Support Engineer

招聘日期: 2014.10.10 工作地点: 上海市
职位类别: 全职 学历要求: 不限
招聘人数: 2 人 工资待遇: 面议
需求:技术支持工程师, 英语六级以上,可进行口语沟通, 有HTML, CSS ,JavaScript基础,了解正则表达式优先考虑。

Meltwater News is a multi-national media monitoring software company
with over 50 offices across the world. We are looking for support engineers to join us in our Shanghai office.

The main responsibility of this position will be
to continually our database of internet sources, specifically
focusing on websites from China. All sources are added via
our own customized online interface. Training will be provided at all times.

The ideal candidate will be someone who has a good knowledge of working
with software; knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is necessary.
Understanding Unix regular expressions would certainly be a plus, as
these will be used on a daily basis. The candidate will need proven
ability to deliver with minimum supervision when time is limited.

1) Good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
2) Fluent in English (cet 6)

To apply for the positions you MUST provide:
1) A cover letter including your languages and level of fluency, experience
2) A copy of your CV / Resume

Please then send your English CV to: 人生是伟大的宝藏,我晓得从这个宝藏里选取最珍贵的珠宝。
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