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  Basic personal information


  Name: xxx

  Sex: Male


  Contact Tel:

  Place of residence are:

  Nationality: Canada

  Education: Bachelor

  :***** University graduate school

  Profession: E-technology and computer applications

  Job direction: the project manager or related position

  Work experience

  More than eleven years experience in IT working in the field, including the bottom of device software development, application software development, as well as experience in the development of intelligent electronic devices

  Successful multi-country (China, the United States, Canada) project development and management experience

  Deep experience in organization and management team, gifted learning ability can be quickly integrated into any work environment challenging

  A wide range of software, hardware, network application and development of knowledge, including those based on ERP, client / server architecture, database management software project development

  Proficient in Windows, Linux and FreeBSD and other operating systems, and based on these operating systems and application software development

  Remarkable in both Chinese and English verbal and writing skills, good at using Chinese and English to do a variety of technical presentations and live scenes technology exchange

  Canadian citizen, is willing to work according to the needs of the domestic or international travel

  Job skills

  Software Development Language: C / C + +, Assembly, Java, Visual Basic, Pascal, MS SQL, PowerBuilder and InstallSheild

  Operating System: DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003, Linux and FreeBSD

  Development of debugging tools: MASM, MSVC1.5, CodeView, Windows 98/NT/2k/XP DDK, VC + + 6.0, VB 6.0, gcc, gtk / gdk, gdb, KGDB, DDD, KDevelop, QtDesigner, SoftICE, WINdbg, VMware, UltraEdit, Microsoft Visual SouceSafe 6.0, CVS, MS SQL Server, logic analyzers, IDE analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeter

  Work history

  ********** Technology, Inc.

  Software Project Manager

  With customers to discuss product requirements and provide technical solutions; the coordination of cooperation between different team, the distribution of the team

  Members of the task; maintenance, upgrades of existing software version.

  ************ Corporation

  Software project manager from 2003 to 2007

  Duties: to discuss product requirements with customers to provide technology solutions and coordinating cooperation among the different team, the allocation of tasks of the team members; iSCSI-based storage devices network technology R & D Linux drivers; for Gigabit Ethernet Linux driver development; the use of gdb, KGDB and DDD debugging tools such as Linux device drivers; KDevelop and Qt Designer with the development of Linux software testing; assessment of a new generation of data storage equipment.

  Project experience:

  1. Project ********* Time: July 2000 ~ March 2003

  Pricing is responsible for MS SQL Server and various pharmacies, hospitals, Access database design and development work and the preparation of the client software to print statements and invoices.

  2. Project ********* Time: December 1999 ~ August 2000

  Responsible for project-based Client / Server and TCP / IP application development, the realization of wide-area network, local area network data transmission credible.

  3. Item ********** Time: June 1999-December 1999 involved in the project of LAN / WAN design, implementation, maintenance and systems integration program to write.

  4. Item ********** Time: July 1998 ~ June 1999

  Participation in development projects in enterprise logistics management software, and is independent of the realization of inventory management module.

  Training history

  Attended by MCSE, MCDBA, MCSD, MCP + Internet, MCP and other internationally recognized certification of IT technology.

  Personal characteristics

  Lively, ambitious, team spirit, good interpersonal communication ability.