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Respect of hospital leaders:

How do you do!

Thank you for taking the time read my letter of application vertical, for a full of enthusiasm to open a door of hope college students door, believe that I won\t let you down.

I\m luzhou medical school a clinical medicine is about to graduate students, in your hospital of recruiting the nazis, given the solid foundation of knowledge, skilled medical operation technology, excellent social work ability and strong self-learning ability to improve, I have confidence in yourself able to quickly qualified for clinical related work. Therefore, to your hospital\s job.

Four year university clinical study of the theory developed my rigorous attitude towards study, strict way of thinking, cultivate good habits of study, a year of clinical internship experience more to improve my ability of analyzing and solving problems. Especially in the practice teaching process to provide training in hospital I many practical opportunity of all hospitals to clinical of common diseases can make the right diagnosis and the best treatment. Strong sense of responsibility, strong study interest, hands ability, ability to accept quickly, and can be good to finish the work tasks, that I won the praise of doctors, more make me confidence one hundred times, be my future work in the life of the knowledge owners.

Rich social experience not only widen my view, more formed I composed decisive, warmly and efficient work style. In elementary school, junior high school, high school, has been to university in each stage, I served as a monitor, of learning, successfully organized numerous inside class activities, the work of the students of the recognition and praise of the teacher, my class is evaluated many times the outstanding class, oneself also many times won the excellent league member, work activists and the honorary title. I believe that the work experience, I will be able to coordinate the various relations, deal with the problems in the daily work.

Studies independently ability is my another advantage. Medical science and technology is developing rapidly, and the only constant to upgrade their knowledge to the fierce competition. During the period of school I went through the computer on a secondary examination, the national college English test band 4, be familiar with Windows, Windows, WindowsXP operating system, and self-study use Office, Photoshop, FoxPro etc software graphic processing, form design, web pages, for in the future work, study and improve the work efficiency to create a good conditions.

Through five years of study and practice, I from the mental and the ability to work well preparation, I sincerely hope to be your school to medical research in the team, I will be noble medical ethics, enthusiastic service, poured out what I can, and continuously learn what I can\t, for your school to medical career development contribute strength, realize saving, fulfill their duties, life JiShi long-cherished wish. Finally, I wish your esteemed unit future prosperity!