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  The reason _____ I can't come is that I have to prepare for the coming exam.

  A. for  B. as

  C. because  D. why

  2. She studied hard at school when she was young; _____ contributes to her success in her career.

  A. that  B. so that

  C. so  D. which

  3. Sound waves travel in the air in much the same way _____ water waves spread on the water.

  A. as  B. that

  C. where  D. in which

  4. I've got a bottle of beer, but I haven't got anything _____ I can open it with.

  A. that  B. what

  C. where  D. which


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  PART I Structure and Vocabulary (10% )

  Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part.For eachsentence there are four choices marked A,B, C and D. Choose the ONEanswer that best Completes the sentence. Then blacken the correspondingletter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

  1 . He didn't seem to mind ___________ TV while he was trying to study.

  A. their watching

  B. them watch

  C. they watching

  D. them to watch

  2. It is said that more than one person in this department ___________ going to lose his job.

  A. are

  B. were

  C. will

  D. is

  3. When she ___________ all the magazines, she’ll come back home .