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  Personal information


  At present, guangzhou age: 21

  Account: shaoguan nationality: China

  Marital status: single national: han

  Integrity badges: did not apply for height: 165 cm

  Measurement of the talent assessment: no body weight: 54 kg


  Talent type: students

  Position: / import and export of foreign trade specialist/assistant, operations

  Working lives: 0 title:

  Job type: internships can date: one month

  Salary: 1500-2000 work area of hope: tianhe district, the nansha district, panyu district


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  RESUME Personal Information: Family Name: Wang Given Name: Bin Date of Birth: July 12, 1971 Birth Place: Beijing Sex: Male Marital Status: Unmarried Telephone: (010)62771234 Pager: 99900-1234567 E-mail: Work Experience: Nov. 1998- present CCIDE Inc, as a director of software development and web publishing .Organized and attended trade shows (Comdex 99) . Summer of 1997 BIT Company as a technician ,designed various web sites . Designed and maintained the web site of our division independently from s electing suitable materials, content editing to designing web page by FrontPage, Photoshop and Java as well ; Education: 1991 - August 1996 Dept.of Automation, Tsinghua University, B.E. Achievements & Activities: President and Founder of the Costumer Committee Established the organization as a member of BIT President of Communications for the Marketing Association Representative in the Student Association Computer Abilities: Skilled in use of MS Frontpage, Win 95/NT, Sun, JavaBeans, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Interdev, Distributed Objects, CORBA, C, C , Project 98, Office 97, Rational RequisitePro, Process, Pascal, PL/I and SQL software English Skills: Have a good command of both spoken and written English .Past CET-6, TOEFL: 623; GRE: 2213 Others: Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment. Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths.,


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  Nancy Leigh

  3434 Pine Road Ruston, LA 72987

  TELL:****** Email:***********


  The Ohio State University -Columbus, June **

  Bachelor of Arts in communication

  Strategic Communication Focus; Film Studies Minor

  Major GPA 3.3; Dean's List

  EXPERIENCE Editorial Intern, 10x Media, LLC, Orem, UT, Summer **

  Researched and wrote more than 100 community snapshots used by several national real estate companies to drive website traffic

  Performed extensive Internet research to secure community information including public transportation, housing, schools, commerce and other demographic information


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  The basic information

  Name: yjbys

  Gender: male

  Age: 30 years old, height: 170 cm

  Marital status: single Household register: guizhou guiyang

  Highest degree: college experience: 1-3 years

  Contact address: guiyang camp road


  The position: recently worked.net programmers project leader

  Expect to work: in guizhou province

  Expect job nature: full time

  Expected monthly salary: 3000 ~ 5000 yuan/month

  Hoped for jobs: software testing engineer, other computer class position

  Expect is engaged in the industry, computer software/hardware


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  Personal information


  Gender: male

  Nationality: han nationality

  Age: 35

  Marital status: unmarried

  Professional name: trade

  Major in science: science

  Politics: crowds

  Graduate school: quanzhou textile institute

  Graduation time: June 2005

  Highest degree: junior college

  Computer level: proficient

  Work experience: over 10 years

  Height: 170cm weight: 65 kg

  Location: xinluo district

  Census register: xinluo district


  Expected career: sales, management, etc

  Expected salary: negotiable


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姓    名:XXXXX

专    业: 英语教育  
性    别: 女 

学    历: 专科生毕业 
出生日期: 19851016   学    制: 5
生 源 地: 山西垣曲   培养方式: 非定向  
民    族: 汉族   毕业学校: 平顶山学院  
政治面貌: 共青团员   毕业时间: 20050630  
主修外语: 英语   外语级别: 四级  
微机水平: 无   普 通 话: 二级甲等



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Chinese Name:Guoqiang Zhang

  English Name: Eddy Zhang


  Sex: Male 【您现在阅读的文章来自“中国人才指南网”,请记住我们的永久域名:www.cnrencai.com 】

  Born: 6/12/82

  University: Beijing University

  Major: Marketing

  Address: 328#, Beijing University

  Telephone: 1398****451

  Email: ****@163.com


  Job Objective:

  A Position offering challenge and responsibility in the realm of consumer affairs or marketing.


  2000-2004 Bejing University, College Of Commerce

  Graduating in July with a B. S. degree in Marketing.

  Fields of study include: economics, marketing, business law, statistics, calculus,psychology, sociology, social and managerial concepts in marketing, consumer behavior, sales force management, product policy, marketing research and forecast,marketing strategies.

  1994-2000 The No.2 Middle School of Xi'an.


  Social Activities:

  2000-2004 Secretary of the Class League Branch.

  1994-2000 Class monitor.

  Summer Jobs:

  2002 Administrative Assistant in Sales Department of Xi'an Nokia Factory. Responsible for public relations, correspondence, expense reports, record keeping, inventory catalog.

  2003 Provisional employee of Sales Department of Xi'an Lijun Medical Instruments & Equipment (Holdings) Company. Responsible for sorting orders, shipping arrangemeents, deliveries.


  Internet-surfing, tennis, travel.

  English Proficiency:

  College English Test-Band Six.

  Computer Skills:

  Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, etc.


  References will be furnished upon request.


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  简历的内容要精雕细琢,简历的封面和求职信也要认真准备!简历这件事儿,你准备好了吗? 更多英文简历模板尽在应届毕业生简历模板网。


  Howard T. Calahan

  1128 Tea Berry Lane

  Bonduel, WI 54105

  Phone: 715-758-2566

  Email ID: howard_calahan@mail.com


  Seeking for the entry level and responsible position in finance.


  Summary of Qualifications:

  Meet deadlines, calm under pressure, strong on follow-up.

  Excellent numerical and analytical abilities.

  Strong closing and sales skills.

  Demonstrated interpersonal skills: equally effective, cooperative team player, hard working, motivating and independent.

  Bilingual: Fluent in French and English.


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  Name: Mr.YJBYS

  Nation: the current location of brave guy: Wuhan

  Age: 24-year-old account location: Wuhan

  Marital status: unmarried

  Job search intention and work experience

  Talent type: Full-time

  Position: ceramic technology, glass / chemical processes, building materials and products

  Work Experience: 0 Title: No

  Job type: Full-time arrived to date: at any time

  Monthly requirements: Negotiable hope that the working area: Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan

  Personal experience:% 26 # 61656; 2002-2006, propaganda as in the classes have been a member of the Propaganda Department in the Student Union General Hospital


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Personal data Name :xxx Sex : Female Han nationality : Changsha, Hunan consistent membership : Party political landscape : Hunan Polytechnic graduate institutions and professional advertising professional : Education : Undergraduate Degree : Bachelor of Literature Marital Status : Unmarried Telephone : xxxx Email : xxx@sina.com Skills / expertise : High School won the English in Changsha City television talk show contest Festival; Students attend English Speech Competition award in 2005; Competition has won the first prize in Hunan polytechnic campus and singer; Hunan Polytechnic English song contest second prize; (About modesty) Computer provincial level; English level Work experience : , Who served as department-level cadres and cadres classes, a strong organization and management; Organized 4D advertising Society, and served as vice president posts; Changsha advertising companies in 2004 as a part-time; 2005 summer, a part-time English guides; In October 2005, a number of international tours, training 4A advertising company, a lot of gains; 2003--2006, in Changsha City Ying Da Spoken English language school teachers; Meanwhile, in a number of English training schools (and some expatriates run) as Oral quick teachers, many contacts with foreigners;