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  What is a smile? Some people say that the expression is the heart. I think that smile is a heart, is a strong It is a detached charm; smile is a grace, it has a warm and friendly, with acceptance and caring, with tolerance and open-minded with a relaxed and optimistic. Therefore, in working and living in a smile treat everyone around them has become my greatest wish. I smiled through every day.

  Every day, I smile, I love the education of students. Early in the morning, accompanied by sun, we are ushering in a group of group of students, they have lovely, and some naughty naughty, some clever, some wood satisfied, ... ..., no matter who, no matter what he is from the family, No matter how his performance, I smiled and treat each of them.

  Mischievous and occasionally also to blame, because of deterioration and while the loss due to discipline, but the office really does not keep ideas and personal considerations, the children will really be you, bit by bit to see their progress, you will more to bloom broad smiles on their faces.

  Normal years, no matter what kind of class, as a teacher, guides the efforts of the children's mental and physical immersion in between the lines, so that high-spirited children from the passion straightforward, and so it goes, teachers and students do not stress and worry, so naturally, such a statement to the words to, so that the soul of the teachers and students mingled with the class as What is Education?

  His seventeen years of education told me that education is a dynamic process of human spiritual encounter and dialogue. Education is looking forward to that education is in hand, education is the clarity, education is exciting, full of education with regards to the truth, education filled with smiling faces. The face of my students, I would like to smile every day.

  Every day, I smile, to live together with my colleagues. People encounter is a margin of its own. Moreover, today, we have a common cause to come together, how can we not smile to cherish? Smile is the一泓spring water from the bottom of my heart, the soul of a tacit understanding friends, and strangers is to shorten the distance.

  In November, I bid farewell to each other overnight partner, leaving the plants in the chest clear Xinzhuang Town primary school, went to a new collective --- a small aircraft to China. Lonely? Regret it?

  When friends heard of the sorry and asked with concern, I always smile to tell you: all could hang good! School teachers and soon familiar, it's a sincere heart to the smiling face of a sincere life, in the face of work: Every day, we smiled and talked about the cause of the school, the school's development, all other schools; a smile on the shuttle classrooms, inter-office, even though every day seems to have endless things busy, but its music also fills the air with warmth! I am happy, I smile.

  Every day, I smile to face itself. I think that there is no heart murmur smile flow, there will be no free and easy life. ,

  Functions, regardless of how high or how inconspicuous impressive, I do not have the time ecstasy, nor dismissive of secretly laughing, I smiled frankly accepted the blessing of his companions.

  I know that school is my lucky love, duty and destiny of the appointment is lucky, I have to smile thanks to all! Difficulty comes, I have discouraged, but also thought of retreat, but in the end I was the courage to meet the challenges of a smile, because I believe that with a smile the face of suffering, then tomorrow, if you will like the bright smile today. Nevertheless, every day, every day, I also can not own them smile?

  Teachers with a sincere smile treatment of students, to treat themselves, to treat everyone around you, we will have a life unmatched beauty and free and easy. Let us hope that smiled torch, go together like a glorious tomorrow, let us smile, the life of a brilliant show shine. Dear teachers, please let a smile every day!



  Leo Tolstoy once said, everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

  He is right. We always have great plans and dreams in our minds… too ready to achieve something grand that changes the world or benefits all of mankind .For example; we hate pollution and have made up our minds to find new energy sources that keep the environment clean. Yet we still litter on the ground. We complain about traffic jams, so we plan to build more highways to solve the problem, but it never occurs to us that our failure to follow traffic regulations is the leading cause of this situation. We are so concerned that the violence in the media has a bad impact on our children, we urge the government to set laws to protect them. But, do we, as adults, set a good example for our kids? We use nasty words and even spit on the ground in front of them, I dare to say, we harm more!

  In my opinion, before we decide to change the world, we had better change ourselves first. As ordinary individuals, we do not have the power to change the world. But we can change our habit of littering, spitting, cussing, we can respect the environment around us, we must act as good models for our kids.

  If each of us does all of these little things, all of us, millions and millions of individuals together, together we will be strong …strong enough to change our world!

  So please, the next time you do something, think how your actions influence not only you, but those around you too, especially our children …and perhaps more importantly…our planet!


  I am an English teacher

  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a great honor to speak here: I am an English teacher.People often say: Teacher is the engineer of human spirit. Last September, I became a teacher. How to become a real teacher? This is the first difficulty that I come across in my career. At first, I felt so good and fun to stay with so many lovely students, then I integrated with them, and soon, the problem came out. If a teacher can’t set up her dignity in front of the students, it will make the class teaching more difficult. In my lessons, the students often kept on talking, acting, and asking questions. What should I do? I can’t get along with them like this any more. I must be strict with them. Pay more attention to what should be praised, what should be criticized. Any carelessness is not permitted. At last, the class discipline became better.

  Nowadays, the importance of learning English is obvious. The world becomes globalization and unify. The association of each country is closer and closer. People call the earth as a global village. English is the first current language in the international world. The communication of politics, economy and culture is upon English. As we know, we will take a beating if we lay behind. How to catch up with the world? That is, study English well to gain the first hand data. The entrance of WTO, the Olympic Games which will be held in 20xx, shows that we must learn English well as quickly as possible. Forcing study won’t stay in the heart, feeding knowledge into the brain won’t get a good result, and high mark isn’t our teaching goal. To get a satisfied effect, we should make the students learn on their own initiative. How to make them feel interested in studying English? I think the key point is the teaching design. It must be vivid and vigorous. We can change our study contents into games, performances, competitions and so on. Let them believe English is easy and funny.

  As the step of history is advancing, the demand of English teaching is changeable. The junior students are not what we know as before. They have a lot of knowledge, and are good at combining English with other subjects, such as history, geography, physics, chemistry and so on. Their English level is higher than what we thought. Many of them started learning English in their primary school. So English teacher should pursue advanced studies constantly, and master the latest teaching materials and methods to meet today’s demands.

  I feel very happy to be an English teacher. I will do my best to teach English well with my knowledge, my patience and my enthusiasm. Make Chinese speak English better, and show their ability and talent in the world stage. I am proud to tell you: I am an English teacher.