Costume designer cover letter

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Costume designer cover letter

Dear leaders:

  Hello! thank you for your busy schedule to review my written submissions, i will receive you look at the test to get the opportunity to work in your company. i graduated from college xx apparel fashion design professional. in-school period, i completed a foundation for many disciplines of fashion design knowledge and expertise to study and master the professional skills of fashion design, and has won three good students, outstanding student leaders, outstanding cadres of various honors classes and scholarships.

  I''m a child art and art design is very popular. in 2002, i finally came through the entrance his ideal institution —** institute of clothing technology. costume design professional learning in the hospital, i strongly feel that fashion design is my life, the most important component, and fashion design industry has a higher understanding. i normally conscientiously study professional knowledge, to focus on improving their cultivation and appreciation of art. in school and during the winter and summer vacations, through the practice in the community continue to accumulate their own practical experience, to learn different art factions of nutrition, to develop design ideas, active design thinking, and combining the expertise of science subjects for my own use. i am the spirit of play to their strengths, unity and cooperation with colleagues and serve your business long-term development plan, special to candidates.

  I believe: if you give me a chance, relying on his strong love of clothing and dedication, i have to do to sell your phenomenal achievement. if you are a horses, i would sincerely and confidently tell you: "choose me, can not be wrong! "please believe i also believe that your own choice.

  Thank you!

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