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  出国留学的申请书 1

Dear Professor Zhiyong Lan:

  My name is Lan Xi, a Ph.D. candidate studying Land Resource Management inCollege of Public Management, China University of Geosciences. I intend to spendone year of my doctor years in ASU School of Public Affairs by the end ofSeptember 20x for a Ph.D. Mobility Program which I can acquire more knowledgeabout international policy of land management.

  The land resource management is really an important major in ChineseUniversity. It’s a subject of applied science which is combined both land policyand planning of land, and it helps the government to optimize the distributionof land resources. I’ve been studying the land resource management at least 7years since 20x when I was a college student, and I also love this major for 7years.

  I’ve read about your papers about land policy published on some magazines,and I can feel your abundant knowledge and lofty personality in words. Moreover,your altitude about sustainable development affects me a lot. As myself, it’s sothankful for my 7 years studying of land resource management and 5 moreprojects. It makes me become an accomplished and experienced person. And I’msure I can help you and your team with some land projects.

  I really want to join your team to learn more about the land resourcemanagement and exchange the experience. And I would greatly appreciate it if youcould send me more information about the application at your earliestconvenient.

  出国留学的申请书 2

  IM GOING RUNNING TODAY. I am not concerned about my calorie consumption forthe day,nor am I anxious to get in shape for the winter season. I just want togo running.

  I used to dislike running. "If you dont win this game,youre all runningfive miles tomorrow," the field hockey coach used to warn,during those lastdays of October when the average temperature seemed to be decreasingexponentially. And so,occasionally,my grief-stricken team would run numerousmiserable laps around the fields. At the end of these excursions,our faces andlimbs would be numb,and we would all have developed those notorious flu-likesymptoms; but the running made us better in the long run,I suppose.Nevertheless,I counted down the days until the end of the field hockey season,vowing never to put on a pair of running shoes again. Then I surprised myself bysigning up for outdoor track in the second half of sophomore year. I was foolishto have believed that I could ever escape this insidious and magneticaddiction.

  Anyone would have thought that Id be off the team in a few days,but thelast week of January caught me splashing through puddles of melted ice,andFebruary winds nearly blew me off the track. I looked forward to practices thistime around,to the claps and the persistent cheers of my fellow trackies. I wasfeeling a "runners high" spurred by the endorphins released by exercise. But toattribute my affinity for running solely to chemistry diminishes the personalimportance that running has for me.

  I like running-in the cool shade of the towering oak trees,and in the warmsunlight spilling over the horizon,and in the drops of rain falling gently fromthe clouds. Certain things become clear to me when Im running-only whilerunning did I realize that "hippopoxxxxxi" is possibly the funniest word in theEnglish language,and only while running did I realize that the travel sectionof The York Times does not necessarily provide an accurate depiction of theentire world. Running lends me precious moments to contemplate my life:whilerunning I find time to dream about changing the world,to think about recentdeath of a classmate,or to wonder about the secret to college admission.

  Running is the awareness of hurdles between me and the finish line; runningis the desire to overcome them. Running is putting up with aches and pains,relishing the knowledge that,in the end,I will have built strength andendurance. Running is the instant clarity of vision with which I can see myfuture just one hundred yards in the distance; it is the understanding thatthese crucial steps will determine victory or defeat.

  Running is not the most important thing in the world to me,but it is whatfulfills me when time permits. And right now,before the sun goes down,I liketo take advantage of the road that lies ahead.

  出国留学的申请书 3

  I am interested in the field of study of Organizational Behavior. In thepast,I have had the experience of working in settings where the people and thecorporate cultures of the companies were all different. I have found that thereis a great difference in the both the behaviors of people and of theirorganizations,depending on whether they are state-owned enterprises (SOEs),large multinational firms,or small to medium sized foreign enterprises. Onesimple example is that of the ability of an employee to act independentlywithout direct instructions from his or her boss. In many Chinese organizations,acting without direct instructions is considered a form of disrespect towardsthe supervisor,who is generally offended by such behavior. In my experience andresearch,such organizations tend to have low operating efficiency with theemployees losing their innate ability to take the initiative.

  In contrast,foreign enterprises tend to welcome employees who have theability to make decisions on their own,though the extent to which this is truedepends on whether the supervisor is a local Chinese or an expatriate. Theseorganizat Applied Program:Organizational Behavior

  The purpose behind this personal statement is to not only gain admission toyour well-established and highly respected Ph.D. program,but to impress uponyou my passion for learning and my tremendous desire to succeed in bothscholastic research and in teaching on the professional level. I have based mydecision to pursue an academic career not on purely practical reasons,butrather on my own natural interests and aptitude. My personal philosophy is thatmoney and social status should not be pursued as life-consuming objectives andthat in actuality they are the by-products of goals originating from ones innerneeds. I understand that my intellectual capacity is a gift,and I intend to usethis gift to the very best of my substantial capabilities.

  I am interested in the field of study of Organizational Behavior. In thepast,I have had the experience of working in settings where the people and thecorporate cultures of the companies were all different. I have found that thereis a great difference in the both the behaviors of people and of theirorganizations,depending on whether they are state-owned enterprises (SOEs),large multinational firms,or small to medium sized foreign enterprises. Onesimple example is that of the ability of an employee to act independentlywithout direct instructions from his or her boss. In many Chinese organizations,acting without direct instructions is considered a form of disrespect towardsthe supervisor,who is generally offended by such behavior. In my experience andresearch,such organizations tend to have low operating efficiency with theemployees losing their innate ability to take the initiative.

  出国留学的申请书 4

  to whom it may concern:i am writing this reference at the request of zhangwho is applying for your graduate program. as an english teacher at the school of humanities and arts, i have had the pleasure of knowing him for the last four years. he has been a tremendous student at the school of communication engineering.mr. zhang is a dedicated student and thus far his grades have been exemplary. in my english class, he has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully participate in any task. for his excellent academic performance, he won the third grade annual scholarship in 20xx.

  in his senior year, he designed light-controlled insects killer, which won the third prize in the school’s spark cup electronic design contestas a team member of his school, he won championship of freshmen-3+1-cup basketball match. his love for extracurricular activities is not limited to sports, he also won awards in many art exhibitions, for example, their dance song and dance in the youthhood won the first prize award in 2014 xidian art show, and their group the excellent team in collecting folk songs by alumni.during the years, as class monitor, he has successfully demonstrated leadership ability by organizing various activities and contacting with the school and university.

  he has helped his classmates by offering lots of constructive advice, many of whom have taken time to share their comments with me regarding his pleasant and encouraging attitude. due to his outstanding performance, he was awarded excellent student-cadre in 2014 and his class won many honorary titles, including the class with good style of study.i feel confident that he will continue to succeed in his studies. it is for these reasons that i offer high recommendations for mr. zhang without any hesitation. his drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment. if you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please contact me.associate professordepartment of foreign languages school of humanities and artsuniversity email:xxxxtel:xxx

  出国留学的申请书 5

  Due to the comprehensiveness of China’s “reform and open” policies, economics plays an increasingly important role in the development of its global position. Though more and more companies built, management of companies cannot catch up with the development of the companies. Management is a burgeoning field in China, so I hope I can acquire more modern knowledge on management in England.

  The roots of my strong interest in business can be traced back to my childhood. My father was among the first of China’s new breed of modern entrepreneurs. As a young girl, it was inspirational hearing about his business ventures, and meeting the varied and interesting circle of entrepreneurs. My mother was also involved in business as an accountant, helping him with simple calculations. And so it was early in my life that I hoped I, also, would someday be able to enter the realm of business.

  With the time of growing up, I preferred reading books to satisfy my curiosity. I never ceased to contemplate over the questions I encountered. Subjects on business and management became a special fascination to me and my knowledge of psychology as well as interest in this field was increasing rapidly.

  As a high school student in China, I had to concentrate on the College Entrance Examination (CEE), even so, books not related to the exams were never excluded from my life. Unfortunately when sitting in the exam in June, 2001, I was so nervous that I didn’t score well in the CEE exam. I enrolled in the department of Computer Science in Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Any attempt to persuade myself to focus on my major turned out to be a failure at the beginning of my college life. After several terms, I realized that I would never be interested in being a programmer or an engineer. At that moment, I lost my direction and objectives.

  My persistence in reading saved me from the dark situation. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed reading the books included Encyclopedia American, and some books about management by Peter F.Drucker.

  I began to notice something interesting: Why some companies can produce more than others? Why some company can sell more than others? Why some companies can build up but others cannot when facing the same difficulties?

  With the questions in my mind, I started to read many relevant books. I was lucky to read the book “Jack: Straight from the Gut”by Jack Welch, in Which John A. Byrne makes a clear illustration that the management is important for a company.

  When I was a junior, I ran a bookshop by myself near my school. I should manage not only the finance in the shop but also the employees in my shop even made some strategies to enlarge the business in my shop to hold on the run the shop.

  From this, my interpersonal skills and the capacity in business has been greatly developed, definitely I was increasingly interested in what I was doing. By December, 2003, I had finally determined to take business management as my career instead of IT. To accumulate more relevant knowledge, I strived to gain more practical work experience in some big companies.

  Fortunately, as a senior, I began by conducting an internship in the Architecture Company in Zhejiang Province.

  Over six months, I worked as an assistant of the manager to harmonize the relationship between the different departments in this company and to draft some management system, which broadened my perspective of management conditions and business performance in different industries. The experience showed me that management is much more important than that of I thought in big companies. After graduation, I continued my work in this company.

  In May, 20, the company offered me an opportunity to participate in an training program held by a famous management school. Through in-depth discussions with teachers and students in the classes, they all encouraged me to pursue my future career in management field because of my intellectual ability and the brand new ideas I mentioned.

  During the short period of training, I realized that pursuing a higher degree in management is a wise choice for me now. Lancaster, with its excellence in management, represents the perfect fit for my needs. In your challenging environment, I can build the required foundation of knowledge related to management to achieve my goals. I am firmly convinced that your admission will be my first step of success. With this in mind, I hereby submit my application, and await your favorable reply.

  出国留学的申请书 6

  Dear x,The experience I gained while travelling and staying in various hotelspositively affected my final decision to choose the hospitality business as theindustry to realize myself and work in.

  Since my childhood I have had an opportunity to develop myself bothphysically and intellectually. I am good at swimming and even won 3 citycompetitions. I am also keen on dancing where the 3rd place and the audienceprize at the belly dance contest .Miss Oriental 2007. was my latestachievement. These skills help me to be in good shape because any employee ofthe hotel is its face and should look impeccably. Sport gives birth to a vastarray of qualities such as aspiration to leadership and victory, diligence,firmness, persistence, self-confidence and motivation and possessing thesetraits can lead to management.

  Since my elementary school I have always wanted to take the leadingposition everywhere. I have tried to take part in all school events, working inthe school.s activity and participating in concerts, Russian, German, Englishand Latvian olympiads and sport competitions. I have been a member of the DramaClub, called .Reveranss., for 5 years, having played in many performances,and as a consequence I have a broad outlook and an open mind. Besides, it isreally significant for me to help to raise my school.s rating.

  You might think that everything is easily achievable for me. However,reaching any target is a toil. Actually, sometimes I did not even sleep fornights to meet deadlines. For instance, last year I was working over my projectabout Saint-Petersburg for a week alone, but it was worth it and I won a 10-dayexcursion to this amazing city. Apart from that, I have always taken a keeninterest in learning languages and studying new topics. As a result, thelanguage is not a setback for me due to school.s rigorous syllabus in teachingEnglish. In addition, I am very punctual. Punctuality is a relevant quality thatevery hotel manager needs. Being late means disrespect and is absolutelyunacceptable in the sphere of hospitality.

  When I ask my friends and acquaintances to say something about me, theydescribe me as a sociable, industrious, creative, energetic and optimisticperson, with a good sense of humor. I appreciate meeting new people. I canlisten to them and be tolerant and tactful. What is more, I have always beenfond of studying business, economics and marketing as to understand the reasonsof the development in different countries and to become acquainted with themethods of achieving the ideal structure and analyzing the economical situationin order to find a right way to success.

  I personally believe that your university will assist me to successfullyreach my objective to become a hotel manager. I want to make my contributioninto this field. I have recently been to England and this journey helped me tomake my choice of the United Kingdom as the place for studying as I consider theUK to be the place where I can obtain a high-quality education, and afterwardssuccessfully apply my knowledge to practical work. I enjoy self-education and Ibelieve that this process will greatly benefit under the supervision of leadingexperts. Due to all the above mentioned, I am fully confident of the fact thatentering your university will be the right step. Then may be one day the poor3-star Italian hotel I stayed at will become a magnificent 5-star one.

  Yours sincerely,

  出国留学的申请书 7

  Dear x,I was the only sixteen-year-old in my first university classroom. It wasone of those defining moments where I was painfully aware of how different I wasfrom the people around me. I had not yet graduated from high school, and yetthere I sat in a class on personal and social adjustment, feeling an oddcombination of excitement and anxiety. I distinctly recall my heart pounding andmy irrational fear that, at any moment, someone would inform me that I did notbelong there. I was considered an oddity at my high school as the only studentin the history of the school to attend secondary and postsecondary institutionssimultaneously as a fulltime student. I was reminded of the fact not throughvast support from my schools faculty, but through blatant vocaldiscouragement.

  In an environment where a large majority of residents live below thepoverty level, it must have seemed strange that I would attend university earlyinstead of applying for employment. The initial hardships of my first year incollege did anything but deter me from wanting to study anthropology. Indeed,the adversity I experienced only succeeded in intensifying it. My high schoolclasses were rather cold and clinical in their teachings, maintaining a firmadherence to stating and memorizing facts with little or no attempt to havestudents engage with the material. My interest in culture and my naturalresponse to analyze, question, and participate was stifled behind statestandards. In contrast, my fascination with culture was able to proliferate inpostsecondary schooling as a result of a liberal arts education and my ownproposed course of study.

  My early education in anthropology started with a historical glance atcultural theory through works of influential pioneers like Malinowski and Mead.I became fascinated by the theoretical framework involved in culturalexploration, especially how cultural beliefs and values play a role in the everyday lives of individuals. During a class on ritual and spectacle, I droveheadlong and enthusiastically into ideas of ritual importance and its impact onsocieties. The subjects ranged from the roles of wedding rites to funerals, andI analyzed certain ceremonies and assessed the meaning of their variouscomponents. Another class taught by the same professor took ritual metaphor andapplied it to narrative. The course addressed European stories from ananalytical perspective, and I examined well-known folktales to yield theirritual symbology. I found myself impassioned by the idea of exploring beyond thesuperficial guise of narrative and seeing it as a meaningful way of expressing asocietys basic beliefs and ideologies. Immersing myself in the works of otherinspiring anthropologists, I examined texts on narrative form and nature, ritualmetaphor and the importance of storytelling in culture.

  My interest in storytelling resulted in the subject of my undergraduatethesis. I decided to focus on American narration, specifically concentrating onexpressions of masculinity in mens magazines. It discussed dialogue inmagazines as well as in teen male group settings, focusing on theconceptualization and presentation of gender in both circumstances. Myoverarching approach examined how masculine identity in the media has evolvedover the last century. I further presented how manly behavior was glamorized inthe text from three contemporary mens magazines, and juxtaposed it with anethnographic work about how young men communicate and assert their genderroles.

  My thesis topic is slightly removed from what I would like to study ingraduate school, but the process familiarized me with the prerequisites requiredfor social research. These included a delay in progress by routine realities,such as gaining IRB approval to interview and observe minors, as well as beingforced to dig through the vast sea of material on womens magazines just toyield the limited data done on mens publications. The college that I attendedalso emphasized the importance of organizing ones own curriculum during juniorand senior years. It was an unrestricted program in which the student consultswith sponsors and plans his or her own course of study. This program approachedthe undergraduate thesis with the same level of intensity and professionalism asa graduate dissertation.

  For my thesis, I assessed my topic and its requirements, efficientlyplanning my eventual course of study. I organized tutorials with my sponsors andestablished necessary reading lists that would contribute to my progress.Tutorial discussions allowed me to gain a broad scope of the research processand solidify my thesis into working theoretical, cultural and ethnographicpapers. I earned permission to conduct fieldwork at a local Boys and Girlsclub, and was approved to interview and observe the interaction between teenagemales at the club. For six months, I listened to the things they considered tobe important aspects of masculinity and used my time there as one example ofteenage suburban expression of larger societal gender roles. I was able tofurther gain a taste of the graduate dissertation process when I successfullydefended my undergraduate thesis during an oral presentation to my sponsors andan outside examiner.

  The liberal arts education I received has given me the means to approachsocial anthropology in a perceptive manner and to consider the variousintricacies that influence and shape certain aspects of culture. These wereabilities that grew and thrived in an educational environment that allowed me tothink critically about topics in anthropology and choose my own course of study.I emerged from college not with textbook facts floating around in my psyche, butwith questions, thoughts and theories. I believe it is my undergraduate liberalarts background that provides me with an aberrant and perceptive approach tocultural anthropology.

  During my hiatus between undergraduate and graduate education, I was ableto step back from the research that captivated me for two years in order toreevaluate my goals in anthropology. While my break did not include leavingschool for an extended period, I used the time to once again study broadly inthe social sciences. By taking courses in psychology and other areas ofanthropology separate from my undergraduate focus, I challenged myself furtherthrough exposure to different material and contrasting teaching styles, therebygaining an educated and informed understanding of my intended course of studyfor graduate school. My extensive consideration of anthropology and thecombination of both my undergraduate and post-baccalaureate education has givenme the means to approach graduate school in a thoughtful and perceptive manner.Additionally, this hiatus gave me the ability to devote necessary attention tochoosing graduate schools that will both challenge my views of cultural identityand allow me to excel in anthropology.

  Yours sincerely,

  出国留学的申请书 8

  Personal Statement

  Program:20th Century American Literature

  “The apparition of these faces in the crowds:/Petals on a wet,black bough.”My first reaction on reading Ezra Pounds 1916 poem In a Station of the Metrowas that of outrage. Is it a poem by any definition? If it is a poem,how is itto be interpreted and understood? And finally,what are the implications thatthis poem has produced for the twentieth- century American literature?

  My initial bewilderment subsided as I realized that there must a raisondetre behind this apparently bizarre literary phenomenon. What I should do isto put this poem into the context of the American literary evolution andliterary history. At least,the poem raises an important challenge. It requiresme to understand some of the crucial changes that must be happening around theturn of the last century.

  My subsequent studies indicate that this poem represents part of the largerliterary movement known as Imagism,which included such theorists andpractitioners as T. E. Hume,Hilda Doolittle,Amy Lowell,Ezra Pound,etc. Themovement was a direct reaction to the late Victorian poetry,which had becomeextremely artificial,emptily “rhetorical” and “ornamental”. To address suchproblems,it was necessary to loosen the metrical pattern and bring it backcloser to the rhythms of ordinary speech. Consequently,the “imagist” movementhad a great deal to do with promoting experiments with free verse,advocatingamong many creeds the need “to allow absolute freedom in the choice of subject”and “to produce poetry that is hard and clear,never blurred nor indefinite.”When Archibald MacLeish said in his Ars Poetica (1926) that “A poem should notmean / But be”,he had similar concerns in his mind. Imagism,minor as it is asa literary movement,triggered important changes in literary criticism,introducing the notion of internal studies as embodied by New Criticism tosubstitute the conventional critical practices.

  The foregoing incident is but one instance that happened in my study ofliterature. For a Chinese student like me,it has at least two importantimplications. First,a literary work must not be treated in isolation. Itinteracts with what is written before it and after it and this historicalperspective is one way in which we may add to our interpretation. Second,it isimportant to be acquainted with relevant literary theories when interpreting agiven literary work.

  A student majoring in English (& International Trade) at the EnglishDepartment of x University,I grew increasingly interested in literature duringthe second half of my undergraduate program. Of course,I was trained to be astudent of English language in the first place and as such I received thestandard academic training typical of a student of English major. For the firsttwo years,I primarily had intensive trainings in basic English language skillsby attending courses in advanced listening,writing,reading and oralcommunication. My distinguished academic performance is demonstrated by the fourconsecutive first-class and second-class scholarships I won from 1999 to 2003.In 2001,I was awarded the second prize in the campus-wide English compositioncontest and in 2002 the first prize in the translation contest. Anotherindicator of my scholastic achievements is the honor of Outstanding Graduate ofxProvince that I received by the time I completed my undergraduate program.

  I started reading English novels as soon as I began my undergraduate program.But I primarily used it as a way to increase my vocabulary and to improve myreading comprehension. Since the second year in my undergraduate program,ourcurriculum included five major courses related to Anglo-American literature andculture:Selected Readings in English Literature,Selected Readings in AmericanLiterature,Introduction to European Culture,The History of English andAmerican Literature,Selected Readings in English & American Fictions. Thosecourses provided me with a cultural and historical framework with which tounderstand Anglo-American literature and to know their interrelationships. Igrew familiar with major authors and works in British and American literatureand gained tentative knowledge of western critical approaches. Books likeLiterary Theory-An Introduction by Terry Eagleton and 20th Literary Criticismedited by David Lodge proved somewhat esoteric to me,but they allowed me torealize that there are important critical approaches very different from thosein Chinese literature and different from conventional ones in western literatureitself.

  My defining interest in British and American Literature led me to write aboutT. S. Eliot and his poetry in my thesis Dull Roots Stirred by the SpringRain-Meaning Through Imagery in T. S. Eliots “Waste Land”(available uponrequest). In this thesis,I examined different groups of imagery that T. S.Eliot employed to externalize his central ideas and emotions. I also analyzedthe theoretical justifications for his virtually excessive use of imagery bytracing it to his theory of “Objective Correlative” that he proposed in Hamletand His Problems,a critical essay contained in The Sacred Wood (1920).

  In an extracurricular event,students in our department put on Shakespearesdrama Romeo and Juliet and I was the performer-director. Based on my ownunderstanding of the play,I changed its tragic ending and made it a happy oneby allowing the hero and the heroine to be resurrected and reunited. I believethat a love of such intensity should be fulfilled,otherwise it would be toopathetic.

  In the last semester of my undergraduate program,I was recruited by myuniversity to teach the course Appreciation of American Literature to studentsof non-English major. By applying my computer skills,I developed a series ofcourseware,covering different periods of American literature and illustrated bygraphics and diagrams to make an otherwise difficult course interesting and easyto understand.

  Nevertheless I am fully aware that my knowledge of American literature is farfrom sufficient. I need to receive more advanced education for the sake of abetter career development. Therefore I plan to apply for a Graduate program inEnglish at the University of x,concentrating on modern and contemporaryAmerican literature. Your program is nationally recognized (listed as among thetop 10 in x according to x) and it attacks me for its quality,small size andclose mentorship. I am interested in your well-designed curriculum whoseContemporary American Literature,American Literary History,Special Topics inAmerican Literature,American Literature 1865-1914,1914-1960. Among your 13professors,I would like to receive instructions from x,x,x. x,and x. Ibelieve I am well-prepared and genuinely motivated for your program,which willteach me the knowledge and expertise nowhere to be sought in my own country.

  出国留学的申请书 9

  Dear x,It’s all about the headline. It’s about getting your point across in themost direct way you can. These personal statements are very good example ofthis, in just a few lines I have to get my message of why I want do a degree inJournalism across to my prospective universities. That is one of the reasons whyI love to write, the challenge of putting over a complex thought or concept to alarge audience of people and convey it in such a way everybody will understandit. As the great writer Hemingway once said, “My aim is to put down on paperwhat I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.”

  My own personal experience of journalism started young, my dad used towrite for a magazine and take me with him when he went to interview people,since then I have been fascinated with the industry. When I was 14 I was luckyenough to get a work experience placement at “News International” in Wapping. Igot to work on the websites of “FiredUp.com”, “Revolver.com” and “Page3.com” aswell as have a tour of the offices of “The Sun”, “News Of The World” and “TheTimes”, I have also recently been offered a day’s work experience at my localpaper and I am currently waiting for news of work experience at the BBC.

  I pride myself on being well organised and thorough in my research. I havealso developed many skills such as interview techniques and being able to seethings from another perspective, a skill I have acquired through Sociology andCommunication Studies, analytical skills through Film Studies and Media Studiesand I have learnt about analysing and collating numerical data and factualevidence in Psychology. Although I have already completed three A-Levels and twoAS Levels, I have taken a year out to study AS French, Sociology and Spanish. Idid this in order to improve my grades and to give me a wider choice ofqualifications as my previous subjects are all very similar with their syllabusas well the fact multiple languages would be an invaluable advantage to havewhen working in the area of communication.

  Some of my outside interests are music, politics, the Internet and reading.Music in particular is a great love of mine, I regularly attend “gigs” andconcerts and have been an active member of the “Sum 41 Street Team” for over ayear, this involves spreading publicity through flyers and posters to promotethe band, I find it very fulfilling and enjoyable. Another one of my interestsis the Internet, I contribute articles to a site dealing with issues such as“top-up fees” and other important student matters, which I enjoy greatly and ishelping to improve my knowledge of university for the future. I have a part timejob waitressing at a local hotel which I do a few nights a week. It gives me asense of my own independence and responsibility, I also help my mother at thelocal Red Cross during half terms and holidays cooking for the elderly and havealso recently volunteered to sell Poppies for Remembrance Sunday throughout mytown. Another activity of mine is being my tutor group representative for ourcollege’s student council and regularly attend meetings to deal with concerns ofthe student body.

  I am thoughtful, organised and handle pressure well, I love to write and itis my ambition to do so, I believe I can bring many things to the courses I haveselected and in turn can get a lot out of them as well.

  Yours sincerely,

  出国留学的申请书 10

  Dear x,Since I was young I maintained a keen interest in different types of art,as photography, making the postcards, flower arrangement, but mostly I likeddancing, drawing and painting what Ive started to learn when I was 5 years oldwith my parents who are the choreographers with some drawing and paintingskills.

  At the age of 11 Ive been spotted by my teacher as creative student withthe best capability to harmonize the colours in the class. And therefore heasked for my parents to transfer me to high school of art.

  These two and a half year in art school challenged my creative potential inpainting and sculpture lessons, but drawing and modeling I have enjoyed themost, because even now I still love to see how I can start from drawing point bypoint, and after line by line with solving some math problems and makingeverything narrowly, till the end, when I get the results which is yourimagination made into reality on the paper, and it gives me thesatisfaction.

  Unfortunately I didn???t have a possibility to finish that school, becauseof my parent divorce, I moved to other school in the other city with my mother.Despite all these problems Ive never stopped drawing and painting. My sparetime after school has been filled with a lot of art classes, from painting withcomputer to mixed media. Now I have improved my IT skills and I can work withsuch the programs, as PHOTOSHOP, MS OFFICE and learning with CAD.

  Also I have had an opportunity to be a member of senate. This let me todevelop my patience in pursuance of the best results in organizing some eventsand shows in my school, and even in the other city schools. I always try to beenthusiastic and find I get on well with other people, enjoy meeting newpersonalities and experiencing new surroundings. I have assisted in a lot ofprojects and public competitions as well. Im pleased to take a dare for myselfand show what I can for the others. But the best part is to see the reactionwhen my work is being seen by people. I love to hear compliments and criticism,because it makes to improve myself more and more.

  When I was 15 I started to think about what I want from my life and I knewthat I really want to do something special that people would know about me andwonder at my striking creations.

  These are the causes why I have the ambition to go to university and do adegree in planning the buildings, creating some modern houses and interiors,because it will enable me to combine the strongest aspects of my personality.Nowadays many buildings are so lofty, extremely the architecture of London.Consequently Im here. The centre of this city is the big museum, where I couldspend all my time and watch all those small, but labour-consuming details increative constructions.

  Im just dreaming about the studies, because I truly want to know moreabout functional house, particularly arrangements of light and space, and thephysical world. Im convinced that Im ready to go to this world with all mycreativeness.

  Its a bit hard to explain by letter why I truly want to study exactly anarchitecture course. Its just ambition inside. I see a lot of perspectives inarchitecture with creation, which is just powerful skill. Im inflamed withdesire to create something, but Im missing some knowledge to realize that inthe future. I love to do something new, I have a lot of ideas and I really wantto show it for the world. I feel prepared to face with math, art history, Imready to learn all these for a long years and gain a professional architectname, Im ready to take that responsibility, but Im just waiting foragreement.

  Yours sincerely,

  出国留学的申请书 11

Dear leaders and tutors of the university:


  First of all, thank you for reviewing my personal application for studyingabroad in your busy schedule.

  My name is xxx, and I am a senior science student from a certain middleschool in xx. I am about to face the college entrance examination. I hope torealize my dream of studying in xx university through your school. For a longtime, the university has been very attractive to me. It has a long history,profound cultural heritage, rich teaching resources, a good academic atmosphere,and a strong atmosphere of the times. , Has cultivated many outstanding talentsfor the motherland, has achieved fruitful scientific research results, and hasbecome an important base for cultivating high-level specialized talents anddeveloping science and technology in our country. Her personality is that she isone of the first universities in our country that has started to implementindependent enrollment on a trial basis. She cherishes talents, has a sense ofresponsibility, and selects talents in an eclectic manner. This is veryattractive to me. I am very eager to get the admission notice from your schoolin July 2012, become a student of your school, and become a talent for thesociety and the motherland.

  Since entering high school, I have been working hard to learn culturalknowledge and diligent thinking in order to realize this ideal. English, physicsand chemistry are my strong subjects, and I have excellent personalities inEnglish. I participated in this years National Middle School English InnovationCompetition for middle school students and had the honor to enter thesemi-finals. Although I missed the final prize due to various reasons, theprocess of participating in the competition greatly improved my potential.

  In addition to excellent academic performance, I also have manyspecialties. I participated in a campus band. In my spare time, I like to playerhu and learn erhu. Not only has it enriched my extracurricular life, but alsosublimated my insights on music. In the world of erhu, there is "Horse Racing"which is bold and unrestrained, there is "Bright Walk" which is firm andpowerful and traces the light to the light, and there is also "River Water"which is sorrowful and sorrowful. In junior high school, he won the OutstandingProgram Award in the talent show competition in Boxing County.

  Not only do I like computers. In my spare time, I participated in thecomputer rank examination organized by the Ministry of Education and obtained aLevel B certificate. I also often participate in physical exercises with myheart to strengthen my physique and perseverance. In addition, I amenthusiastic, cheerful, helpful, sunny and upward, so since high school, I havebeen rated as a "three good student" every year.

  However, these achievements can only represent my past. The dream is in myheart, the road is under my feet, and I stand at the crossroads of life. I chose University, and I hope University can open its arms and bring me a greatdevelopment. Platform, I hope that all the leaders and teachers can understandmy application. Thank you very much!