8.1 常见问题(FAQ)

Q:Are there any work permit requirements?

A:Any work permit requirements are set out in each individual job opportunity and vary depending on the country and its legislation. Your application won’t be considered unless you meet any requirements, so it’s important you check this section of the job description.

Q:There’s no suitable opportunity for me on the website. Can I submit a general application?

A:You can register and submit your details to us online. Additionally, you can set up set up job alerts so that we can tell you about roles that may be of interest to you. Please click here.  

Q:Will my details be kept on file? How long for?   

A:We’ll ask you to agree to AkzoNobel recording the information you provide for recruitment and employment purposes. It means we can let you know when suitable vacancies arise, assess your application and avoid asking you to fill in more forms than necessary. Information on ethnicity or birthplace is voluntary, and any details you give will only be used to evaluate our progress towards our diversity hiring goals.

Q:When will you contact me once I’ve registered?

A:You’ll receive an automated confirmation of receipt once we have your details. If you’re registering for updates, we’ll be in touch when a suitable vacancy arises. If you’re applying for a specific vacancy, we’ll contact you within two weeks.

Q:What’s the minimum academic standard for opportunities at AkzoNobel?

A:Each vacancy is unique, which is why we’ve listed everything separately. You’ll need to check the vacancy you’re interested in to see if you meet the academic criteria. Applicants who don’t meet the necessary standards won’t be considered. Please click here to view current vacancies. 

Q:What is the closing date for applications?

A:Each vacancy has a closing date listed on the description. Vacancies are taken off the website once the date is reached, and applications will no longer be accepted. Make sure you read the details properly to get your application in on time.

Vacancies are continuously updated, so if there isn’t anything to interest you now it would be worth registering for updates so we can inform you when we have something that does.

Q:What is the starting salary and what benefits do you offer?

A:Because we offer opportunities in so many different areas and in so many countries, it’s impossible to answer this – starting salaries will reflect the local market. It might also depend on your qualifications and/or work experience.

However, the packages we offer are highly competitive. Support and training for professional qualifications will be outlined by the business you’re applying to, and will usually be discussed once you have received an offer.

Q:Will I be able to choose where I work?

A:We try to give a broad overview of each vacancy so you can make an informed choice about whether you want to apply. This includes details on locations and placements.

Vacancies are continuously updated, so if there isn’t anything to interest you now it would be worth registering for updates so we can inform you when we have something that does.

Q:Do you offer work placements?

A:We offer both work placements and summer internships – they’re a great way of finding out what’s available at AkzoNobel once you graduate. It lets us see your talents and potential, too.

Details can be found in the Apply online section of the website. Information on internships is in the Opportunities section.

Q:Are there opportunities to work in different departments on the Graduate Development Program?

A:What you want from your career won’t be what somebody else wants. You’re unique – a bit like the opportunities at AkzoNobel. In some roles you might stay in one area, while in others you might get the chance to work in different departments or even countries.

It’s important to read the job description for each role before you apply to make sure you know what we’re offering.

Q:How do I contact you?

A:You can get in touch with the AkzoNobel Graduate Recruitment Team:

By email: grad.recruitment@akzonobel.com

By phone: +44 (0)1753 556053

If you’d like to apply for one of our graduate opportunities, please click here to view current vacancies. You can also register your details and request job alerts. 

Q:What are the equivalencies of the UK UCAS points and UK University degree?

A:Use this table to see how your qualifications compare to AkzoNobel's minimum standards

e.g. if you are studying in Germany you should have gained a minimum of 2.6 in your Arbitur or above and a degree grade of 2.5 or above.



High school/Secondary education


1st Degree level 


AkzoNobel minimum Standard


Top 40% of your class


Top 40% of your class


A Level

22 Ucas Points





1 - 2.6


1 - 2.5



12 – 20


12 - 20


Esami di Maturità

80 - 100


85 - 110


Bachillerato / Selectividad

7 – 10


Distinction or above



7 – 10


7 – 10



Qualification or above


Minimum 80% - Grande distinction

Q: 阿克苏诺贝尔校园招聘的整体安排怎样?

A: 我们的大致安排是在 10 月底完成所有的校园宣讲会,在 11-12 月开始进行笔试或面试,并争取在年底前完成所有的面试。预计在明年 1 月会发出聘用通知并签署接收 函和三方协议。具体信息请参照今年的校园招聘流程安排。

Q: 阿克苏诺贝尔会到学校里安排面试吗?

A: 大多情况下,我们的面试会在公司所在处进行。如果某个学校有较多的候选人, 我们会安排到这个校园面试。届时我们会提前通知相关候选人。

Q: 阿克苏诺贝尔在宣讲会现场是否会收我们的简历?

A: 抱歉,我们建议大家把简历投递到我们提供的网址。建议您完整填写个人信息,会对我们的甄选过程有很大的支持。今年我们会在个别学校现场收简历,但这些简历是针对某个职位的,请同学们关注 www.icreatethefuture.com 上面的宣讲会信息。

Q: 甄选过程会有几轮面试?

A: 基本上是 2-3 轮,主要是由用人部门和人力资源部主持的面试。

Q: 我们投递了简历后,会有面试机会吗?

A: 很抱歉,我们不能保证所有的候选人都有面试机会。用人部门经理们会根据职 位要求进行简历甄选。将邀请合适的候选人面试。不论是否会进入到面试环节,我们都 会通知大家。

Q: 阿克苏诺贝尔没有在其他学校作宣讲会,你们会考虑这些学校的学生吗?

A: 因为时间及人力资源的问题,我们只能到某些大学和同学们进行面对面的交流。 我们欢迎所有对阿克苏诺贝尔职位有兴趣的同学。不限任何学校。

Q: 很多职位注明只招 1-2 个人,请问这个数字是一定的吗?

A: 在实际操作的过程中,用人部门可能会根据申请者与职位的匹配程度对这个数 字进行相应的调整。

Q: 阿克苏诺贝尔公司的薪酬福利情况如何?

A: 我们的薪酬福利原则主要是保证我们在市场上的竞争力。我们的市场定位是与 在中国的其它跨国化工和快销公司比较。当然,具体到个人的薪酬状况还要与所应聘的职位有关。

Q: 阿克苏诺贝尔帮助解决户口问题吗?

A: 我们会在全国各个招聘的城市向当地相关政府部门申请户口指标并进行审批过 程。虽然目前我们不能百分之百保证,但我们比较有信心能争取到足够的名额。

Q: 如果签了三方协议又不得不毁约,阿克苏诺贝尔公司会怎么作?

A: 我们相信同学们会慎重对待自己的选择。如果出现这样的情况,我们会按照三 方协议所约定的条款进行安排。

Q: 如果被公司录用,公司对应届毕业生有什么安排?

A: 一旦被录用,公司和部门会根据职位要求和同学们的能力状况,制定相应的培 训发展计划。同学们通过参与项目,参加培训和实践有的放矢地发展自己,达到自己能 力的提升。

Q: 请问你们招聘应届毕业生时最注重的是是学习能力,实践能力, 与人相处的能力, 还是学历?并且对于参加过工作再考研的所以有一定工作经验的人是否优先考虑?

A: 我们对专业技术、学习能力、执行能力、团队合作、人际沟通、英语交流都很 注重。有经验者会有优先。但对于技术类岗位,我们更注重的是熟练掌握化工材料学基 础知识,并具备良好的分析和解决问题的能力。这些岗位也需要具备良好的团队精神和 良好的英文能力。

Q: 每个申请者做多可以申请几个职位?

A: 每位同学申请职位的数量不限,但我们建议同学们不要盲目的大量申请,要根 据自己的意愿和职业发展规划去有目的的申请,这样对于您的简历甄选有帮助。

Q: 国际管理培训生计划的开放式问题是否有字数限制?

A: 没有,但是建议同学们尽量用精炼的问题清楚的表达所要阐述内容。


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