Automotive Designer Cover Letter

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Automotive Designer Cover Letter

Respected Mr. Parker

  I am writing this letter to apply for the position of an automotive designer in your esteemed company which has given the world some superb automobiles. I have completed my automobile engineering from Manchester University, UK and went on to complete my post graduation in the same field from NYU. I can assure you that I am the right candidate for this job as I not only possess the educational qualifications but also the skills, creativity, sharp mind and experience.

  I am enclosing a copy of me resume along with this letter so that you can have a look at my credentials and decide for yourself. I have previously worked for ‘foren automobiles’ and there I was given the right amount of exposure and experience. I have the creativity and the knowledge required for this job and would be obliged if I was given a chance. I am sure you won’t regret hiring someone who believes in giving his best. Please let me know if any other information is needed from my side, Will wait for a positive response from your side.

  Thanking you

  Yours faithfully

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