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Name yjbys  
Date of Birth  
Contact No  
Job Target
Target Industry The hope responds to a call for recruits profession scope
Target job The hope responds to a call for recruits post
Target address Hope work area, urban scope
Target salary Anticipation wage level welfare demand,Discussing in person
To hillock time The new post can in the long time assume the post
Working Experience
20xx/04Present XXX
  Industry: Finance/Investments/Securities
Human Resources Dept Regional HR Manager
Responsibilities & Achievements:
  1. In charge of the full function of Human Resources. 
  2. Recruitment – hire the best people at right value, identify potential problem candidates.  
  3. Orientation and training – provide information to new comers and suggest necessary training for existing team.
  4. C&B – payroll and mandatory benefits administration plus headcount reports.
  5. Staff social welfare functions – need to be creative and understand staffs
  6. Peformance evaluation – initiative in launching and coordinate to complete it on time.
  7. Disputes and terminations – familiar with the labor laws and able to handle and solve.
  8. Assist in formulating and implementing company policies and regulations.
  9. Internal & external communication and handle affairs on behalf of the company in a professional and mature manner on HR and admin related duties.
  10. Confident to make normal HR and administrative decisions with minimal supervision.
Report Directly to: CEO  Number of Subordinate:2
20xx/04—20xx/12 USA First Light Academy-Finance & Economic Management
  Industry: Education/Training
Human Resources Dept HR Manager
Responsibilities & Achievements:
  1. In charge of overall HR& admin responsibilities.
  2. Review and develop HR programs and procedure.
  3. Recruit, train, develop and retain people to meet business requirement.
  4. Champion employee opinion surveys and employee relations.
  5. Maintain good public relation with the various personnel and labor management organizations, and Human Resources professionals regarding personnel functions;
  6. Responsible for the office administration, ensure qualified administration service available to meet the operation needs;
  7. Make strategic HR policies and practices in line with high quality.
Report Directly to: CEO       Number of Subordinate:2
20xx/07—20xx/07 Work soft Creative Software Technology Company Limited (IBM Vendor)
  Industry: Computers, Software
Human Resources Dept HR Recruiting Manager/Supervisor
Responsibilities & Achievements:
  1. Assit to build up and finalize company recruiting system、recruiting procedure、written examination system;
  2. Base on company personnel organization plan and the business development demand, coordinate and count various departments' recruiting requirement, draw out job description and recruiting plan and channel.
  3. Consummate selection system on talented candidates, meet company's human resources requirement;
  4. Carrie on resume screening and the qualification test, interview, hire and so on work;
  5. Consummate company backup talented people selection plan and build up pool of capable candidates, establish the human resources information bank.
  6. Completes other human resources job assignment and be responsible for the subordinate team member management and training.
Report Directly to: GM   Number of Subordinate:4
Achievements: Successfully recruit qualified core project manager and software engineer in time and establish CSTS software testing center to meet business requirement.
1998/06—20xx/06 IBM SHANGHAI BRANCH
  Industry: Computers, Software
Human Resources Dept. Human Resources Specialist(Recruiting & Training)
Responsibilities & Achievements:
  1. According to the existing headcount and the business development requirement, analyzes various departments' recruiting demand, establish yearly recruiting plan and job description;
  2. Consummate the recruiting procedure, be responsible to develop, introduce the exterior talented person, organize and implement recruiting activity include campus recruiting;
  3. Is responsible to formulate yearly training plan.
  4. Base on corporate business strategy, provides maximized training resources support for various departments; Be responsible for the training program coordination and training result appraisal;
  5. Be the tutor to the new staff who are arranged to New Employee Orientation;
  6. Complete other tasks which assigned by human resources manager.
Report Directly to: HR Manager  Number of Subordinate:2
Achievements: Accomplish recruiting assignment in time and establish talent pool; Administrative operation on learning center.
1992/07—1998/07 Olym
  • Act as the staff in business center, provide service for fax letter、document print out and translation.
  • Feedback on customer's information inquiry.
  • Achievements:
    1. Arrange group-guest checkin-checkout;;
    2. Provide support in business center;
    3. Reply guest's inquiry.
    20xx/12—20xx/12 Shanghai Normal University English Bachelor
    20xx/09—20xx/07 Shanghai Normal University Administration Associate
    20xx/08—20xx/08 SUN & HOLD LAW FIRM Explanation On New labor Contract
    20xx/12—20xx/12 National CET 4 520
    20xx/07—20xx/12 International Economic Institute international financial graduated
    20xx/01—20xx/06 Hua Dong normal university English grammar and English speaking and listening graduated
    20xx/12 CET4
    1. Major in English, fluent spoken and written English, Be able to interview candidates in English.
    2. Have 3 years of experience in IBM SH Branch, 6 years of experience in the sacle of over 300 employees of Multinational Company; Be familiar with IT, Financial, Education, Tourism Industry.