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  1、责任感与机遇成正比。Proportional responsibility and opportunity。


  2、鞠躬尽瘁,死而后己。Spared no efforts in dying himself。

  3、高尚、伟大的代价就是责任。Noble, great price is responsibility。

  4、生命和崇高的责任联系在一起。Life and noble responsibility together。

  5、友谊永远是一个甜柔的责任。Friendship is always a sweet responsibility。

  6、真正的责任是信自己。The real responsibility is to believe in yourself。

  7、当劳动是一种责任时,生活就是奴役。When work is a duty, life is slavery。

  8、抱负是高尚行为成长的萌芽。 Noble ambition is to grow the seeds of behavior。

  9、天下兴亡,匹夫有责。the rise and fall of the country is everyone's affair。

  10、艺术应当担负起哺育思想的责任。Art should assume responsibility for nurturing ideas。

  11、对培养好幼儿具有高度的责任感。To cultivate children with high sense of responsibility。

  12、明天人之际,通古今之变。Inter tomorrow person, through past and present of the change。

  13、人类的一切努力的目的在于获得幸福。The purpose of all human effort is to obtain happiness。

  14、手莫长,心莫贪,尽职尽责做好官。Mo hand long, heart Mo greedy, dutifully doing officer。

  15、没有无义务的权利,也没有无权利的义务。No rights without duties, no rights and no obligations。

  16、每一项公民权都对应著一项公民责任。Each of citizenship corresponds to a civic responsibility。

  17、改造自己,总比禁止别人来得难。Transform themselves, others more difficult than prohibition。

  18、这个社会尊重那些为它尽到责任的人。This community to respect those who do it to responsibility。

  19、自由的第一个意义就是担负自己的责任。The first sense of freedom is to assume their responsibilities。

  20、责任就是对自己要求去做的事情有一种爱。the responsibility is to own request to do have a kind of love。

  21、业精于勤,荒于嬉;行成于思,毁于随。Diligence and neglected in play; the line into Si, destroyed over。

  22、员工能力与责任的提高,是企业成功之源。Staff capacity and improve accountability, is the source of success。

  23、我们不是为自己而生,我们的国家赋予我们应尽的责任。We are not born for ourselves, our nation gives our duty。

  24、一个人能承担多大的责任,就能取得多大的成功!A person can bear much responsibility, we can achieve much success!

  25、人一旦受到责任感的驱使,就能创造出奇迹来。Once people driven by a sense of responsibility, can create miracles。

  26、真理的发现或道德责任的完成都会引起我们的欢欣。Discovery or moral responsibility to complete truth will cause us joy。

  27、社会犹如一条船,每个人都要有掌舵的准备。A community is like a ship, everyone should have at the helm of preparation。

  28、我们是国家的主人,应该处处为国家着想。 We are the masters of the country, it should be all for the sake of the country。

  29、我们不是为自己而生,我们的国家赋予我们应尽的责任。we are not born for himself, our country has given us the responsibility。

  30、凡是我受过他好处的人,我对于他便有了责任。I received all the benefits of his people, I will have a responsibility for him。

  31、我睡去,感觉生命之美丽,我醒来,感觉生命之责任。I sleep, I feel the beauty of life, I woke up, I feel the responsibility of life。

  32、人生须知负责任的苦处,才能知道尽责任的乐趣。 Notice responsible hardship of life in order to know all about the fun of responsibility。

  33、承受个人生命责任的意愿即是自尊自重的泉源。Willingness to bear the responsibility of individual life that is the source of self-respect。

  34、要使周围的一切都大放光彩,自己也应该像烛那样燃烧。to make everything around sparkles, oneself should also like a candle burning。 Gorky。

  35、不要问你的国家能为你做甚麼,要问你能为你的国家做甚麼。 Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country。

  36、提出目标是管理人员的`责任,实际上这是他的主要责任。Proposed goals is the responsibility of managers, in fact, this is his main responsibility。

  37、古之成大事者,不惟有超世之才,亦必有坚忍不拔之志。Ancient into a major event, not only super-talented world, it always indomitable ambition。

  38、要使一个人显示他的本质,叫他承担一种责任是最有效的办法。For a man showing his nature, that he assume a responsibility is the most effective way。

  39、历史和哲学负有多种永恒的责任,同时也是简单的责任。History and philosophy bears more responsibility eternal, but also the simple responsibility。

  40、在他握有意志的完全自由去行动时,他才能对他的这些行为负完全责任。He holds the complete free will to act, he can to his full responsibility for these acts。

  41、在各自岗位上尽职尽责,无需豪言壮语,默默行动会诠释一切。Due diligence in their respective positions, without rhetoric, silent action will interpret everything。

  42、上天从没有赋予一个人任何权力,若非同时让他肩负相对的责任。God never gives a person any power, if not at the same time let him shoulder the relative responsibility。

  43、我所享有的任何成就,完全归因于对客户与工作的高度责任感。Whatever success I have enjoyed, entirely attributable to the customer's high sense of responsibility and work。

  44、舞台上要尽情表演,赛场上要尽力拼搏,工作中要任劳任怨,事业上要尽职尽责。To enjoy performing on stage, on track to try hard, work to hard working, career to due diligence。

  45、作为男人,只有对艰苦和严格习以为常,在困难面前才能够尽职尽责。As a man, only to be accustomed to hard and rigid, in the face of difficulties to be able to fulfill their duties。

  46、一个人若是没有热情,他将一事无成,而热情的基点正是责任心。If a person without passion, he will achieve nothing, the starting point is the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm。

  47、世界上有许多事情必须做,但你不一定喜欢做,这就是责任的涵义。There are many things to be done in the world, but you do not necessarily like to do, this is the meaning of responsibility。

  48、尽管责任有时使人厌烦,但不履行责任,只能是懦夫,不折不扣的废物。Although the responsibility sometimes boring, but does not fulfill the responsibility, only a coward, an absolute waste。

  49、对一个人来说,所期望的不是别的,而仅仅是他能全力以赴和献身于一种美好事业。For one person, I expect nothing else, but only he can go all out and a beautiful dedication to the cause。

  50、我们为祖国服务,也不能都采用同一方式,每个人应该按照资禀,各尽所能。 We serve the country, we can not all use the same way, everyone should follow the intrinsic resources, whatever。

  51、现代企业管理的重大责任就在于谋求企业目标与个人目标两者的一致。Modern enterprise management major responsibility lies pursue personal goals consistent with corporate objectives of both。

  52、没有大是大非的观念,很容易根据感觉和眼前需求建立是非,最后会变得是非不分。No cardinal concept, it is easy to establish a sense of right and wrong based on the immediate needs and will eventually become right and wrong。

  53、我们的使命是照亮整个世界,熔化世上的黑暗,找到自己和世界之间的和谐,建立自己内心的和谐。Our mission is to illuminate the whole world melted dark world, to find harmony between himself and the world, to establish their own inner harmony。