, and leadership capabilities have contributed to a number of successful projects. The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.


英文求职信 篇8

  一、写信动机 通常求职信是针对报纸上招聘广告而写的。若此,信中须提到何月何日的报纸,有时工作机会是从朋友或介绍所听来的,有时写信人不知某机构、公司有工作机会,毛遂自荐。不论哪一种,求职信上一定要说明写信的缘由和目的。 因此首先应该表明你是在何家媒体看到应聘广告以及所要应聘的职位。


  1.In reply to your advertisement in todays newspaper,I respectfully offer my services for the situation.拜读今日XX报上贵公司的广告,本人特此备函应征该职位。

  2.Replying to your advertisement into- days issue of the(newspaper),I wish to apply for the position in your esteemed firm.拜读贵公司在今日(报纸)上广告,特此备函应征贵公司该职位。

  3.With reference to your advertisement in(newspaper)of May 2for a clerk,I offer myself for the post.从五月二日XX报上广告栏得知贵公司招聘一位职员,我愿应招。

  4.I wish to apply for the position advertised in the enclosed clipping from the(newspaper)of November 12.谨随函附上十一月十二日XX报贵公司招聘广告,我愿应招此职位。

  5.In answer to your advertisement into- days newspaper for a secretary,I wish to tender my services.阁下在今日XX报上刊登招聘秘书广告,本人获悉,特此应招。

  6.Learning from XX that you are looking for a sales manager,I should like to apply for the position.从XX处得悉,贵公司正在招聘一名业务经理,我愿应招此职。

  7.Your advertisement for a telephone operator in the newspaper of March 8has interested me,I feel I can fill that position.贵公司三月八日在XX报上刊登招聘电话接线员广告,本人拜读后极感兴趣,相信能担任此职。

  二、自我介绍 写信人应述明自己的年龄或出生年月、教育背景,尤其与应征职位有关的训练或教育科目、工作经验或特殊技能。如无实际经验,略述在学类似经验亦可。


  1.For the past three years,I have been in the office of the XX Trading Co., where I have been an accountant.本人曾经在XX贸易公司服务三年,担任会计工作。

  2.I am twenty years of age,and have been employed for the last two years by the XX Co.,in the general clerical work of the office.我今年20岁,曾在XX公司服务两年,担任一般文员工作。

  3.I am twenty years of age,and am anxious to settle down to office work.本人20岁,希望能找到一个公司,以便安定下来。

  4.Since my graduation from the school two years ago, I have been employed in XX Hotel as a cashier.两年前离校后,在XX酒店担任出纳员。

  三、本人能力 这部分非常重要,因为这体现你究竟能为公司做什么,直接关系到求职的成功率。但是也要注意一定要用最少的文字表达最多的意思。


  1.I am able to take dictation in English and translate it rapidly into Chinese.我会英文的口授笔记,同时能立即将其翻译成中文。

  2.I have received an English education, and have a slight knowledge of Spanish.I took a Spanish course in college.本人接受英文教育,同时略通西班牙文。大学时,我修了西班牙文。

  3.I have been at the City Commercial College,where I have acquired a knowledge of English,mathematics and elementary business practice.本人曾在城市商专学英文、数学以及初级商业实务。

  4.I have just left school,but have a good knowledge of English.本人虽刚离开校门,但英文很好。

  5.At school I won a scholarship and the first prize in a speech contest.求学中,我曾获奖学金及演讲比赛一等奖。

  6.I am a graduate of Hong Kong University,and have in addition an M.A.degree from UCLA.本人毕业于香港大学,并在加州大学获得文学硕士学位。

  7.Since leaving school,I have attended Typewriting and Shorthand classes,and have now attained a speed of fifty and ninety words respectively.离开学校后,我参加打字与速记班,而今已达到打字50字,速记90字的速度。

  四、结尾 希望并请求未来的雇主允以面谈的机会,因此信中要表明可以面谈的时间。成功的求职信决不是虎头蛇尾的,结尾一定要引起重视。


  1.I should be glad to have a personal in- terview and can furnish references if desired.如获面试,则感幸甚。如需保证人,本人也可提出。

  2.I request an interview,and assure you that if appointed,I will do my best to give you satisfaction.恳请惠予面试之荣。如蒙录用,本人必竭尽所能,为贵公司服务,以符厚望。

  3.If you desire an interview,I shall be most happy to call in person,on any day and at any time you may appoint.如贵公司有意面试,本人一定遵照所指定的时日,前往拜访。

  4.Should you think favorably of my application,I would like to have an interview.如对本人之应征优先考虑,恳请惠予面试之机会。

  5.I hope that you will be kind enough to consider my application favorably.恳请惠予考虑本人之申请为盼。

  6.Should this application meet with your favorable consideration,I will do my utmost to justify the confidence you may repose in me.对此申请,贵公司如惠予考虑,本人将尽最大的忠诚与努力,为贵公司效劳。

  7.Should you entertain my application favorably,I would spare no trouble to acquit my- self to your satisfaction.假如应征获得青睐而进入贵公司服务,本人必以排除万难之决心,为贵公司工作,以符厚望。 8.I wish to assure you that,if successful,I would endeavor to give you every satisfaction.如蒙不弃,惠予录用,本人将尽力服务,使诸事满意。

  五、附件 这部分视具体情况而定,如有详细的简历或用人单位需要的材料附在求职信中时,需要注明。


  1.You will find enclosed an outline of my education and business training and copies of two letters of recommendation.有关本人的学历、工作经验等项的概要,谨同函呈上两件推荐函。

  2.Enclosed please find a resume and a photo.随函寄上简历表及相片各一份。

  3.A copy of my transcript is enclosed.附寄成绩单一份。

  4.Enclosed you will find a letter of re- commendation from my former teacher of Eng- lish.随函附上我英文老师的推荐函。

  参考范文: April 6,20xx P.O.Box 3 XX University Beijing,China 100000 Dear Sir/Madame, Your advertisement for a Network Maintenance Engineer in the April 10Student Daily interested me because the position that you de- scribed sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeking. According to the advertisement,your position requires a good university degree,Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT 4.0and Linux System.I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements.I will be graduating from XX University this year with a MSC.My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual and SQL Server. During my education,I have grasped the principles of my major subject area and gained practical skills.Not only have I passed CET - 6,but more importantly I can communicate fluently in English.My ability to write and speak English is a good standard. I would welcome an opportunity to attend you for an interview. Enclosed is my resume and if there is any additional information you require,please contact me. Yours faithfully, Wan Long













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