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  大学英语自我介绍 1

  Good afternoon madam and sir.

  I am glad to be here to meet all of you. First please let me introduce myself. My name is xxx,21. I come from Qinhuangdao,a beautiful cost city of Hebei Province.

  I am a college student Majored in food science and engineering,studying at the life science department of Heilonjiang University,chemisty and biology is my major subjects.I have been studying hard since I enter the life science department.Now I am monitor of my class and get along with my classmates. Since this march ,I’ve been working as an assistant at the heilongjiang university work-study office,and performe well.I am very lucky to get the chance to be inteviewed by you.

  I am open-minded ,quick in thought energetic and positive.like other youngers.I havebroad interests,especially search the Internet and do some schemes.I usually organise team-work activities,thus,I’m good at communicating with others and making frieds widely. What’s more I can act consonace with the requirements of the occasions and have a experience of administrate a calss which consists of 60 students. At the end of the work I became friends with them. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning.Of course,if I were given the chance to work for new Oriental,I would spare no effort to make a difference.

  Thank you!






  大学英语自我介绍 2

Dear Sir / Madam:

  Hello!I was a senior at Hunan Normal University,students going into the community,I was full of expectation for the future.I believe,Well begun is half done (good beginning is half the success).

  I hope your company is the starting point for my success that I can,together with your company to create a brilliant tomorrow.

  I was born in the border town of scenic rivers -- Riverside.outstanding performances in 20xx,I admitted to the Hunan Normal University School of Economics and Management,and thus opened a new chapter in my life.School classes since I have been secretary of the corporation,not only the heavy workload of my job training and tempering,I have the ability to solve problems more tempered,I can calmly analyze the problems faced and thoughtful.And all of this to my professional choice will have a profound impact.

  I do our own work,the school also took an active part in the various activities,and to encourage students to participate,for their advice; In daily life,I was able to closely unite students,I believe that a collective effort is a powerful,onty when we engage in,we can work. The socialist modernization drive is comprehensive quality management talents.

  So I learn professional knowledge,the main English andcomputers,in English,I cultiation my hearing,said,Reading,writing ability; in the computer,I start from the basic knowledge,and further understand the function of the OFFICE,INTERNET also studied the basic knowledge can be used flexibly.

  End professional after the election,in order to broaden their knowledge,I also participated in the study and computerized accounting.mastered the basic application and Excel and other accounting software applications.

  To make their professional knowledge to mastery learning,I read a textbook case of the MBA,such as strategic management,corporate governance,financial management and capital operation,and to use their training to work.

  With Love width of the sea,the days of His Career,I hope that your company can give mea chance to display his talent.

  I will work hard,study hard expertise to the company to live up to my expectations.











  大学英语自我介绍 3

  My name is xx from beautiful "jiangbei city"-liaocheng. Now study in hometown of Confucius-qufu normal university.

  My personality stable,also do not break again cheerful. Good at making friends,make more friends.

  My hobby is widespread: listen to music,photography,playing computer,of course,the most like or physical exercise,basketball,ping pong,football,and so on,this is why I choose the cause of professional sports.

  Now in college,I want to in the university study hard,and actively participate in school activities and occasionally to do a part-time job.

  As for the future,after four years I may continue my professional,use professional knowledge to find work,perhaps I will choose my own business.In a word,I will use my hands and ability to create life without regret.






  大学英语自我介绍 4

  Good morning. I am very glad to be here for this interview.

  First let me introduce myself. My name is LiShuai,and my English name is Jacky Lee. Ive finished my undergraduate education in Xidian University,Majoring in Electronic Science and Technology in the college of Technical Physics.

  I am open-minded,willing and have broad interests like basketball,reading and especially in engineering such as software programming,website design,hardware design.

  For example,during the past four years,I have accomplished two websites: one is the website of our school,and the other is the website of the doctor forum of china 20xx. Furthermore,I am interested in C plus plus programming language and have written some application programs. In July in the last year,I finished my graduate project with flying colors,which was a software application about Image Process.In addition,I have also finished some projects about embedded system by using MCU when I was a junior.

  Although I have broad interests in many aspects and grasp the essential knowledge of the major,but I think at present,I can do many things in a superficial level,but not be competent to do things professionally owing to lack of ample knowledge and ability. So I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value.

  The major that I hope pursue for my further education is IC design. Because I find integrated circuits are playing a more and more important role in our modern society. And nowadays in China,with the recognition by the government,our domestic integrated circuits industry is growing rapidly and that may provide a lot of chances to us.

  I plan to concentrate on study and research in this field in my graduate time. And I hope I can form a systematic view of micro electronics and IC design technology and make a solid foundation for future profession after three years study here.

  OK,that’s all. Thank you very much.









  大学英语自我介绍 5

  Good morning !It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview,I hope i can make a good performance today. Im confident that I can succeed.

  Now i will introduce myself briefly.I am 26 years old,born in shandong province.I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 20xx.I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6.and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.

  In July 20xx,I begin work for a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao city.Because Im capable of more responsibilities,so I decided to change my job.And in August 2004,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment,Id like to find a job which is more challenging.

  Morover Motorola is a global company,so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.I think Im a good team player and Im a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance.





  大学英语自我介绍 6

Dear Examiners:


  My name is xx,and I am a 20xx graduate majoring in Nursing at xx University.

  I am an ordinary girl,but I am not willing to be mediocre. I am optimistic,confident,and ambitious,with a wide range of hobbies. I am able to handle interpersonal relationships well,have strong skills in coordination and communication,and have a strong sense of responsibility and mission. At this moment,I am about to graduate,and I am confident in dealing with new life choices and challenges.

  Since my freshman year,I have been paying special attention to not only studying professional courses diligently,but also striving to cultivate quality and improve abilities,making full use of my spare time,broadening my knowledge horizons,and improving my knowledge structure. In todays increasingly fierce competition,I firmly believe that only talents with multi-level and all-round development,proficient in professional knowledge,can meet the needs of social development and the needs of employers,and remain invincible.

  After hard work and study,I was awarded a scholarship. While studying,I also participated in various activities organized by the university and won the third prize in the "Dont Lose Youthfulness" speech competition of the entire college.

  In my three years of study and life,my proactive and helpful style and performance have won the trust and praise of my leaders,teachers,and classmates. During my internship at the Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital,I received high praise from patients and their families. Seeing the hard work and sweat I have put in exchange for the patients recovery and smile is a reward for me.

  Although among many applicants,I dont have to be outstanding. But I still have a lot of confidence. Cherish sincerity and treat the wise Lord,and hold the scriptures to treat the wise Lord. I do not seek trust,I only wish to take action to seek it.

  May your hospital give me an opportunity to try my hand at work and give me the space to unleash my potential. I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities and satisfy your hospital and patients.










  大学英语自我介绍 7

Dear leaders:

  Hello everyone!

  My name is xxx and I come from xx city. I am currently studying at xx university,majoring in Chemical Engineering and Technology. I have developed the habit of working hard and not afraid of hardship since I was born in the mountainous area of x.

  During my x years in university,I have acquired solid theoretical knowledge and developed strong practical abilities. I spent most of my study time in the library and developed a good habit of self-learning. During my studies,I obtained scholarships and computer level certificates,and during my freshman year,I joined the Environmental Protection Association and the Youth Volunteer Association,which gave me exercise in several activities. I also used my weekends to work as a tutor and computer salesperson,While providing oneself with work experience,it also provides for living expenses. I have a strong ability to take care of myself,so I am here for an interview this time.

  I hope everyone can give me a chance to create brilliance together with everyone!






  大学英语自我介绍 8

Dear leaders:

  Hello everyone,I am xxx,from xx years old.

  In my college life,I have always believed that people should learn forever. I am meticulous about knowledge and my major,so I have always been recognized for my grades and receive third class scholarships every academic year. While not satisfied with learning theoretical courses well,it also focuses on researching various application software and hardware. Therefore,I was trusted by the teacher as the person in charge of the computer room from the beginning of the fourth semester.

  I have a wide range of hobbies and am particularly skilled in typesetting,web art,and multimedia production. While serving as a member of the class organization committee,I also joined the publicity department of the schools student union. I am passionate about work,hardworking,and united with members of the department. Within a year,I was promoted from a department committee to a minister. During his tenure as Minister,he focused on cooperating with the school and other departments of the student union,excellently completing various publicity work,and promoting the smooth operation of the school at the same time.

  The school enthusiastically participated in various activities and won first prizes in school entertainment competitions and knowledge quizzes from 20xx to 20xx. Boldly innovate and reform the layout of school newspapers,so as to increase their visibility to a higher level. The school enthusiastically participated in various activities and won the third prize in the school website competition in April 20xx.

  As a student,I not only focus on academic success but also on practical application to society. In the summer of 20xx,I applied for an internship at Lenovo Computer City in Hengyang with proficient computer technology,based on the principle of applying what I have learned and combining practice with theory. In the summer vacation of 20xx,I worked at Guangdong Huadu Handbag Company. With a solid foundation and strong interest in this field,I became proficient in various design software in just one week. Afterwards,I produced a large number of excellent design solutions,which received unanimous praise from my classmates and teachers.

  I have a good tradition of loving my country,a positive attitude towards life,and a wide range of interests. I have a strong sense of responsibility and diligence towards work,strong organizational and promotional abilities,and have a certain level of artistic skills and creativity. I value teamwork and collective values.

  Im not sure if you have a good impression of me regarding my introduction. I hope you can provide suggestions for my shortcomings.









  大学英语自我介绍 9

Dear Examiners:

  Good morning everyone!

  My name is xx,and I am a fresh graduate of the 20th year majoring in Fashion Design and Engineering at a university. It is an honor to have the opportunity to introduce myself here.

  During my school years,I systematically mastered the theoretical knowledge and practical abilities of clothing design,clothing structure technology,and clothing management. I am proficient in the basic theories and knowledge of clothing discipline,and have received basic training in clothing design methods and clothing structure technology. In order to be able to enter society and be proficient,I participate in social practice every holiday,and during the holiday internship,I have learned a lot of clothing professional knowledge that is not available in books,which has improved my overall quality and broadened my horizons in clothing materials,clothing craftsmanship,clothing pattern making,etc. It has enabled me to master a lot of knowledge,which has further strengthened my strong interest in the dry clothing industry. I will continuously enrich myself and strive to become a professional talent in the clothing industry.

  During my university years,I served as the Minister of the Student Union,which developed my habit of being diligent,pragmatic,and unconventional in my work. It strengthened my sense of professionalism,responsibility,and cultivated my spirit of unity and innovation. I usually focus on cultivating comprehensive abilities such as organization,communication,collaboration,and innovation,actively participating in student work and collective activities. During this process,I have comprehensively exercised my thinking ability,innovation ability,ability to discover,analyze,solve problems,and communicate with others. It has cultivated my scientific spirit of being hardworking and not afraid of difficulties,and enriched my professional knowledge.

  I have an outgoing personality,good at communication,a team spirit,and the ability to accept new things and knowledge. I am innovative and willing to accept challenges. I really like fashion design and hope to showcase my talents in the vast world of fashion design. At the same time,I also look forward to leveraging your companys vast and powerful stage to showcase my talents. I am confident in my ability to excel in your companys job. If hired by your company,I will work diligently in my position and contribute my talents and wisdom to the development of your company. Thank you!







  大学英语自我介绍 10

Dear leaders,instructors,dear teachers and classmates:

  Hello everyone!

  My name is xx,and I come from xxxx. I am a freshman majoring in xx at the 20xx Foreign Language College.

  I love to laugh,love music,love simplicity,love liveliness,love listening to music,love making friends,love freedom,love being with others,love holding the excitement,love being ridiculous,love enjoying myself quietly,and love being lively and lively. This is how I am. Whether you appreciate it or not,I still stumble and walk down my life path without losing my posture. Bemyselfalaway!

  My history has no dazzling embellishments,only step by step to prove my hardships and determination. Having worked as a Youth League Secretary,I am aware of the difficulty and responsibility of being a Youth League Secretary; Having served as a study committee member is not just a casual job as imagined,but a responsibility for everyones learning; Only after obtaining the "Three Good Students" can one understand that success is not just a casual and easy task,but rather a practical and unremitting effort,with high expectations and high expectations; Having obtained the title of "Excellent Class Leader",I finally tasted the sweetness of "being in their position and plotting their politics". Let bygones be bygones,after all,this has become history. What I can do is seize opportunities in the new journey of college students,showcase myself,and share the advantages brought by university with everyone.

  The above is my self introduction,thank you!







  大学英语自我介绍 11

Dear HR:

  Good morning!

  I am an interviewer from xx,graduated from xx Normal University,majoring in graphic design. After graduation,I joined an advertising media company to work as a brand advertising planner and responsible for copywriting. This one and a half year of work experience has given me a lot of inspiration and practical experience. It effectively combines theoretical knowledge from books with practical work processes,making all work smoothly. This has also become my biggest advantage in job interviews.

  In addition,my strengths in self introduction are also reflected in:

  1. Strong learning ability: Although I am a top student,I quickly integrated into the team and won the "Best Creativity Award" trophy at an advertising creative competition held in the middle of the year. I received a material reward of xx yuan,praising my strong learning ability and rapid ability improvement.

  2. Proactive: I have an outgoing personality and am full of ambition. I am proactive in the company,and I am the first to participate in daily cleaning and cultural activities,especially during May Fourth Youth Day. I actively planned and performed original sketches to liven up the group atmosphere and achieve good results.

  3. Having a team spirit: This is also one of my strengths. I believe that without an excellent team,there can be no excellent individuals. Therefore,as a member of an enterprise,we should always adhere to the teams goals,handle interpersonal relationships with other colleagues,communicate well,and leverage the strength of the team to better leverage our personal strengths.

  But no one is perfect,and there are advantages and disadvantages that are inevitable. I am no exception. My disadvantage is that I am not rich in work experience. Although I have accumulated some experience in my previous company and have certain achievements,compared to senior professionals in the same industry,I am far from satisfied. Therefore,I urgently want to join this company to practice and grow myself,and use my enthusiasm and efforts,To create better performance for the company,even if I efficiently complete the tasks assigned by my leaders,I believe that over time,my shortcomings will be overcome and transformed into my strengths.

  My self introduction is complete,thank you!










  大学英语自我介绍 12

Dear examiner:

  Good afternoon everyone!

  My name is Xiaojuan,and I came from the famous hometown of coal vinegar - Shanxi. I have a gentle personality,humble,meticulous,down-to-earth,hardworking,and have a strong sense of responsibility and social adaptability. I will soon graduate from Henan Vocational and Technical College of Industry in June xx. As a software major college student,I prefer graphic design. During my three years of study and life in university,I have gained a certain mastery of relevant knowledge in the field of graphic design,as well as practical operational skills and techniques.

  In order to better apply the knowledge learned in school to practical life,I had the opportunity to come to the Training Center of the Institute of Computer Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing in December xx. After three months of practical training,I comprehensively and systematically learned professional knowledge and skills in the field of graphic design,Able to apply graphic design related software (Photoshop image processing software,Illustrator and coredraw vector drawing software,Indesigin and Pagemaker layout software) for basic image processing,posters,corporate brochures,etc.,and be able to truly apply the knowledge learned to practical life.

  At the time of joining society,in order to find a job that suits my profession and interests,and better adapt to society,I hope to achieve a state of being needed by others. As for what to do,it is to constantly learn and exercise in practice. Therefore,I hope to join your company. If I can become a part of the company,I believe that I will contribute diligently and steadfastly to my position,and work together with the company to promote and develop.

  The world is vast and talented. I admit that Zhiji is not yet the best talent,but I hope that Zhiji is the most suitable candidate for this position and I hope to have the privilege of being given special consideration by your companys leadership.







  大学英语自我介绍 13

Dear leader:


  My name is xx,and I am a student from xx University. I have excellent professional knowledge and operational skills,and have passed the National Level 3 Management Examination with excellent grades. I have also developed a solid foundation in professional knowledge and studied legal theories related to human resources. My English proficiency is quite outstanding. After passing the National CET-4 exam,I have excellent reading and writing abilities and proficiency. During my school years,I participated in multiple national college English competitions and achieved good results.

  During my university years,I actively participated in various activities and held various positions in clubs. I love team activities and have a strong sense of teamwork. During my school years,I also served as the captain of my professional football team,possessing strong organizational and coordination abilities. A strong sense of professionalism and responsibility enables me to face any difficulties and challenges.

  I constantly improve myself and enhance my own qualities. On the basis of learning professional and public courses well,I also read a large number of extracurricular books,constantly adding new knowledge,cultivating sentiment,and expanding my horizons.

  I cherish my time studying in school very much. In my freshman year,I received a first-class professional scholarship and a national inspirational scholarship. Based on the principle of self-improvement and applying what I have learned,I have always taken my studies seriously.







  大学英语自我介绍 14

Dear leaders:


  First of all,thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my student xxs introduction letter! After four years of college life training,as a fresh graduate,during the school study period,students are required to make progress in their thinking,study hard,and strive to learn professional knowledge. Faced with opportunities and challenges,after four years of higher education and university life,he confidently demonstrated his style to you. Sincerity and enthusiasm are his ways of being a person; Pragmatic and cautious is his style of doing things.

  In the study and life of university,students have a solid foundation,excellent grades,and are full of vitality.They have participated in campus activities multiple times,which has honed their organizational and teamwork abilities. Although he continued to participate in social practice work during his vacation,which was not long,it allowed him to learn a lot of professional knowledge that was not available in books,honed his perseverance,mastered communication methods,increased his confidence and ability to handle difficulties independently,and also provided him with many solutions and a good mindset on how to face future work problems.

  Through careful study and practice,he believes that he will make his due contribution to employers in e-commerce and marketing in the future. He is very excited to hear that your company needs such talents. From the current situation,the development environment and opportunities provided by your company coincide with the students ideals,and they also have great enthusiasm to meet this challenge.

  For xx students,it is difficult to get this opportunity. He also knows that his weakness is lack of experience,but his strengths are professional knowledge,practical experience,understanding,and enthusiasm. I believe this student will soon be able to make up for his weaknesses.

  Bole loves horses,but because they are thin,they can eat a few stones and must travel thousands of miles. If you are fortunate enough to become a member of your company,you will work hand in hand with colleagues,unleashing your passion and energy through your own efforts,and creating a better tomorrow for everyone!

  I would like to introduce xx to your company. At the same time,I also believe that he is qualified for future work.Suggest your company give him the opportunity to be appointed!









  大学英语自我介绍 15

Dear leader:


  Sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to review my work. My name is xx, and I am a xx level environmental engineering student from Sichuan Normal University. I am enthusiastic and generous, optimistic and outgoing, brave in practice and innovation, and I recommend myself to your company with great sincerity and persistent hope.

  Four years ago, I came to Sichuan Normal University with a longing for the teaching profession to study during my university years. Although I was not admitted to my preferred teaching profession, I still sought various opportunities to learn teaching knowledge and skills.

  Shortly after enrollment in 20xx, I joined the Chinese Education Association, a student organization of our school, and served as the Minister of Organization and Publicity. I organized and promoted various activities of the association. During this period, my organizational and promotional skills, as well as teamwork skills, were greatly improved. In the summer vacation of 20xx, I accompanied some members of the association to Jintang County, Chengdu City to participate in the xx session of college student summer training and practical teaching activities. I provided one-on-one tutoring to local primary schools and some students on their academic work and learning habits. In the summer of 20xx, I worked as a class teacher and subject teacher at the New Hope Training Center. During my four years in college, I have had multiple long-term tutoring experiences, including tutoring in junior high school English, elementary school English, and mathematics. The above experiences have given me a deeper understanding of the role of a teacher, enabling me to start and adapt to my future education career faster and better. They have also given me a better sense of teamwork, communication and adaptability. In addition, I am also familiar with office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

  The pursuit is endless, and the struggle is endless! I am well aware that the theoretical knowledge learned in school and the knowledge learned during my internship are far from enough in social practice. After joining the company, not only should one humbly learn experience and knowledge from their predecessors; It is even more important to continuously engage in self-learning, ones knowledge base, and enhance ones comprehensive professional and social abilities to adapt to social development. I firmly believe that in the near future, I will unleash my talents in a suitable position, using my wisdom, enthusiasm, and efforts to realize my social and life values, and contribute my humble efforts to the development of your company.

  Your moment of consideration, my lifelong choice!

  Sincerely wish your company every success in its various undertakings!









  大学英语自我介绍 16

Dear leaders:


  First of all,thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my introduction letter! Open the door to hope for a passionate fresh graduate. I am a recent graduate from the School of Software at Tsinghua University,majoring in Software Engineering.

  I have a lively and outgoing personality,and I am an unyielding person. A few years ago,I walked into the campus with a beautiful vision,working hard to learn and forge ahead. I have been struggling with no but better standards,mastering professional knowledge related to JAVA language,computer networks,software engineering,computer applications,and proficient in operating computer office software. I have obtained a Software Designer Qualification Certificate,a National Computer Level 2 Certificate,and an English Language Level 4 Certificate. I also use my spare time to extensively explore a large number of books and constantly enrich myself. They have developed a rigorous style of study and a correct attitude towards learning,as well as a simple and steady personality.

  Now,I am ready to join the melting pot of society with full enthusiasm. I know there are many difficulties and hardships,but I believe that the knowledge and skills gained through years of learning and love for life can help me overcome them! I want to showcase my new style and passion at a new starting point,at a new level,with a new attitude. In the face of todays fierce social competition,I hope your company can provide me with a platform for development. I will cherish it,go all out,strive to realize my life value,and make contributions to the development of your company.

  Since entering school,I have made full use of my spare time to extensively participate in social practice activities. In the process of working in the student union,my interpersonal skills have been greatly improved,and my management and organizational skills have been fully utilized and further exercised.

  With a smart mind,creative thinking,pioneering resilience,and proficient professional skills,I believe I am your choice.

  Please give me a chance,I will give you a surprise!

  Thank you for patiently reading my self recommendation letter,and thank you for waiting for the good news!










  大学英语自我介绍 17

Dear leaders:

  Hello everyone! It is an honor to have this opportunity to introduce myself to everyone.

  I am a student majoring in XX at XX school. My four-year college life is coming to an end,and a new beginning is coming. What awaits me is a new challenge. Four years of college life have been fulfilling and tense,and I have worked hard to cultivate myself into a talent that society needs. Through the careful guidance of my teacher and my own hard work,I have gradually become a new era college student who can adapt to the requirements of society,and have laid a solid foundation for becoming a knowledge-based socialist builder and successor.

  The four years of college are my four years of thought,knowledge structure,psychology,and growth and maturity. During my university years,I diligently studied my professional skills,which enabled me to master strong professional knowledge and apply theoretical knowledge to practice. I ranked among the top of my grade in the final evaluation. In terms of learning,I established the learning philosophy of "persisting in learning,learning is the first" and the learning philosophy of "pursuing excellence and striving for excellence",and experienced the mysteries of knowledge through hard study. Not satisfied with the current situation,constantly challenging oneself,successfully passing the English CET-4 and CET-6 exams,the National Computer Level 2 exams,and obtaining the third class scholarship at the school level in the second semester,winning the title of "Three Good Students" at the school level.

  Guided by my personal interests,I joined the School Calligraphy and Painting Association upon entering the school,from an official to a vice president,which is a recognition of my dedication and efforts. Organized a series of activities to enrich campus life and was selected as an excellent student club. The cross school networking activities organized have achieved the expected goals and received approval from teachers and students. In addition,during my tenure as a class and league secretary and counselor assistant,I actively served my classmates,performed outstandingly,and made outstanding contributions. I was awarded the title of Outstanding Student Cadre at the school level.

  Last year,I joined the CPC with outstanding achievements and performance. Joining this advanced group is a sublimation of my life. In Baoxian Education,I am even more strict with myself,leading my classmates to progress together.

  In terms of social practice: Based on the idea of putting learning into practice and combining practice with theory,I interned at XXXX during the summer vacation of 20XX. Through my work at XXX,I deeply realized that I must devote myself to the university of society in order to truly grow up. The warmth and coldness of human relationships in the world are no longer just angry,but rather an additional acceptance and face,facing the world around me with a grateful heart. In fact,life is very beautiful! Looking back on the past,I still have many shortcomings,such as insufficient innovation ability and sometimes not being able to persist. However,I will try my best to improve these abilities in my future studies and life,striving to become a talent with new qualities in all aspects.








  大学英语自我介绍 18

Dear teachers and classmates:

  Hello everyone!

  I come from xx city,xx province. I am 22 years old and have the privilege of studying International Trade at xx university. After four years of university life,I am about to graduate!

  My family is not financially wealthy,and I have developed a frugal habit since childhood. Due to experiencing the inconvenience caused by poverty,I have always longed for a prosperous life. But I know that relying on heaven and earth to overcome poverty is only futile. Only by relying on ones own efforts can one create their own sky,so I firmly believe that heaven rewards diligence.

  I remember when our teacher asked us what we wanted to do in the future when we were young. Some answered that we wanted to be teachers,some said we wanted to be scientists,and some said we wanted to be big bosses. However,I said,I want to take the university entrance exam!! At that time,I set a primary goal for myself,and it was this college dream that always inspired me to move forward step by step. With the childish end of my childhood,I entered the palace of high school with good grades. There,I met many classmates with lofty ideals like myself. We studied and grew together,overcame various difficulties together,and unconsciously realized how to integrate correctly into the team and interact with others. During my high school years,I learned a lot and gained a clearer understanding of my life,career,and ideals. Perhaps time is not as fleeting as you expected,and we arrived at university with the ignorance of high school.

  Entering university,I found that the university in reality is so different from what I imagined. When you integrate into a new environment,you cannot change it. Only by adapting to it can you learn and live better. Challenges and opportunities are everywhere in university,competition within classes,and competition between clubs. Competition can train a person,and these can motivate you to bravely challenge yourself. Only by arming oneself can we keep up with this rapidly developing society.

  University has taught me how to face things,and when faced with problems,I will no longer be blind and impulsive like in high school. I have learned how to look at problems in two,and every occurrence will have advantages and disadvantages. Only with insight can I solve problems correctly. University has educated me and also exercised me. It has made me mature,rational,and taught me how to strategize. Graduation is approaching,and I am also starting to look for a job that suits me. In my opinion,work is not for others,but for myself. Only by working diligently and steadfastly can I fully demonstrate my value and repay society. Coming from the countryside,I am not afraid of hardship or fatigue,because I believe that hard work will eventually pay off.

  In the future of my life,I will remain steadfast in my beliefs,never give up,and be truly myself. Believing in myself is the beginning of success,I believe I will definitely become a new self and continue to take my own life path seriously and steadfastly.

  Thank you all!










  大学英语自我介绍 19

Dear leaders:

  I am Yang xx,a sophomore e-commerce student studying at the Southern College of Sun Yat sen University,commonly known as Dashan.

  I am a native of Dongguan. Although Dongguans image has not been very good recently,especially when negative news is broadcasted every three days or two,which makes people who are not familiar with Dongguan feel that Dongguan is so unbearable. In fact,what I want to say is that Dongguan is not good,but it cannot be denied that it is good just because it is not good. I hope friends dont wear colored glasses to look at us. We are just ordinary people and there is nothing special about us.

  Before I even went to college,my personality was very introverted. People I didnt know would say that my character was too bad and difficult to get along with. Friends I knew would say that I was too kind and easy to be bullied. Are these two types of evaluations extreme? One is bad,and the other is good. Its because I used to have a bad personality,and I was very quiet and didnt speak much in front of unfamiliar people,which led to the emergence of two extreme evaluations.

  However,after attending college,my former classmates and friends all said that I have changed,become more outgoing and easy to get along with. Of course,they said I have improved,but I still feel very happy,even though I dont feel much about it.

  However,I am still similar in terms of interests and enjoy indoor activities. However,I also enjoy going out to play,as long as I am with friends,so that I can have more fun. I enjoy reading novels,watching movies,and pursuing Korean and American dramas. Sometimes I can watch a TV drama in just two days,which my roommate expressed surprise at.

  Occasionally,I also feel dazed by myself,not even knowing what I am thinking.

  And when I am doing something seriously,my mind is very focused,which makes it easy to be scared. If someone suddenly slaps or calls me when I am thinking about something,I will be scared. But in normal times,my courage is also considered bold,although I still dare not watch horror movies in the middle of the night.

  Although I may have similar characteristics and interests to others,I am who I am.










  大学英语自我介绍 20

Dear leaders:


  My name is xxx,and I am a undergraduate student in the Computer Science Department of xx University. I am about to graduate. With a strong desire and passion for your company,I really hope to become a part of your company! I earnestly request your company to give me this opportunity! I will also prove my abilities to your company!

  For over xx years,with the education of teachers and personal efforts,I have acquired a solid professional foundation,systematically mastering theories such as C++language,assembly language,microcontroller principles,electronic circuits,computer composition principles,data structures,databases,and embedded system development. At the same time,I also possess certain analytical and design abilities. I have developed strong hands-on skills through experimental internships and course design training during my school years.

  In addition to my passion for computers,I also continuously studied English knowledge during my four years in college. I deeply feel that in todays society and the computer industry,without strong English skills,it is not possible and will become a bottleneck for our career progress. I passed the National College English Test Band X last semester in Daxx. In addition,I actively participate in various activities on campus and various social activities outside of school,seizing every opportunity to exercise my abilities.

  I have gained a general understanding of your company through various channels and know that it is a promising and modern company with great vitality. I also hope to join such a company and do my best to contribute to its development.







  大学英语自我介绍 21

Dear leaders:


  My name is xxx,and I am xx years old,female. I am a fresh graduate of XX level majoring in accounting from XX College of XX University. With respect and longing for your company,I sincerely write this self recommendation letter to show you a complete version of myself. I hope your company can accept me as one of the accounting personnel.

  I cherish my study time at school and constantly improve myself from all aspects. On the one hand,I study diligently and conscientiously. During my school years,I took my studies seriously,with an average score of over 80 in my major courses. I am familiar with and master the knowledge of accounting and office automation software. The main courses offered by the school include: Principles of Accounting,Intermediate Financial Accounting,Advanced Financial Accounting,Statistics,Financial Regulations and Accounting Ethics,Accounting Computerization,etc.

  Three years of college life not only enriched my brain,but also enriched my knowledge and increased my operational skills. This is also a prerequisite for becoming a good accounting talent. After multiple accounting simulation internships and practical training,I have gained a new understanding and experience in accounting.

  On the other hand,I am familiar with common etiquette in foreign related work and actively cooperate with the schools various work to carry out various internal and external activities. For example,participating in the school sports meeting as a cheerleader; Participating in class group day activities and so on not only broadened my horizons,but also enriched my school life.

  In my spare time,I read various books and absorb nutrients from them to enrich myself and my concepts. In addition to reading,a strong body is the front barrier for work,and I will engage in moderate physical activities. For example: morning running,skipping rope,jumping aerobics,etc.

  Accounting is essential for the development of every enterprise,and I am willing to contribute my humble efforts to the financial aspects of your company.

  Wishing to contribute to the beautiful future of your company!










  大学英语自我介绍 22

Dear leader:


  My name is xxx,and I come from the beautiful Hainan. I graduated from the xx Department of xx College,xx University,Shanghai. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a naturally emotional and rational girl. On the path of growth,organically combining the two,not only fully enjoying the joy of doing things,but also never neglecting the gains brought by everything,driving the ideal ship,holding the compass in hand,and heading towards the established direction. Therefore,I am willing to devote the greatest courage,confidence,and enthusiasm to the cause I love,and to put in the sweat,diligence,and effort of my youth! I will use my deep sense of responsibility and infinite enthusiasm to contribute my humble efforts to your company.

  I believe that heaven rewards diligence. As a young person who has been working for a year,I realize that I still have many shortcomings. I should try to lower my position as much as possible,respect the people around me more,fully anticipate the difficulties I will encounter,and view people and things with a revered and cautious heart. Only by looking at oneself correctly,downplaying ones own energy,looking at others with respect,and dealing with what needs to be done with a peaceful mindset,can one ultimately discover beautiful results. I believe that the opportunity you have given me will be a new starting point on my life journey. Mount Taishan does not choose fine soil,so it can reach its height; The sea does not choose small streams,so it can become its depth. After more than a decade of studying hard,with the most sincere desire of young people,I am looking forward to the good news that you,with your unique insight,have given me.

  I graduated from xx Medical College with a Bachelor of Medicine degree in Clinical Medicine.

  In terms of work,I am diligent and sincere in my work,confident and motivated,enjoy socializing,and apply my knowledge to practical purposes.

  In terms of learning: having a solid professional foundation,being humble,eager to learn and study,striving to improve ones own quality,being good at accepting new things,and learning new technologies and methods.

  Psychological aspect: Good self-regulation ability and tolerance. I have good personal affinity and am good at communication and exchange.

  I have a deep affection for medicine. After studying medicine for five years,I was deeply fascinated by this subject. After studying medical theory closely,I couldnt help but exult. I studied medical cases meticulously,often praising them with admiration,concealing my thoughts,and often feeling the wonder of sudden enlightenment. Clinical evidence has shown that there are immediate achievements.

  While pursuing knowledge,I strive to improve my personality. In the eyes of others,I am hardworking,honest,active minded,hardworking,and maintain collective interests. I have a spirit of dedication,kindness,and respect for others. I deeply understand the importance of having noble moral values and a perfect personality,and I firmly believe that I can do better.

  Clinical medicine is a noble profession that requires us to double our efforts to explore and develop. I deeply understand that only by possessing a unique skill and mastering ones own professional skills can we establish ourselves in society. I devoted myself wholeheartedly to studying this major in college. Sincerely hope that your company can provide me with a stage to showcase my talents. I will continue to work hard and devote myself wholeheartedly to my work,allowing myself to continuously grow in practice and contribute to the development of clinical medicine!












  大学英语自我介绍 23

Dear leader:


  I am xxx,graduated from xxxx University with a major in Computer Science and Technology. While mastering my professional knowledge,I have also been involved in training network engineers and have personally received professional training at the authorized training center for network engineers at Peking Universitys Qingniao.

  After a year of professional training as a network engineer,I have obtained advanced certification and can proficiently master the configuration of CISCO switches and routers. I am proficient in operating Windows Server 2000 and Linux operating system platforms. Can better maintain enterprise network security and accumulate rich experience.

  I hope that through my brief introduction,the leaders will definitely have a general understanding of me. If I have the opportunity to work in your company,I am willing to give my 100% passion and 100% effort,and strive to make us do better!

  I cannot exaggerate Haikous guarantee that I will be able to 100% complete the tasks set by the company now,but I will have 100% initiative. In less than a month,I will be fully familiar with the companys operations,and at that time,I will be able to complete 120% of the tasks assigned by the company. Believe me,your choice is not wrong.




  经过一年的.网络工程师的专业培训,已取得高级认证,能够熟练掌握CISCO交换机和路由器的配置,对Windows Server 2000以及Linux的操作系统平台熟练操作。能够更好的维护企业网络安全并积累丰富的经验。



  大学英语自我介绍 24

Dear leader:


  My name is Xiao Tang,and I am a graduating student studying Microelectronics at XX Vocational and Technical College,Department of Electronic Engineering. In the past three years of university,the guidance of teachers,the friendship of classmates,and the cultivation of various aspects have taught me a lot of principles and knowledge. As a beginner,I have excellent learning methods and am willing to learn,dare to innovate,and constantly pursue excellence; As a participant,I possess a kind and trustworthy demeanor,and am full of team spirit to assist; As a leader,I possess the skills of being experienced and resolute in my work,as well as excellent skills in communication and interpersonal coordination. I have strong endurance,willpower,and a hardworking character. I take my work seriously,strive for progress,have an optimistic and persistent nature,and dare to face difficulties and provocations.

  In order to better adapt to the needs of society,I have enriched my spare time and read a large amount of extracurricular materials while grasping the conditions of diligent school courses,expanding my knowledge.

  Through further training in professional courses,I have now developed strong skills in computer control and the use of professional software. Proficient in office and WPS software,proficient in using quartusii,max+plusii,altiumdesigner6,altium2004,protel99se software,proficient in veriloghdl,vhdl,and C languages. In terms of computer hardware,I understand the principles behind its composition. It is possible to assemble a computer with pure familiarity and independently remove various obstacles to the computer.

  As a recent graduate,I am well aware that my university studies and life are just the foundation for me to enter society. In the future,I will face significant challenges. But I will face these provocations with strength and enthusiasm,learn from them,enrich myself,and better realize the cost of life.







  大学英语自我介绍 25

Dear leaders:


  I am a graduate of XXXX major. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview me and giving me a chance to move towards success.

  Three years of college passed in a blink of an eye,and I entered the broader classroom of society with great hope. The world today is full of competition,challenges,and opportunities. I hope to get an opportunity,a stage,from your company to use what I have learned to serve the company and society.

  During my university years,I systematically studied English for CNC majors,advanced mathematics,mechanical drawing,electrical and electronic technology,metal cutting principles and tools,CNC machine tool control principles,motor and drag fundamentals,AC/DC speed control systems,CNC programming,electrical PLC control fundamentals,analysis of typical CNC systems,microcontroller principles,C language programming,automatic control systems,mechanical processing technology,AutoCAD,CAXXA manufacturing engineers,and other professional courses. In order to combine professional knowledge with practice,I actively participate in various social activities,apply what I have learned to practice,continuously enhance my work ability,and lay a solid foundation for future work. In terms of computers,I am proficient in using office software such as Windows XXP and Office 2019,and have a certain understanding of Interest,which enables me to effectively utilize networking resources.

  With confidence,I would like to recommend myself to you. If I am fortunate enough to become a member of your company,I am willing to start from now on,humble and responsible,diligent in work,constantly learning in practice,exerting my initiative and creativity,and striving to add brilliance to the development of the company.





  大学期间,我系统学习了数控专业英语,高等数学,机械制图,电工电子技术,金属切削原理与刀具,数控机床控制原理,电机与拖动基础,交直流调速系统,数控编程,电器—PLC控制基础,典型数控系统分析,单片机原理,C语言编程,自控系统,机械加工工艺,AutoCAD,CAXXA制造工程师等专业课程。为了把专业知识与实践相结合,我积极主动地参加各种社会活动,将我所学用于实践,不断增强自己的工作能力,为今后开展各项工作打下坚实的基础。在计算机方面,我能熟练地运用Windows XXP,office2019等办公软件,同时对Interest有一定的了解,能够有效地利用联网资源。


  大学英语自我介绍 26

Dear leader:


  I am a xx level student majoring in Geographic Information Systems at the School of Resources and Environment at XX University of Technology,and I am also one of the fresh graduates from universities in 20xx.

  During my time at school,I worked hard to learn my major and other scientific and cultural knowledge,mastering relevant professional skills,and thus possessing solid professional knowledge and skills. For example,I established a student information management system myself,used professional software such as Arcview and MapGIS for secondary development,and used measurement tools such as a total station to measure and draw some building maps of the school.

  At the same time,I actively participate in various activities of the school and strive to win glory for the school,college,and class. During my time in school,I have been serving as a student cadre,deputy director of the colleges practice department,and a member of the class organization propaganda committee. In serving as a student cadre and participating in various activities,I have gained a lot of exercise,and my personal abilities have also been greatly improved. My work and abilities have received support and recognition from teachers and classmates,I have also received some honors and would like to express my deep gratitude to my alma mater for their cultivation!

  At XX University of Technology,I had a pleasant and beautiful university time. More importantly,I learned important scientific and cultural knowledge here,mastered solid professional knowledge and skills,and also learned how to be a person. Now,I have transformed from a relatively simple high school student back then to a mature and stable youth. Four years of college will soon pass,and I am about to move from school to society to realize my life value.

  Now that I have just stepped out of school,I cannot talk about rich social experience,but I will use my diligence and confidence to seize every precious opportunity. Therefore,now I am eager for the unit to provide me with a work platform,and I will use my abilities and diligence to prove my value to the unit. I hope we can give each other an opportunity to work together towards a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow!








  大学英语自我介绍 27

Dear leaders:


  I am a student majoring in Landscape Technology at xxx University,and my name is xxx. I am outgoing,conscientious and responsible in my work,with strong organizational and service skills. I am brave enough to face new challenges,proactive,confident,and have a strong sense of work responsibility and dedication. I am hardworking,hardworking,and possess a high level of comprehensive quality cultivation.

  In my three-year college life,I have been proactive and diligent in learning professional knowledge. I am proficient in the planning and design of gardens,as well as the knowledge and techniques of manual and computer drawing. I am proficient in using AutoCAD and Photoshop for drawing work,and understand construction management and related garden knowledge. Strong hands-on skills in all aspects,actively participating in various social practices.

  In the two years of undergraduate study and life,I have made efforts to consolidate my knowledge of landscaping,made significant progress in hands-on operation skills,and expanded my knowledge base; During my tenure as a member of the class entertainment and organization committee,I was conscientious and responsible,and actively organized various beneficial cultural and sports activities with other class cadres. I successfully organized theme class meetings and various activities on and off campus for the entire class,enhancing my organizational ability to carry out drawing work and understanding construction management and related garden knowledge.

  While learning theoretical knowledge,I also focus on cultivating practical skills and developing my own abilities. During my tenure as a member of the class entertainment and organization committee,I was conscientious and responsible,and actively organized various beneficial cultural and sports activities with other class cadres. I successfully organized theme class meetings and various activities both on and off campus,enhancing my organizational and group cooperation abilities; During the college vacation,actively seek practical work in related majors to improve ones overall quality; During school,I respected teachers,united classmates,was willing to help others,and had a strong sense of collectivism.

  If your company is currently employing people,I hope to have the opportunity to get a trial at your company and get to know each other better. I also hope to seek a united and progressive team,striving to promote collective progress while seeking personal development. If I can join your companys team,I will do my best and do my best for the company.








  大学英语自我介绍 28

Dear examiner:


  It is a great honor to participate in this interview. I am candidate XXX and the position I am interviewing for is XXX. I hope to learn more from all the teachers through this interview.

  I am currently XX years old and have a bachelors degree. I am a fresh graduate of XX University majoring in XX. I have interned at XX company and worked in different positions. I started working at XX,and then went to XX due to the companys needs. With some social practice experience,I achieved some results in my work and was recognized by the company. At the same time,it has also cultivated my tenacious will and tenacious spirit of struggle,enabling me to constantly overcome difficulties and actively strive in my work. I enjoy reading books and browsing information and listening to music online. I have a lively and outgoing personality,am enthusiastic about paying attention to people and things around me,and get along well with family and friends. I can achieve understanding and tolerance,and I am full of confidence in life. During my school years,I worked hard and lived up to expectations by receiving three second class scholarships and one third class scholarship,repaying my parents and teachers nurturing kindness with practical efforts.

  In addition,computer and basketball are my biggest hobbies in my spare time. I have passed the National Computer Level 2,and in addition to being familiar with daily computer operation and maintenance,I have also self-studied webpage design and designed my own personal homepage. I am the main player of the basketball team in my class,and I believe that basketball can not only strengthen ones physical fitness but also cultivate ones team spirit.

  This time I have chosen this position,in addition to my professional counterpart,I also feel that I really enjoy it. I believe it can help me fully realize my social ideals and reflect my own value. I believe I have the ability and confidence to do this job well. I hope everyone can recognize me and give me this opportunity!

  The above is my most sincere self introduction for job interviews. Thank you,teachers!








  大学英语自我介绍 29

Dear leaders:

  Good morning!

  My name is xxxx,and I am a student majoring in xx at xx school. At school,I actively participate in various activities and exercise my abilities.

  I am very happy to be here to study,and I have always been optimistic about the xxxx industry. Later on,I began to develop an interest in xx and studied diligently. During my three years of college,I spent my time continuously cultivating interest and learning and improving.

  During my three years in college,I also made many friends who provided me with a lot of help and helped me learn a lot. This is another valuable asset during my university years,in addition to professional knowledge.

  Three years of college life is like a passing cloud,gone forever,leaving behind my knowledge and skills. Now,I am about to move towards the position I am passionate about. In the face of todays fierce talent competition,I am very aware of my limited knowledge,but I am even more aware of my spirit of not being left behind and the desire to constantly learn and improve. I have my own young and persistent career passion,and I believe I will do better! I need an opportunity,an opportunity to showcase myself and exercise myself. No matter how hard or tired I am,I am willing to give it a try.

  Thank you all!








  大学英语自我介绍 30

Dear leaders:

  Good morning!

  Below,I will introduce myself through a simple interview to help you understand me.

  I am xx,majoring in marketing from xx University.

  I like reading because it can enrich my knowledge; I like running because it can sharpen my will. I am a lively,outgoing,passionate,persistent,and strong willed person.

  During my studies,I had already worked as a summer laborer to promote beer to diners. At that time,I believed that marketing was a service. Since it is a service,we should strive to satisfy everyone and do it with enthusiasm and sincerity.

  Passion,an indispensable element in work,is the driving force that drives us to constantly innovate and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our work. With passion and a sense of self challenge,I believe I am competent for this job.

  I greatly appreciate your companys corporate culture: "Integrity is the foundation of our cooperation,and win-win is our common goal

  I am willing to develop with xx culture and create a brilliant tomorrow together!










  大学英语自我介绍 31

Dear leaders:


  I have an outgoing and talkative personality,often wearing a smile on my face. I enjoy treating people with a smile and sharing my happiness with everyone.

  I have a wide range of hobbies,such as traveling,listening to music,playing chess,and various sports.

  I am a down-to-earth,hardworking,and motivated student.

  As soon as I entered university,I was strict with myself and determined to achieve success in my university life,developing myself from all aspects.

  I am also a person who pursues perfection. I know that there is no perfect person in the world,but we can pursue it and constantly approach it. Everyone has shortcomings to some extent. I compare these shortcomings to an invisible hole,and we all know that holes can be filled,just like shortcomings can be corrected. This requires us to fill this hole bit by bit,that is,how to improve ourselves bit by bit. A hole is intangible,just like a person cannot be perfect. We may never be satisfied with filling this hole,just like a person cannot be perfect,and just like learning,learning is endless. Therefore,I need to constantly fill in the holes,constantly learn,and constantly improve myself. So,I chose what I pursued,what I chose - to join the student union.

  I actively participated in other conference activities and gained some exercise. Under the guidance of my leaders and senior brothers and sisters,my ideological quality has improved; Improved work ability; Cultural literacy has been improved; The practical ability has been enhanced. Learning is endless,I will work hard and do my best to achieve excellence.

  Although fate is in my own hands,sometimes there may not be a reward for what I have put in. If I am not selected,I will not lose heart. I will continue to summarize my experiences and lessons to make up for my shortcomings.

  Thank you!











  大学英语自我介绍 32

Dear leaders:

  Hello everyone!

  My name is xx and I come from Beijing. I am currently studying Chemical Engineering and Technology at xxxx University. Born in the mountainous areas of Guangxi, I have developed the habit of working hard and not afraid of hardship since childhood. During my three years in university, I have acquired solid theoretical knowledge and developed strong practical abilities. Most of my study time is spent in the library, forming a good habit of self-learning, During the study period, I obtained a third class scholarship and a computer level certificate.

  In my freshman year, I joined the Environmental Protection Association and the Youth Volunteer Association. Through several activities, I gained exercise and worked as a tutor and computer salesperson on weekends, which not only provided me with work experience but also provided me with living expenses. I have a strong ability to take care of myself. I came here for an interview this time and hope everyone can give me an opportunity to create brilliance together with everyone!