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  Good morning,

  Distinguished professors and teachers, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the oral defense. (或Welcome to attend the oral defense.) :

  I am Li ying . First and foremost, I want to express my sincere thanks to my tutor, Su-fang huang , for his intellectual guidance, invaluable instructions and comments on my thesis. It is with his valuable assistance that I have finally accomplished this thesis.

  My topic is 《lost and reconstruction of ethnic identity -- from post-colonial perspective analysis novel the round house》.

  The thesis consists of four chapters.

  Chapter one serves as an introduction to Louise Edrich and her novel The Round House.It also gives an overview of her writings, achievements, and literary status. Then it mainly discusses the popular issue of identity construction that is well presented in Erdrich's novel The Round House,and the significance of an interpretation of the novel from the perspective of post-colonialism. The chapter also aims to bring out the objective of the research.

  Chapter two has three parts. The first part provides literature reviews of Louise Erich'sworks from historical perspective, political perspective and narrative perspective respectively.The second part is the theoretical framework,introducing the development and mainframe of post-colonialism and with a focus on subaltern,hybridity and otherness. The third part illustrates the feasibility to study The Round House from the perspective of postcolonialism.

  Chapter three,the central part of the thesis, analyzes the loss and reconstruction of native people's ethnic identity from three aspects. The first aspect is the gender identity.Under the white oppression, the native women suffer a lot both physically andpsychologically. The strong-willed native women use their own strength and efforts to confront the adversities,and realize the reconstruction of gender identity for their nation. The econd aspect is the religious identity. With the spreading of Christianity, native people are forced to discard their traditional ritual way. People nearly forget their traditional myths,which is a threat leading to the extinction of native culture. In the novel,old grandpa Mooshum uses his special way to pass the tribe tradition and myths to Joe. The tradition helps Joe to conduct justice. Contrary to the teachings from Catholicism, Joe kills the rapist with the help of Cappy and realizes their race's religious identity. The third aspect is racial identity. Due to the unfair and tangled law in the reservation given by American government out of discrimination and exploitation,Geraldine's attacker is away from punishment. Justice is being disgraced. On the one hand, Bazil Coutts,as a judge, constantly makes efforts on theway to justice in the judicial affairs in his own way. On the other hand, the round house becomes a symbol which supports Native people to keep on. This is one way for them to realize the racial identity for their nation.

  Chapter four is the conclusion that with community love, native people can construct their identity and reclaim their subjectivity through the hybridity of both cultures. This chapter also discusses the limitations and the possible direction for further study on Louise Erdrich and her works.

  Thank you!


  Good morning, all appraiser committee members. I am Liu Danwei, my tutor is jing-lan yan. Her constant encouragement and guidance, I have finished my paper. Now, it's show time. You and I will work hard to welcome any correction.

  The topic of my thesis is 《Angela carter to mythology research - the female archetype in “new eve passion”, for example》. I choose this as my topic due to the following reasons.

  Angela Carter (1940-1992) is an outstanding feminist writer whose influence on Britishwomen's writing was “pivotal in this opening and transformation” [“23]. The year 2014 represents the 22”^ anniversary of Angela Carter's death. In those twenty-two years, her works have been widely taught internationally and brought about much critical debate. In a survey conducted by Cristina Bacchilega and Danielle M. Roemer [2],Carter is one of the most commonly taught women writers on North American programs. She has endowed us with an amazingly large number of legacies in her comparatively limited life, setting foot in various fields such as novels,short stories,children stories, dramas, non-fictions and so on. The acute observations with great insights,as well as the devastating wit and poignant mockery in Carter's works have made her stand out as an iconic figure in English literature. Many scholars and critics have devoted themselves to the research on Angela Carter from many perspectives,including gothic, magic realism, feminism,post-modernism and so on. As a prolific writer who is always ready to blur the boundaries between different genres, Carter has left us a wonderful world to delve into.

  With the emergence of western women's movement as well as the development of feminist criticism in the 1960s,the feminist approach has become a potent weapon for those who are concerned with the emancipation and legal rights of women. Though women's social status has considerably improved due to the contribution made by countless predecessors,the fundamental problem still lingers on. Carter, with her versatile and avant-garde reputation, is best known as a feminist writer. Concerning the dilemmas and predicaments faced by women nowadays,it is very necessary for us to probe into her insightful and penetrating reflections on femininity as well as the relationship between two genders. The Passion of New Eve, as one of Carter's most representative works, is of great value in the research of her feminist thoughts and propositions.

  Next, is my paper outline. In the main part of this article, I put it into five parts.

  Chapter one is an introduction to the thesis, covering the research background, theobjective and significance as well as the organization of the thesis.

  Chapter two presents a broad picture of Angela Carter's life and her works, as well as the background information about The Passion of New Eve. It also reviews previous studies on Angela Carter and her works at home and abroad, summarizing achievements in the past and pointing out new directions in the future.

  Chapter three conducts a retrospective study on feminism and archetypal criticism. The author attempts to work out the origin and development of feminism, demonstrating the important role feminism plays in Carter's life. Then is the history of archetypal criticism,as well as those classic female archetypes in mythology. Regarding those fossilized and monotonous images as impediments to women's freedom and liberation,Carter endeavors to shatter them in her demythologizing strategy and appeals for a rational attitude toward heterosexual relationship.

  Chapter four is the main body of the thesis. Through an in-depth analysis on The Passion of New Eve,it demonstrates Carter's demythologizing of “The Temptress,,,”Mother Goddess“and ”Eve“ respectively in the text. Leilah,the embodiment of Delilah,the famous temptress in the Bible,cannot escape the fate of being objectified by men and herself. By exposing”temptresses“ as mere victims rather than symbols of viciousness. Carter condemns the oppression and exploitation of women in a patriarchal society. ”Mother“ in Beulah serves as a severe satire on those mother goddesses in mythology. Carter smashes the legend by revealing the surgically-made essence of mother and the patriarchal values lurking behind her alleged matriarchal kingdom, warning against the peril and impracticality of extremist matriarchy.And her most convincing example goes to Eve, the most important female character in the Bible, Her transformative journey from a chauvinist to a real woman in the story illustrates that gender, rather than a hereditary feature, is the result of social influence and unremitting imitations. Carter concludes the story with proposing ”androgyny“ as a solution to the current problems,implying that mutual respect and understanding is the only way to achieve the harmony between the two genders.

  Chapter five comes to a general conclusion, summarizing the limitations of the theses as well as some suggestions for further study.

  OK! That is all. Thank you! Please ask questions.