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  Too Easy to Rebel

  In my mothers more angry and disillusioned moods, she often declares that my sisters and I are smarter than is good for us, by which she means we are too ambitious, too independent-minded, and somehow, subtly un-Chinese. At such times, I do not argue, for I realize how difficult it must be for her and my fatherhaving to deal with children who reject their simple idea of life and threaten to drag them into a future they do not understand.

  For my parents, plans for our futures were very simple. We were to get good grades, go to good colleges, and become good scientists, mathematicians, or engineers. It had to do with being Chinese. But my sisters and I rejected that future, and the year I came home with Honors in English, History and Debate was a year of disillusion for my parents. It was not that they werent proud of my accomplishments, but merely that they had certain ideas of what was safe and solid, what we did in life. Physics, math, turning in homework, and crossing the street when Hare Krishnas were on our sidethose things were safe. But the Humanities we left for Pure Americans.


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