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英文求职信 篇1

  Good morning !

  It is really my honor. I hope I can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed. I am Cao Junquan , 24 years old, from shandong university., and my major is automation. I will get my bachelor of engineering after my graduation in next coming June.

  I spend most of my time on study, and I have acquired basic knowledge of my major. On the other hand, I was appointed as the ministor of outreach and practice department of our students union, then after one year, I took the place of the vice president. Besides, I took part in about 100 activities in campus outside and inside, and learnt a lot from them.

  I think I'm a good team player and I'm great honest to others. Also I can work well under great pressure and I'd like to face any sudden challenges.

  That’s all. Thanks a lot .






英文求职信 篇2


  In employers’ eyes, a job hunter’s resume is worth 30 points and the cover letter is worth 20 points. So writing good cover letters is almost as important as writing resumes.

  When you prepare to write a cover or application letter, you could refer to the following checklist.

  I. Attention(Opening Paragraph)

  A. Capture the reader’s attention in a businesslike way. Choose an option:

  1. Summary opening. Present your strongest, most relevant qualifications, with an explanation of how they can benefit the organization.

  2. Name opening. Mention the name of a person who is well known to the reader and who has suggested that you apply for the job.

  3. Source opening. When responding to a job ad, identify the publication in which the ad appeared, and briefly describe how you meet each requirement stated in the ad.

  4. Question opening. Pose an attention-getting question that shows you understand an organization’s problem, need, or goal and have a genuine desire to help solve or meet it.

  5. News opening. Cite a publicized organizational achievement, contemplated change, or new procedure or product; then link it to your desire to work for the organization.

  6. Personalized opening. Present one of your relevant interests, mention previous experience with the organization, or cite your present position or status as a means of leading up to a discussion of why you want to work for the organization.

  7. Creative opening. Demonstrate your flair and imagination with colorful phrasing, especially if the job requires these qualities.

  B. State that you are applying for a job, and identify the position or type of work you seek.

  II. Interest and Desire or Evidence of Qualifications (next several paragraphs )

  Present your key qualifications for the job, highlighting what is on your resume: job-related education and training; relevant work experience and related activities, interests, and qualities.

  A. Adopt a mature and businesslike tone.

  1. Eliminate boasting and exaggeration.

  2. Back up your claims of ability by citing specific achievements in educational and work settings or in outside activities.

  3. Demonstrate a knowledge of the organization and desire to join it by citing its operations or trends in the industry.

  B. Link your education, experience, and personal qualities to the job requirements.

  1. Relate aspects of your training or work experience to those of the target position.

  2. Outline your educational preparation for the job.

  3. Provide proof that you can learn quickly, are a hard worker, can handle responsibility, and / or get along well with others.

  4. Present ample evidence of the personal qualities and the work attitudes that are desirable for job performance.

  III. Action(closing paragraph)

  1. Request an interview at the reader’s convenience.

  2. State your phone number(with area code)and the best time to reach you, to make the interview request easy to comply with8), or mention a time when you will be calling to set up an interview.

  3. Express appreciation for an opportunity to have an interview.

  4. Repeat your strongest qualification, to help reinforce the claim that you have something to offer the organization.

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Sirs,

  Please allow me to apply for the position of office clerk which you advertised in "Yangcheng Evening News" of April 9.

  I am 28 years of age and unmarried. After receiving my B.B.A. from Xiamen University, I worked for three years as an office clerk at China Great Wall Computer Group (Shenzhen) Company.

  In the last two years I have been a secretary to the General Manager of Haicheng Foodstuffs Company, Ltd. in Shenzhen. I am looking for a position of office clerk to increase my experience in business.

  I have a wide knowledge of business and thoroughly experienced in all types of office work. Copies of my testimonials are enclosed, and if you are interested in my application, please give me an opportunity of a personal interview at your convenient date.

  Sincerely yours,

英文求职信 篇4

Dear xxx:

  It’s my great honor to browse this personal information!

  Since graduated from Hunan Huangpu Foreign Language College in 20xx,I had done the teaching for one and half an year,and had worked in foreign trade business.

  Until in Feb,20xx,I returned to the South Central University for studying more knowledge and confirming objective.

  During the past two years studing,I had been majoring the Application English on the base of Trading English,including the Advance English,Economy And Trade English,Busiess English Correspondence,Selected Readings In English And American Literatures,Chinese And English Translation Course,Interpret And Listening,Japanese,Advance English Writing etc.In addtion, I got the undergraduate diploma,flunetly oral English,good comprehension reading better social communication ability!

  For the time being, I would like to hunt the job that with regard to the trade business or English.I am sure that I should take advantage of my ability and experience to serve for your firm.

  Thanks for your reading!

  Looking forward to your replying!

  With Best Regards,


英文求职信 篇5

  在找工作过程中,一封漂亮的求职信就像一位出色的“使者”,可以在您未和用人单位见面之前,就展现出您的长处, 展示自己的求职信使您能能增加获得面试的机会。为此,您需要精心设计好您的个人求职信,写一封成功的求职信。








  你的求职信能被挑出来了,你还得让人能集中心思看下去。如果你练得一手好书法,这时正好可以派上用场,如果你的字不那么漂亮,还是不要献丑为好,用电脑打印出来,清晰、工整而美观。求职信力求简洁,如果资料较多,可以借鉴报纸编排手法,通过设小标题、分设不同字体、分段、空行等使全部内容版块清晰、脉络分明,主旨突出,易于把握重点。否则,密密麻麻、乱糟糟一大片只恐令人难以卒读。 能让人事主管人员认真审阅完你的求职信,你就向成功又迈进了一步。

  使用“从事事件=结果”这种格式 内容就是一切,所以一定要突出你的能力,成就以及过去经验,使你的简历更出众。仅有漂亮的外表而无内容的简历是不会吸引人的。仔细分析你的能力并阐明你能够胜任这份工作。强调以前的事件,然后一定要写上结果, 比如:“组织了公司人员调整,削减了无用的员工,每年节约550000元。”

英文求职信 篇6

  dear leaders:

  hello! thank you for your busy schedule to review my written submissions, i will receive you look at the test to get the

  opportunity to work in your company. i graduated from college xx

  apparel fashion design professional. in-school period, i completed a foundation for many disciplines of fashion design knowledge and expertise to study and master the professional skills of fashion

  design, and has won three good students, outstanding student leaders, outstanding cadres of various honors classes and scholarships.

  i‘m a child art and art design is very popular. in XX, i finally came through the entrance his ideal institution --** institute of clothing technology. costume design professional learning in the hospital, i strongly feel that fashion design is my life, the most important component, and fashion design industry has a higher understanding. i normally conscientiously study professional

  knowledge, to focus on improving their cultivation and appreciation of art.

  in school and during the winter and summer vacations, through the practice in the community continue to accumulate their own practical experience, to learn different art factions of nutrition, to develop design ideas, active design thinking, and combining the expertise of science subjects for my own use. i am the spirit of play to their strengths, unity and cooperation with colleagues and serve your business long-term development plan, special to candidates.

  i believe: if you give me a chance, relying on his strong love of clothing and dedication, i have to do to sell your phenomenal

  achievement. if you are a horses, i would sincerely and confidently tell you: "choose me, can not be wrong! "please believe i also believe that your own choice.