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  contact information

  jeffrey c. bratton

  3718 luke lane

  kenton, ok 73946

  tel: 580-261-9541

  email id-

  career objective

  seeking a high position in enterprise planning area, which will allow me to utilize my knowledge and skills to prepare efficient and effective budget plans for the company, thereby improving their profitability.

  skills and proficiencies

  knowledge of cognos software tools and applications

  proven track record of implementing enterprise planning and business intelligence strategies and solutions successfully

  experience in working with data warehousing tools

  translate business requirements into processes and make effective decisions to achieve business/project objectives

  communicate fluently and effectively with domestic and international clients and associates

  use easy techniques and solutions to solve complex problems without using complicated languages and scripting

  ability to explore information or data from the right source at the right time

  abreast with latest technologies, applications and processes in the cognos enterprise planning environment

  technical skills and knowledge

  cognos tool - cognos 8 planning application, administrator, author, framework manager, report studio, etc.

  business intelligence/olap tools, data stage, informatica and abinitio

  software languages including sql, java, xml, pl, c, c++, etc.

  html, dhtml

  operating system and windows xp, xx, unix, ms-dos

  microsoft suite

  toad, enterprise manager, quality sqa

  educational qualifications

  mba with specialization in financial management (major) and information technology (minor) from xyz university, ny, xx

  diploma in computing and programming from hightech institute, ny, 1999

  bachelor of engineering degree in computer science from abc college, ny, 1998

  high school diploma from xyz high school, ok, 1996

  professional training

  completed one year technical training program from ibm software group training and certification with specialization in cognos suite.

  professional experience

  company- it corporation ltd., ny

  designation: sr. cognos enterprise planing consultant

  duration- may xx to june xx

  job responsibilities:

  provide support to enterprise planning requirements through the use of cognos planing software of all versions

  plan, analyze and evaluate solutions for cognos enterprise planning environment by using the appropriate version of the software

  take quick decisions and prepare financial budget and forecast plans in line with the available resources and company objectives

  ensure optimum utilization of resources and plan the overall design solution for the enterprise

  design and deploy complicated software methodologies

  compare past records and the present performance status to build a framework for the future

  involve in identification of drawbacks in the application process and take effective corrective actions

  maintain, develop and upgrade the etl and data warehousing tools

  apply knowledge and solutions by using latest and updated technologies

  company- xyz inc , ny

  designation: cognos enterprise planning consultant

  duration- sept xx to may xx

  job responsibilities:

  develop enterprise planning applications for the company through the use of cognos planning software

  build new models by comparing with the present and past models

  apply and use the latest version of cognos planning tool to the old models/ applications to increase more efficiency

  apply cognos tm1 and enterprise to install, configure and maintain the server

  optimize and improve the solutions and applications according to the best industry practices

  maintain cordial relations with the client, colleagues and stakeholders to ensure continuity of information flow, as and when required

  maintain reports and documentation related to cognos enterprise planning

  make necessary changes to the report, as and when required

  ensure delivery of project within the deadline

  evaluated the performance of the project and analyze the effect of cognos enterprise planning application

  improve the financial performance of the company and clients

  handle more than one project involving separate applications

  personal details

  name: jeffrey c. bratton

  sex : male

  age: 28 years

  marital status: single

  date of birth: december 7, 1982

  nationality: american

  languages known: english and spanish

  hobbies: programming and web designing


  name: harry kleten

  designation: manager

  organization name: xyz inc., new york

  telephone number: 893-xxx- xxxx

  email id: